The perfect wedding and the perfect wedding dress

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Embellished, off the shoulder, mermaid styled, V- neck, A- line, beaded, lace lined, embroidered, halter neck, spaghetti straps, etc.

Church bells,Guest Posting flowers, an aisle, a pastor, and of course the flowing gown. These prime keywords are enough to paint the picture. Wedding day is undoubtedly a very important day in a person’s life. This day will be frozen forever in the photo albums, which will be revisited multiple times down the years.  Therefore, everything has to go perfect that day, right down to the very last detail. A woman’s wedding dress forms a very large percentage of that ‘detail’ and, statistically, it has been proved that at least 10% of the wedding budget is dedicated to it. When it comes to organizing a wedding, a woman might compromise on a lot of things but she will absolutely put her foot down with a loud thump if asked to compromise on her desired wedding dress, and on the groom, of course. A bride’s traditional white flowing dress is one thing that no fashion fad has been able to budge from its honored position. Though now the custom white gown comes in a lot more styles and varieties, and lengths too, the basic idea of an elegant white gown remains the same. This is not to say that a wedding gown can come in no other color; a lot of designers and boutiques do offer wedding gowns in other beautiful colors too.

Wedding Dresses come in a variety of styles and shapes to suit a woman’s body type. They also come in plus sizes and super-slim sizes. They can be patterned or laced, ruffled or ending with a trail. Most boutiques and websites selling wedding gowns advise what body type would suit a particular dress. Though women fuss a lot over the price, cut, material and style of the dress and mostly tend to follow the fads, a wedding dress should be chosen based on a woman’s body type. When it comes to fabric, one can’t get any classier than silk or satin. Buying a wedding dress is an emotional experience and will always remain a significant purchase in a bride’s life. The type of gown also depends upon the type of wedding.

DinoDirect is a website where large choices of wedding dresses are available. With some research and gathering other people’s insight, purchasing the dress of one’s dreams will be one of the most memorable purchases of a woman’s life. The best part is that the dresses are now purchasable in low cost and yet have quality features.  

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