Novelty Promotional Mouse Mats

Aug 17


Samantha Fellows

Samantha Fellows

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Creating a promotional mouse mat in a novelty shape is a bit of a marketing gamble, because there is no guarantee that other people will view your novelty shaped promotional mouse mat in a positive light, or consider it user friendly.


In fact if your design is too out there there is a good chance that people will reject using your promotional mouse mat and usability issues alone,Novelty Promotional Mouse Mats Articles let alone any adverse feelings they have towards your promotional mouse mat style. With all of this in mind to not be discouraged from creating a novelty sized promotional mouse mat, as they can be a good marketing tool if used effectively and in a manner consistent with your company's image and product offerings.

Your first criteria of evaluation when deciding whether or not a novelty shaped promotional mouse mat is a good idea for your company's marketing strategy is to look towards what sort of image you want to project for the type of product or service being offered. If the nature of the product or service is serious or dry than going with a novelty shaped promotional mouse mat may not be the best of ideas. It is not as though this will hurt your marketing campaign, but on the other hand it will not help it that much either and only turn out to be a waste of resources.

If however the product or service your company is trying to promote has a fine or a lighthearted image, or at a minimum one that is not too serious, then a novelty shaped promotional mouse mat will probably be a good idea. In the end there is no one right or wrong way to determine whether or not a novelty shaped promotional mouse mat is a good fit for your company, but rather just use some common sense and think about whether or not you would want to use the promotional mouse mat on your own desk.

If you decide to go ahead with designing a novelty shaped promotional mouse mat you're going to want to decide on a shape that is fun and engaging, while still being useful as an actual mouse mat. For instance if you are a tool company you are not going to want to make a novelty shaped promotional mouse mat in the shape of a drill because there would be almost no usable surface for the mouse to work on.

However a good alternative would be to shape your novelty promotional mouse mat into the shape of a saw blade. This large circular area will still have plenty of usable space for a mouse to work on, while maintaining all of the whimsy of a novelty promotional mouse mat. The same design rules that apply to a traditional mouse mat should apply to your novelty promotional mouse mat. That is to say do not make the mouse mat too large or too small, but keep it within a standard range of sizes typical of all other mouse mats.

Do not design any holes or voids into the middle of the promotional mouse mat as these will make entire areas of it unusable; and keep the graphic design of the promotional mouse mat consistent with your corporate image and the style of the product you are trying to promote.