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Energy is all around us, and within us. It is the thing that connects everything in the universe. Energy is the universal life force. When used to its fullest, energy can be the ingredient that brings out the most amazing creations.

Don't you often marvel at how diverse and beautiful this planet is,Guest Posting and how extraordinary it is that we're a tiny speck hurtling through space at thousands of miles an hour?

Think of the huge oceans and the peaks of distant mountains. Grasses nudged by a gentle wind on a spring day. Think of a cat sitting on a gate, washing its face. All these beautiful things resonate with an energy that, if you allow yourself to be open enough to receive it, will resonate with the deepest part of your being in a profound and wonderful way.

That resonance is the universal vibration in all things. Rocks, plants, the birds and animals, and the fish in the sea. Rivers and ice and restless seas. You and me. The whole world.

Listen to the wind high in the trees and watch the treetops bend and play in its current. Watch fish leap high in rivers, and feel the grass growing under your feet. Think about the healing energy you transmit in a loving embrace, or the touch of your hand on a shoulder.

Energy is what connects all things from the most microscopic of elements to the wildest of storms. It is the universal life force.

You can feel it inside yourself - not only the heartbeat that pumps oxygen into your muscles and lungs but the deep vibration of truth that sings in your heart and in your soul. And energy cannot stay still - it lights up your eyes and transmits to the world around you; you cannot help but be drawn to energy that flows from someone in tune with their inner vibration.

Think of the way the sun draws flowers from their buds and encourages plants to grow. Think of the way the heat of the sun persuades a flower to give up its scent and how it warms water - think of all the energy released in these simple things and imagine how intense that energy field will be around a flower or a flowing stream.

And now think of how your inspiration and strength of purpose fires up your spirit, and how your enthusiasm lights up the air around you and draws others to you. Remember that energy is dynamic and that you are filled with energy. It radiates from you.

Let it radiate from your heart and soul.

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