The benefits and disadvantages of ITIL

Dec 27


Frankie Russo

Frankie Russo

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Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL), like anything else, has it share of backers who see its many benefits. It also has its share of ...


Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL),The benefits and disadvantages of ITIL Articles like anything else, has it share of backers who see its many benefits. It also has its share of critics who feel ITIL is not all it is cracked to be. In these recessionary times, anything that can help a company save moneyis seenas a tremendous benefit. One of the keys to ITIL’s success is its usage results in significant cost-saving.

Yet another benefit is it helps respective IT departments to organize and manage many facets using just one comprehensive volume, remembering ITIL is basically a set of books which deals with various aspects of IT. The benefits are there for all to see because time after time, ITIL has been proved to work. In addition, it has been tried and tested in all parts of the world under different environments.

But as with all things, there are some disadvantages to ITIL. However, in all fairness, the benefits by and large outstrip any criticisms. One is that most people involved in IT see ITIL as offering a holistic approach to IT management and it is the be-all and end-all of any solutions related to information technology.

However, even the ITIL publishers disagree saying it is not totally comprehensive, meaning there is scope for even further improvement. In short, nothing is perfect which is reflected in that three editions of ITIL have been rolled out with more certain to follow with updated information to keep up with rapid changes taking place in the IT world.

Another complaint, more prevalent among the junior ranks, is that IT managers take ITIL as gospel from which no deviations can take place. This, the critics argue, means some solutions that they feel they could or should have used are being bypassed in favor of whatever ITIL says should be done. Many of these solutions which are being given the go-by are also business-specific which could reflect on the company bottom-line in terms of increased profits.

Yet another beef with ITIL is some topics related to IT are covered in-depth while others are not comprehensively covered, leading to an unevenness. Others also say that ITIL only looks at a very small part of IT, which is a very sweeping sector. Also, those slightly unfamiliar with ITIL but bent on introducing it may do so a little at a time which can lead to delays and cost overruns. These doubters feel ITIL should be imposed throughout the system at one go.

However, these seem to be niggling doubts as benefits like savings and greater interaction with the customer benefits a company more. Further, the fact that ITIL has survived the test of time and that too in different parts of the world indicates it is here to stay.The publishers also update the information on a more or less regular basis to keep abreast of changes in the corporate world as well as information technology. In fact, an overwhelming number of IT professionals eagerly await the latest ITIL to be published, Every upgrade after all can mean further savings for a company.

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