Foam Promotional Mouse Mats

Aug 12


Samantha Fellows

Samantha Fellows

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Foam mouse mats are pretty much the industry standard when it comes to creating high-volume and low cost mouse mats...


As such you should seriously consider foam for your promotional mouse mat due to the fact that users will already be very accustomed to using a promotional mouse mat made out of foam,Foam Promotional Mouse Mats Articles and you will easily be able to keep costs low. In fact most manufacturers of promotional mouse mats use foam exclusively ( though definitely not all).

Because foam is such an easy medium to work with, and because it is so cheap it makes the perfect material for your first foray into the arena of promotional mouse mats. The learning curve is very small, and the designs are quite simple. In fact the only thing you need to design a promotional mouse mats out of foam is a little tool called common sense. Like all other materials foam can be cut to form any shape of standard or novelty sized promotional mouse mat that you desire. However care must be taken to first decide whether or not you want to use a novelty shaped promotional mouse mat, or a standard one.

Clearly for some businesses and industries a novelty shaped promotional mouse mat would be inappropriate, while for others it would be a clever marketing tool. The real bonus with using foam here is that because it is so easily worked with you will not face the same manufacturing costs associated with cutting glass or metal for a novelty shaped promotional mouse mat.

A foam promotional mouse mat is also very easy to decorate with any level of graphic detail that you desire. While the process is not quite as simple as applying graphics to a plastic promotional mouse mat it is not that much more complex, and much easier than working with glass or metal. In fact if your design can be put on a vinyl transfer it can easily be put onto a foam promotional mouse mat and since pretty much anything can be put on a vinyl transfer there are no practical limitations to the graphic design you can use for your foam promotional mouse mat.

You are of course going to want to use all normal conventions when designing a promotional mouse mat whether the material is foam or otherwise. You're going to want to choose a standard size that is neither too large or too small for users to conveniently move their mice on, and you are also going to want to nature your promotional mouse mat does not look tacky or garish.

That is to say you do not want to use extraordinarily bright colors or nauseating textures for the graphic design of your promotional mouse mat. In fact with foam promotional mouse mats the material is so unimportant to the design process you can actually spend the majority of your time with the designer rather than the manufacturer; or if you are designing the promotional mouse mat your self you are free to spend as much time as you possibly can creating the perfect image to be transferred onto your promotional mouse mat.