Four Ways to Effective Catalog Marketing

Apr 24


Katie Marcus

Katie Marcus

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Different ways to effectively carry out catalog marketing

Making marketing print catalogs is not just about catalog printing. It is actually more about catalog design. You need to design a good layout for catalog printing that is effective and delivers your message quickly and in the best possible manner.

For effective catalog marketing,Four Ways to Effective Catalog Marketing Articles there are four ways that can help you make your full color catalogs more effective.

1. “Table of contents” marketing – The first way to make your catalog effective for marketing is by adjusting your table of contents. Most people miss out on designing an effective table of contents. This is usually skipped, and just glossed over before printing. However, the table of contents is actually a crucial section for color catalogs. It is the second part of the catalog that people see (the first is the cover) and also, it is the main section where people look for the product that they are interested in.

You can increase the effectiveness of your catalogs by integrating your marketing message and design into the table of content itself. Do not just list “topics” or “categories” in your table, add marketing phrases and pictures into the items themselves. For example instead of listing down “cameras” then “lenses” and “tripods” why not rewrite that as “Photography needs: great cameras!” or “the best photography accessories lenses and tripods!” By adjusting your table items to a more welcoming tone, you can engage your readers better giving you a better marketing catalog.

2. All page marketing – Also, studies have shown that not all people look at the cover and table of content first. A total of almost one third (1/3) of readers actually start somewhere at the middle of print catalogs and then just work their way to the front or back. For catalog printing layouts, this means that you must compose your catalogs with marketing messages in all pages. Treat each page like it is a cover page.

Pay good attention to the message, images and details of each page rather than focusing on the cover only. For an effective catalog, all pages must entice and engage readers. Also don't forget to add little teasers on each page that relates to the other pages of the catalog. You can print things like “Back to great cameras!” or “on to the best lenses” to advertise the last or next page of the print catalog. This should help the reader out in browsing your catalog faster and more efficiently.

3. The more pictures the better – As a standard catalog printing tactic, the more pictures you have in your catalog the better and more effective it is. Peoples like pictures that is why they like catalogs. They can judge a product by its look, feel and size just by looking at an image. That is why most studies have shown that effective catalogs are the ones with the most images. So don't forget to include high quality, and well composed photographs of your products and services in your color catalogs. They are one of the most crucial things to add in an effective catalog.

4. Word marketing – Finally, even though there is a focus on images in a catalog, do not forget about your words. More precisely, do not forget your “power words” for your catalogs. Besides images, people can also respond to big power words that entice people to read about a certain product or service. Words like “Free” or “Best Buy” for thrift seekers or quality words like “state of the art” or “newest model” for enthusiast all have an immediate effect for certain people. By printing choice words in big and bold fonts, you can effectively catch a reader’s eye on the type of product that they really want. So do not forget to manage your words too for effective catalog marketing.

These four items should get you within the best range to create effective and engaging marketing catalogs. Most of these things only require little adjustments to your overall layout without having to overhaul any of your other catalog printing options. All you need is a little effort in reorganization and some imagination for images and words, and you should be all set to do effective print catalogs.