How Can I Save My Marriage? Seven Step Approach To Save Your Marriage!

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Saving a marriage that appears to have failed takes courage, determination, resolve and endurance. It also takes a lot of love. But, when problems have cropped up in the marriage, it may take more than just love to mend the rift. You should understand that fixing the damages done in a relationship is simpler said than done. But remember that being clear-cut and honest goes a long way in making the marriage work again.


Any difficulty we should face in life commonly have two sides even the difficulties in marriage,Guest Posting thus there are always a solution.

If things are not going as it used to be, because the fizz is out of your marriage and it looks like your love boat is heading for the rocks. Then you are wondering, how can I save my marriage?

You need to read every phrase in this article. You are likely confused and discouraged right now. You may instinctively lash out. But this would be the worst thing to do. If you are wondering how can I save my marriage, you need to pursue this seven step approach.

If your marriage appears to have failed and you want to save it, then you must know that a lot of bravery, determination, resolve and endurance is required. Furthermore, nothing will happen if a lot of love is not added.

Sometimes, when problems have cropped up and were allowed to add up, it may take more than just love to mend the rift. You should realize that fixing the damage in a relationship is easier said than done. This problem can be overcome if you remember that being clear cut, straightforward and honesty go a long way in healing the marriage.

So, to save your marriage and keep the harmony and prevent marriage breakup and divorce, you need to do the following seven things.

1. Don't jump to conclusions, zip your lip and try putting yourself in your spouse's shoes when problems arise. Consider things from his or her perspective. Before blowing your top about dishes not done after breakfast, first consider if you could have covered her schedule and still do the dishes or should something else be neglected? Or, sometimes he work late and you feel that he do not care about you standing in front of the stove to prepare a meal for him, think that he might yearn to rather be at home, but he are working the extra hours at the office to walk the extra mile, to get a pay rise to help support the family better.

2. You might ask, how can I save my marriage? If you actually want to and need to save your marriage, stop the accuse game. Marriage to work in any situation need a contribution from both partners. Before you accuse your spouse, do some self analyzing and look at the things you may have contributed to the problem. Remember the longer you accuse each other the longer you are planting the seeds of mistrust and blaming and further destroy the relationship.

3. Deal with your own issues. Often, a spouse will project their own problems onto their husband or wife. If you have issues of your own, consult your spouse and share the issues (you are partners) or get therapy and work through them. Don't take them out on the one you love.

4. Sometimes all of us make mistakes even your spouse. Do not concentrate on the things he or she does wrong, rather see what's been done right. Say 'thank you' more often. Appreciate the things that were done to make your life better. Any time you find yourself criticizing, stop, think of two reasons to express gratitude and do it then within one hour. When you are in the wrong, be big heart-ed enough to say you're sorry and be sincere.

5. With all the signs evident. How can I prevent a breakup? Make your spouse's life simpler in any way you can. There are too many demands on people's time these days. Take some time to help your partner to relax by doing small things that let him or her know they are being appreciated

6. Look for activities, concerns, and interests that you can enjoy doing together. Participate, reach out and build bonds when you can. If you cannot join then at least display some interest in your spouses activities. When you can build bonds through activities, it can help you get through a rocky stage of the marriage. You can also build bonds by taking a twosomes only vacation. If this is a two week trip to the bush or a couple of nights at a local lodge or camping ground, the main purpose of this exercise will be to be together without work or family interference. The experience of being together and sharing things can only reinforce and strengthen the bonds of your marriage.

7. Remember when you got wed you both said 'I LOVE YOU' it is still applicable today, even casual touching or loving words can do a lot to show that you still love your partner.

If you are wondering how can I save my marriage, follow this seven step plan.

Real love is not in words but in actions.

With perseverance, endurance, forgiving and plenty tender loving care a break-up can be prevented.

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