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eSpirit Communications has launched a new web directory. Webmasters across the world spend countless hours looking for high quality links and eSpirit Communications seeks to provide them. Webmasters often trade links with other webmasters to build the traffic to their site. These links are often buried deep within a site and don't receive many visitors. The new directory at is a primary feature of the site. It receives visitors daily making the directory an ideal place for webmasters to feature their site.

Directory listings provide a web site with targeted traffic. Unlike search engines,Guest Posting directories provide targeted traffic without having to compete for listing. In a web directory sites listed on a page have nearly an equal chance of getting clicked by a visitor. While sites near the top of the page will get clicked more often, there usually is no way to get your link to move up or down from where it was originally placed. In eSpirit Communications directory, sites are listed in the order they are received. While links are occasionally moved around, each site has an equal chance of getting visited by a web surfer in the directory.

Dual-Listing means better results! The eSpirit Communications web directory provides sites with dual listings. First a site is listed in a category which matches the subject of their site. Secondly in a listing of all sites in the directory. This dual listing makes it easier for visitors to navigate the directory and find sites they are interested in.

Submitting your site to the eSpirit Communications directory is easy. Locate the category which best matches the subject of your site. Click the submission link at the bottom of the page, and follow the instructions. Sites are reviewed within 7 days, and listed within 7 days of payment.

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