Spiritual Acceleration challenges

Mar 19


Neva Howell

Neva Howell

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When you decide to clear yourself of ... limiting belief systems, ... habits, and ... it may surprise you to find that your ... circle of friends begins to change. Tho


When you decide to clear yourself of negativity,Spiritual Acceleration challenges Articles limiting belief systems, unhealthy habits, and ego
distractions, it may surprise you to find that your immediate circle of friends begins to change. Those who
don't wish to progress may suddenly resent or dislike you. Those who vibrate at a slower frequency than the
one you have just left, may seem tiring and not desirable to be around anymore. Most likely, there will be
those of your circle who want you back the way you were, so they can interact with you in the same habitual
ways. This is not possible so you may find these relationships drifting away or find yourself taking action to
end them. This is a normal part of the process. Allow it not to be discordant. Observe, allow, and extend
assistance to those who may wish to break free of old patterns. Those who choose to remain at slower
vibrations will begin to be drawn to others of their own level.

As those of slower, more dense vibration begin to clear from your field, there will be new opportunities for
connection revealed, evidenced by different kinds of people being attracted to you. As you begin to meet
these potential friends, some of which will seem to be vibrating at a slightly higher frequency than you, be
alert to any suggestions from your logical mind that you have nothing in common with them. This is an
illusion based on the past. Sometimes, we fail to recognize that we really have moved beyond an old
structure of relating. Trust that higher vibration beings would not be coming to you, unless there was a
similarity of frequency to attract them. Decide now to welcome new experiences with others, as part of your
acceleration experience