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I have always been a romantic all my life,Guest Posting and the very mention of the word 'prince charming' would make my heart skip a couple of beats.It was a warm sunny day in Florida, and I was out on the beach. I must admit it was one of those days where I was feeling down for reasons unknown. What was probably bothering me was that I hated the loneliness and needed a partner to share my life.

Often, they say that absence makes the heart grow fonder.2012 wedding dress.Three months later, there was a knock at my door, and there was Ron as large as life at my front door. I threw my arms around him spontaneously, and that was when we fell in love completely. He obviously did not waste time proposing to me, and was gentleman enough to let me in on the pros and cons of marrying a serving officer.

Soon it was time for our wedding which we decide to have in Hawaii. I never realized till then as to how romantic Ron really was. He expressed his love for me with a beautiful heart shaped diamond ring, and his love for me continues to grow till this day.

I am used to having a couple of guys walk past at the beach in a bid to grab my attention. However, I really wasn't prepared for this dress A tall 6"1 broad shouldered man happened to pass by with his dog in tow. In the most gentlemanly fashion the man greeted me and apologized for the liberties his dog was taking as the playful golden retriever continued to grab my attention. We exchanged a few niceties, which later turned into lengthy conversations. I was so intrigued by his behavior that I finally asked him to sit down and grab a bite and a drink. Neither of us realized that sunset was fast approaching. Apparently, Ron lived a few blocks from my place when he was based at home.

Sadly, he had to leave on work, but the phone calls continued and the phone bills got higher and higher.We exchanged phone numbers and the best thing was he did not wait for me to call the next day. We did go out for dinner a few days later.

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