Are There Different Types of Visiting Cards?

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Visiting cards are the must-have as well as vital pieces for you to show your brand and business to attract the client.

Considering this important fact, it requires choosing the right and effective type of Cards for yourself which introduce you and your business practice effectively and attractively.

The types can be defined on the base of - printing techniques, paper quality, and shapes, etc.

Finish Types amply used in Visiting Cards Printing– Glossy,Guest Posting Matte, Embossed foil, UV, Embossed spot UV or Uncoated

The other basics for types of cards are papers. The type of paper plays an enormous role in finishing the front of the product. The verity type of papers in use as coated papers, linen and synthetic, etc.

Glossy Paper and High Glossy – Glossy papers are moisture-proof and carry beautiful shine. Gloss finish can be applied in thick and thin both types of paper. Glossy coated papers give a bit sharpness with a modern appearance.

Matte Paper – Matte papers are far less reflective relatively from glossy papers but offer pleasant look and texture. The high and classic designs give rich and nice feel on this type of paper. But this paper needs some protection.


UV/High Gloss Finish Papers - UV/High Gloss coated papers bring in more contrast, shiny, and vibrant feature in printing. This type of paper stands out dramatically, pleasing display with finer details

Coated Papers – Coated papers works excellently for sharp and crisp images type of designs.

Uncoated Papers – Uncoated paper are slightly rough and high content of fiber on its texture. These papers are quite porous, absorbed more ink because it’s not smooth as coated papers.


Paper Types-popular in Visiting Cards Printing – Online and offline orders

Aside from thickness, thinness and finishes the next type is the paper type. You should select the paper which portrays the mode of your business’s brand and match with your own personality too in a suitable way.

Visiting cards printing papers can be described in 2 types:

1- Popular types of card printing papers

     Standard (300 gsm Art Paper)

     Extra stiff (300 gsm paper)

     Super White (300 gsm AAP Xtra print paper)

     White Textured (280 gsm Cordenons Natural Evolution White paper)

     Cream Textured (280 gsm Cordenons Natural Evolution Ivory paper)

     White Checks (300 gsm Tango Linen White paper)

     Cream Checks (300 gsm Tango Linen Ivory paper)

2- Premium type of cards printing papers

     Fine Textured Premium Papers

     Recycled papers

     Metallic papers

Thickness and Thinness – significance in Visiting Cards Printing

The term defines the thickness or thinness of the paper is – GSM. Mostly the thicker paper comes as the first choice to print the cards. The thicker paper gives a more massive and substantial feel and look. It also seems sturdier and looks better. Thick paper works best for the cards to print both sides.

So, the choice of the right type of thickness or thinness upscale the look and durability of cards.

LAMINATION is another additional trending and useful feature of Visiting card printing. Lamination can be applied in both types of cards Glossy and Matte. Lamination provides extra safety of the cards and makes it waterproof and dust resistant.

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