Creating Glass Promotional Mouse Mats

Aug 12


Samantha Fellows

Samantha Fellows

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Creating a glass promotional mouse mat is actually very simple, and is a fantastic idea if you are looking to make a high-class splash with your marketing campaign.


Glass mouse mats look fantastic,Creating Glass Promotional Mouse Mats Articles so users will be more likely to use your promotional mouse mat if it is made out of glass versus a normal mouse mat that they have purchased separately. There is however one sticking point with designing a glass mouse mat, a glass promotional mouse mat designed for use with a trackball style mouse will also work with an optical mouse, however one designed for an optical mouse may not work as effectively with a trackball style mouse depending on the design.

It is a good idea to design your promotional mouse mat to be usable by both trackball and optical mice in order to make sure that the largest number of people possible use your promotional mouse mat. This is especially true when creating a more expensive mouse mat like a glass one because you do not want people throwing away your advertising investment; and while this may not be a big deal when you produce cheap plastic promotional mouse mats it is a big deal when the material is glass and it is expensive. Therefore it is important to choose a manufacturing style that will work with both styles of mice, as well as a design aesthetic that will appeal to the most number of people possible when designing the style of your glass promotional mouse mat.

If the glass promotional mouse mat were only to be used with optical mice then a simple frosted finish on either the top or underside of the glass would be sufficient to create enough visual texture for the optical mouse to follow. However since our goal here is to create a promotional mouse mat that can be used with both optical and trackball mice we will need to employ a manufacturing technique that adds not only visual texture but actual physical texture to the surface of the promotional mouse mats. The easiest way to do that is to create a sandblasted finish on the surface of the promotional mouse mat. This will give the same visual finish as a frosted glass, yet provide enough texture for a trackball style mouse to grip the surface.

The other concerned with creating a glass promotional mouse mat with a sandblasted finish is where to attack your corporate logo slogans or graphics. This is actually a very simple problem to solve; you just need to apply the graphics to the underside of the promotional mouse mats. Unfortunately the graphics will be blurry because they have to show through the frosted glass finish on the surface of the promotional mouse mat, however this is actually a very attractive and appealing look so rather then looking at this as a negative you should instead view this defused look as a positive because it will add a level of elegance to your promotional mouse mat.