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What if dark side film and ... ... are the result of writers who channel divine ... What if each one released ... via ... so that ... of ... the im

What if dark side film and television creations are the result of writers who channel divine energies? What if each one released information via entertainment,Guest Posting so that the
concept of considering the implausible, the mystical, the metaphysical, was slowly formulated within the
minds of the millions of people who watched them? What if science fiction novels and comics have been
doing similar educational and conditioning work, slowly expanding perception and introducing new

What if the fright-filled novels of Stephen King and other authors, along with horror films
like Friday the 13th, Hellraiser, The Frighteners, the Alien series, Independence Day, Near Dark, Kiss of
the Vampire etc. (as well as "dark side" television shows like Dark Shadows, American Gothic, Kindred:
The Embraced and Tales from the Crypt) have been explorations of The Void and our fears?

When a group of people come together in the dark womb of a movie theater, to experience an alternate
reality together, significant energy gets shifted. A spontaneous burst of laughter, from two hundred
people connecting with a point of humor at exactly the same time and in close proximity to each other,
generates a healing capacity that is quite sizable. Two hundred movie-goers simultaneously screaming in
terror creates a cleansing and clearing energy vortex--a collective release of fear reactions in the group
energy field. It is liberating to face one's nightmares, even if only in the safety of the darkened cinema.
While the screams are triggered by the on-screen stimulus, they also trigger individual release of genuine
fear, as well. Each person there, depending on their particular fear grid, can receive lessening of fear
tensions if they allow it to happen.

When an audience is collectively moved to tears, by the mistreatment of a character in the film, a new
empathy is born and shared. While the tears, on the surface, seem to be triggered by the level of acting on
the screen, they are, in fact, triggered by actual life similarities within the audience members. There is
empathy and a transference of emotional energy. A theater group who has shared an emotional film
journey together has also shared many other levels of awareness during the course of the film, spiritually.
They have reestablished spiritual ties, balanced past lives, changed perceptions, released old patterns,
come to new awareness, and activated gridlines of connectedness with the other audience members. They
have gotten to know each other, through the medium of shared experience. It is probable that these same
people, attracted by the energy of certain films, will interact in a darkened theater again, at another movie.
Perhaps, next time, they will choose to speak at the refreshment counter, or walking toward their cars.
Perhaps, they will bring this shared experience into a more conscious level between them.

One enlightened being, in the midst of any crowded theater, can accelerate the group consciousness of the
entire audience, simply by tuning in to the journey that particular group has chosen to take together. This
is accomplished by focus on the message, characters, emotional tone, and energy level of the film itself,
and serving as an active channel for the highest aspects of those energies.

This same channeling is possible, of course, at any common gathering and can be equally powerful during
church services, natural disaster relief efforts, activist demonstrations, or waiting in line at the
unemployment service. A group comes together for a common and known experience, but receives
another, more spiritual experience, as well. This is always true. The only question is whether we will be
consciously involved in the higher level experience, and thus receive all the new awareness that can result,
or simply leave with a vague feeling of missing something--perhaps, something vital?

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