Leading By Example Will Engage Your Employees

Mar 31


Angela Huffmon

Angela Huffmon

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Your employees are watching you as a compass for how business should be conducted. Your actions can engage or dis-engage your staff.


The culture of the company is established from the top down.   The leaders of the organization set the stage for how the company will run,Leading By Example Will Engage Your Employees Articles service customers, and work as a team.  Leadership is not limited to the top level executives.  Managers are also leaders and it is the managers’ job to communicate the company culture to their employees.  More importantly, it the managers’ job to demonstrate the company culture by example.  Your employees are watching you as their compass for how business should be conducted within your office.  Your actions are setting the tone for your entire office and may engage or dis-engage your staff.  Therefore, you are the primary motivator in your office.  You can engage your employees based on how you answer the following questions.

How do you handle your customers?

Are you interested in making your customers happy?  Your employees are watching to see how you deal with customers.  When your customers are unhappy, listen with an empathic ear.  Show your employees that you are concerned about your customer feelings.  When customers are angry and sometimes rude, keep your mannerisms and tone of voice professional.  This will show your employees that rudeness on your part do not help the situation and can cost you a customer.  Lastly, when you are speaking with customers, ask a lot of questions.  This shows your employees that taking an interest in your customers develops long term business relationships.

Do you walk your talk?

Recently Bill Massa, CEO of Synagro noticed that his waste management company did not have a recycling program.  Although the company’s focus is renewable energy and saving the environment’s resources, it had not expanded this focus into handling aluminum cans, paper, and plastic.  This is an example of not walking the walk.  Massa, having been appointed CEO for only a year quickly made the correction.  You as the leader must be consistent in your message.  If you tell your employees to focus on recycling, you must be the first.  Being the example will send the message that you are serious about your focus and will engage your employees in all related areas.

Are you dedicated to your work?

Your employees are watching how hard you work as their example.  Are you the first one in the office and the last one to leave?  As the leader, your employees have already reasoned in their minds that with the gravity of your responsibilities you should have a lot of work to complete.  If they see you regularly leave the office early, they will think you lack dedication.  Your employees will not be as willing to work late when the project requires it.  Also, don’t think you can fool them by saying your afternoons on the golf course is how you meet new clients.  This may be the case, however your employees simply think you’re wasting time while their working hard.  Don’t use your leadership position as a way to take advantage of the freedom that comes with it.  Be a good example of a hard worker by putting in the required time.  This will engage your employees to work the necessary extra hours that are required to complete a project.

Do you enjoy your work?

It is a fact that when people enjoy their work they will willingly work longer.  Leaders that promote fun in the workplace have noticed an improvement in the quality of work produced by their employees.  Your employees can identify if you enjoy your work.  Leaders that love their jobs are very involved in all areas of the business.  Outward signs of happy leaders are lots of energy, smiling often, taking an interest in employees, creative, and have a positive attitude in general.  These are the traits your employees observe which tells them if you enjoy your work.  Your positive attitude and cheery disposition will become contagious in your office.  Your company will benefit when your employees follow your lead.