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Ultra sound are those which cannot be heard by human ears under any circumstances. When very subtle vibrations are imbued with an electric onrush, its power of piercing augments so prolifically that by piercing even the densest material, its’ inner designing can be photographed quite clearly.

After merely chanting ‘start’ or uttering the alphabets,Guest Posting ‘s-t-a-r-t’ a heavy car weighing 200 kilos started revving up. When the next word ‘go’ was uttered by that person what a miracle was seen. Akin to a lord commanding his devote, the car started swiftly running on the road. The car now gained more speed. This car without a driver at the wheel was whizzing past on an open road and at that moment another car was approaching it from the opposite direction. Hence this person seated afar commanded ‘halt’. Thus this car without a driver stopped and halted immediately.

After reading these lines, the reader must have assumed deluded that this was a magic show or an act of sleight of hand. Yet this is just not true. This was a well managed program that was exhibited by 2 youths called Graham and Neil. This feat was performed in Melbourne City of Australia on a road that oozed with many spectators. In order to witness firsthand, how powerful is the sound of words a huge crowd had gathered.

Behind the fact that a lifeless inert car was functioning at the behest and direction of words uttered by a person was at work a scientific law. It was the power of sound that was at work. In the hands of the person exhibiting all this was a small match stick like box called a transistor. The function of this transistor was to send the word (sound) of a well defined frequency uttered by the person directing this car to the control unit below the dashboard of the car via the medium of electrical power. Bang in front of this was another machine called ‘car radio’. When the electromagnetic waves of the words uttered banged against it, all cogs and technical units of the car got activated. Not only the engine but that the horn, lights, wipers etc too started functioning on hearing these uttered words. Although the lay public who witnessed all this were spell bound yet specialists of this technology knew that this is but an onrush of the infinite vault of power of speech.

The power of words/sound while superseding all material forces also possesses the potentials of subtle piercing. It was only after this definite information was unearthed that Indian seer philosophers helped advance the Science of Mantras. By itself anything that we utter affects us and others individually and at the cosmic level too. A small pebble thrown in a big lake can send waves to far off regions. In the same way every word uttered by our mouth creates vibrations in the subtle atoms of space. Due to these vibrations invisible inspirations awaken in people. We do not know from where thoughts enter our brain but Mantra seers know that thoughts emerging in our intellect are certainly no sudden accident but are focused subtle vibrations in layers of energies right since commencement of creation. These bang into the knowledge centers/sheaths of the brain manifest as thoughts. Also our brain is capable of catching and help flowing, a continuous stream of one single class of thoughts. A humungous revolution can be created in the thought realm of the entire cosmos via a stream of one type of thoughts flowing ceaselessly in the psyche. For this it is not a must that these thoughts be uttered via speech and conversations.

One day in Maharshi Raman’s hermitage some very deluded people gathered. This ashram of his was in Arunachal (Tamil Nadu-India) near mountains. Over there many types of creatures resided. One day a female monkey arrived there and started chattering. For a long time she continued doing this and when others tried stopping her by chasing her away she yet stood her ground firmly. At that time Raman Maharshi laughingly said: Her husband is the king of the monkey army. The chief of monkeys has the authority to keep more than one queen. This chief has chosen one more new queen which has not been liked by this 1st queen. It is hence that this monkey queen has come to complain. After this Maharshi sat in a meditative pose and subsequently the monkey king came there. It appeared that perforce things were explained to this monkey king and somehow after cajoling his 1st queen left that place.

Every now and then in this hermitage incidences of silent speechless association with Maharshi and inspirations were witnessed. Its benefit without any speech uttered was availed by thousands of visitors traveling here. It is only the hard core materialist who cannot benefit from such silent inspirations, else if by rendering one’s psyche even a wee bit thought free, one becomes a bit meditative, even today we can attract invisible great seer saints of yore and their inspiring teachings.

By itself certain Congress leaders have been showered credit for gaining political freedom from alien British Rule. Yet a time period shall come in future when modern science shall tell us that amongst those leaders not one even was such that he/she was not inspired subtly by great visionary souls like Mahayogi Shri Aurobindo Ghosh. Via the subtle power of thoughts in the mental world revolutionary changes can be effected and via gross words terrific explosions can be induced in the gross world, materials and masses hanging in interstellar space. Not only this but that subtle Prana Energy, electrical aura, heat etc of planets, galaxies etc can be attracted towards oneself but for this is required the controlling panel fixed in a car and choice and controlled application of words/sound akin to a transistor. It is only after attaining the most profound information with reference to this that Vedic Mantras and Richas were coined. In reality words, prayerful Mantras and Richas appear to be machines which if used step by step by a devotee, he/she can become the master of the cosmos. Today modern material science has commenced understanding this fully well.

Until a few decades back only technical apparatus like radio, telephone were looked upon as a miracle of Sound Science but California University’s world renowned geologist, Dr Herbert Huber via sound’s subtle vibrations cleaned dirt and mud on a very miniscule and delicate bone piece, which otherwise would break up even if a small feather weight blade touched the bone. Later Sound Energy advanced so manifold that a new revolution set into the industrial world. Today Sound Energy is used in very heavy onerous tasks like cutting humungous thick sheets of iron, washing clothes and by using noise of urban areas generating electrical power. Till date only X rays were thought to be such subtle technology that unveiled hidden parts of the insides of our body but their photos are not all that clear which clearly showcases everything. But yet the energy of sound has rendered very facile, this task. All these tasks are now executed by ultra sound.

Ultra sound is that which cannot be heard by human ears under any circumstances. When very subtle vibrations are imbued with an electric onrush, its power of piercing augments so prolifically that by piercing even the densest material, its’ inner designing can be photographed very clearly.

