The substratum-creator of the cosmos

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Every atom of our material world works on the basis of a well defined cosmic law. Assuming that even a minute deviation from this law takes place, the very existence of this gigantic cosmos will flounder. A blast lasting for a mere second can set fire to infinite nature and thus this cosmos can be destroyed.

In today’s modern era there are many who doubt the very existence of God. From an ordinary standpoint there are many proofs which prove God’s existence. Of course,Guest Posting it is another thing that a prejudiced person is hell bent on proving non-existence of God. Else even a mere glimpse of the gigantic rising sun in the morning hour is a very vivid and direct proof of God’s existence. For example there is a doer of every action and an artist behind a painting. Agra’s Taj Mahal (India) is one of the 7 wonders of the world. Every day 20,000 workers were required to build this great monument and as per data given by knowledgeable historians, 6 crore rupees were spent. Totally 18.5 years passed by before Taj Mahal was built completely. The materials used were Rajasthan’s marble, Tibetan sapphire, Sinhal island’s jewels, Punjab’s diamonds and Baghdad’s topaz. A single individual’s intellect was working behind all the minute arrangements to build this historical tomb. His name was Shah Jehan and has today become a very famous historical ruler.

Korea’s Melolium is the 2nd wonder of the world. The 4 walls of it are 62 hands long and 62 hands wide. Within it there are 36 pillars which are 40 hands tall which are thick at the base and become thinner in the upward direction. On the ladder right from the base to the top region very precious statues made of marble have been installed. This famous shrine was built by the great artist duo Paithis and Matiram. Yet the main intellect which directed them to build this great wonder was their Queen Artimisia.

The Jupiter idol of Olympia was 25 feet high and 20 lakn rupees were spent to construct it. This was the result of an intense heartfelt desire on the part of Athen’s Emperor Paraclis. The Diana temple of Iphisas is the dream of Chandfin that came true. Acharya Sunanda of Pravar Sen Era is the brain behind the 26 caves of Ajanta that had 5 temples and also the 24 Buddhist monastries. The Sikandaria light pillar was built by Sikandar. The Hanging Garden of Babylon was built by the then Babylon ruler. Rome’s Colosius, Pisa’s Leaning Tower, Rhode’s idol, Egyptian Pyramids, the images of Sistine Chapel Pietti, Paris’s Eiffel Tower, American White House, Delhi’s Red Fort etc were all the creation of great minds with pure hearts. Thus any material object of the world can never be the result of self creation and hence a creator is always a part and parcel of any creation.

If such small materials cannot be created without a creator/doer how can we say that this gigantic cosmos with its brilliant sun, stars, planets etc has come into existence without a creator? Night gives solace to tired people, stars give us light, weathers keep coming and going at their appointed hour and so on and so forth. Every creature gets its required food items, wind and water arrangements go on smoothly and thus Mother Nature is on her toes round the clock for the well being of all creatures. If there had been no cosmic intelligence behind world’s creation these innumerous stars and galaxies would have been out to ‘kill’ one another. If we allege that there is no calculation involved in the designing of the cosmos how could we humans predict that at a particular date/time/year solar eclipses, lunar eclipses, winter/summer solstices etc will occur? Such a mastery of cosmic creation is impossible to achieve without a creator who is omniscient, who can hear each and every cosmic sound vibration, who can make such apt cosmic laws and mete out impeccable justice to each and every animate/inanimate object of the cosmos.

Without a controller apt arrangements can never be made. Without a government a country becomes chaotic and anarchic. We can argue that for a short time span things can go on functioning smoothly without a controller or a government. But the fact is that our cosmos has existed for billions and billions of years and hence it becomes obvious that for it to exist for such a gigantic time span, a cosmic intelligence/creator definitely is at work round the clock for its smooth functioning. In many households it is the elderly members who direct household activities by taking apt decisions. A village has a chief who is answerable to the regional chief. The latter takes orders from a collector who in turn takes orders from the states chief. And the final head of a country is a President. In mills and industrial concerns if there were no managers and directors, the entire business goes haywire. Hence just think that if a company can go topsy-turvy without a director/manager how can the infinite cosmos function smoothly without a creator with its cosmic intelligence? Inert objects may possess energy but they certainly cannot have intelligence. Cosmic laws can be made only by a conscious/intelligent principle. Thus we can safely say that God definitely exists.

Many years back an article was published in the National Herald which said: Why do scientists have faith in God’s existence? The scholarly author wrote: Every atom of the material world works on the basis of a well defined cosmic law. Assuming that even a minute deviation from this law takes place, the very existence of this gigantic cosmos will be at stake. A blast lasting for a mere second can set fire to infinite nature and thus this cosmos can come to naught.

The very fact that certain cosmic laws exist proves that a cosmic intelligence exists. Our very existence depends on the sun shining brilliantly in the sky. It sends its rays from a distance of 10 crore, 30 lakh miles and the time taken to do so is 8 seconds. During day time so many means of comfort are gathered that our night passes by undisturbed. In this cycle of day and night even if one day or night is added or subtracted our lives will go haywire. From the sun’s standpoint our planet Earth is as insignificant as a drop in the gigantic ocean. Hence what to say of the importance of the existence of an ant living in the hut of a big snow clad mountain of Siberia? Despite this even this ant lives a life of joy in its own way.

The sun in turn is a tiny star of mighty inter stellar space. In the past a magazine called Readers Digest printed an atlas wherein the solar system was a mere dot and by attaching an arrow to it a message written quite far away from it said: Our solar system does not exist over here. It is like our tear drop entering the mighty ocean and thus losing all its identity. The Regal star is bigger than our sun by 15,000 times. The Antayers star can harbor 3 crore 60 lakh globes of the size of our sun. In June 1967 Graham Berry wrote in Science Today: There exist smaller planets than our Earth in the cosmos and galaxies with gigantic peripheries measuring 5 Kharab miles. Despite this all these move unimpeded in this infinite cosmos. If someone argues that no specific arrangement exists in the cosmos how does he/she explain the fact that all these innumerable stars, planets, meteors etc are not ‘banging’ into one another? Why do they move in a particular sequence without hindering the movement of its neighboring planets, stars etc?

The sun possesses heat of 1 crore 60 lakh degree centigrade. If planet Earth was devoid of its Ionosphere it would have been burnt to ashes by now. Lest the sun moves away even minutely from its normal position not only will our polar regional ice melt and drown our continents but that denizens on earth will get cooked to pulp as in an incinerator because of exposure to massive solar heat exposure. The other extreme reaction that could be faced would be our planet Earth becoming a freezing ball of ice. All this proves that the entire cosmos has been designed intelligently by a cosmic creator. Hence apart from Almighty God who can create it?

Despite this there are many who insist that there is no ‘concrete’ proof of God’s existence. In one of his books Karl Marx says: If any laboratory of the world can give scientific proof of God’s existence only then will I accept it.

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