For example a lady from Chicago was medically examined but the attending doctor failed to conclude whether what was there in the womb was a fetus or a tumor. One after the other X rays were taken of the womb yet no conclusion could be drawn. Hence they used Ultra sound testing methods which clearly showed that a fetus was growing in the lady’s womb. A man from Utah (USA) accidently fired a bullet from a gun. This bullet entered the eye of a small child. Doctors made great efforts yet failed to find out where exactly the bullet was lodged in the eye.

Finally the child was sent to a government hospital in Washington. Over here Ultra sound techniques were made use of due to which the thin strip of brass got photographed very clearly and in a jiffy the doctors removed it from the child’s eye very deftly.

Till then no such technique was invented that could study very delicate tissues of the body. The body is made up of very tiny cells. Many cells unite to form a tissue. These tissues together form various organs of the body but in USA’s Colorado University a medical specialist called Dr Geoff Holmes via Ultra sound methods successfully studied tissue with penetrating clarity. This research was done with a scientific apparatus called transducer. It is known to convert electrical energy into sound energy. It transmits sound waves with a speed of more than 20000 in one second. Later these waves bang into a medium via whose transformed vibrations, photos are imaged. In every task the methodology of control and transmission of mobility of vibrations are varied. Ultimately the principle involves a very subtle transmission of sound waves.

These attainments of modern science tell us that rhythmic sound vibrations possess limitless potential and this very principle is embedded in Mantras. Via combination of psychic activity this power augments all the more and when man attains total control over it via Mantra Sidhi he can execute such miraculous feats as shown in the lines written above.

In the above lines a description has been given regarding an Ultra sound transducer that has super subtle sound vibrations. It not only identifies different diseases but that is used in medical therapies for curing TB, cancer and so on. By converting sound vibrations into the form of a tong even the most miniscule germs and toxic particles can be ‘caught and pulled out’. 

A very thin particle of brass entered a boy’s eye. Under such a situation wherein it would prove dangerous to use forceps of just any metal or a new dire state of hurting the eye could emerge, forceps made from sound vibrations was used and within 10 seconds this thin particle was removed successfully. This surgery was done by Dr Nathanial Bronson who is an ENT specialist from Manhattan (New York).

Ultra sound was first used in 1942 by Vienna’s well known scientist Dr Karl Dussik. Its unveiling was done 2 years after X-rays were discovered in 1895 AD. These days in England, USA, Sweden and Japan Ultra sound is being researched into great detail for collecting data of the brain and its various centers. Dr W Blyfield and Dr Swain Effort of Dusseldorf in West Germany have photographed various Ultra sound images of bodies of about 10000 people. Via these studies they have collected very new data and scientific principles.

In the world of medical therapy/healing these attainments of very subtle applications of word sound tells us that if Indian spiritual seers have unveiled that information of Mantra Sciences wherein via sound vibrations successful applications have been executed like uprooting poison in the body, warding off diseases, attracting invisible powers, Maran via mental resolve, Mohan, Ucchatan etc it certainly is not an overstatement. In the era of Mahabharat War enemies were killed using weapons imbued with Mantra Energy and in fact this power was n fold more than that emitted by nuclear bombs. With Mantra force a either large group of soldiers could be killed at one shot or that in a mob of hundreds of people this weapon aided by Mantra Power could kill only a lone targeted person. All this was the miracle of Sound Science whose very miniscule information has been unveiled by modern material science.

It goes without saying that today’s highly intellectual educated class of the world knows very well that every type of sound can be imaged. This imaging of sound vibrations is called spectrograph. The sound vibrations of all that we speak are showcased as various types of line by the spectrograph. A scientist called Dr Lawrence Castro attached to Bell Telephone Laboratories in New York-USA studied the spectrograph data of the voice of many people. He found that lines of sound vibration of every person were varied even if they uttered one single sentence. Yet if a particular person uttered one sentence whether he was healthy, ill, attacked by common cold/coughing, in heat or cold and in situations of varied atmospheric pressure yet these lines on the spectrograph remained the same and unchanged all throughout. What this means is that sound vibrations are so potent that they cannot be influenced or affected by nature based changes like storms, rains, atmospheric pressure and heat/cold. In every state and condition the lines of every person remains uniform. In the same way the transmission of vibrations of every Mantra is of one type. The shape and form of lines pertaining to different people could be varied. It means that if one person utters one sentence lines marching ahead or regressing back could be long or short yet its repetition will be same.

Sound vibrations from ordinary speech uttered after moving forward a bit spreads out in all atoms of the world and akin to mere touching of mimosa plant creates movement in it only to become withered, similarly these sound vibrations after traveling across the entire world in a matter of seconds, returns along with a reaction. In transformed vibrations many thoughts of same type come running. It is hence that when in anger someone shouts aloud, those very ireful thoughts come running but if a person utters some compassionate loving speech, sweet tender thoughts enter the brain.

Hence it is said that any word uttered is a Mantra and hence humans are ordained to speak sweet tender speech with utter caution. Reactions of bitter, angry and useless chatter augment those very elements which in turn increases discontent and mental agitation.

The Science of Mantras is a bit different. So far we have discussed those sound vibrations whose shape and class have been defined and utilized via electrical force. The question now arises that when in Mantra practices no external energy transforms sound vibrations, how can we benefit akin to boons given by modern science? This answer can be given by studying the example of a machine called Retrometer. This machine works as a required external energy fount. An American scientist called Nyuma E Thomas had invented the Retrometer. He is a senior research scientist of ‘National Aeronautics and Space Administration Center’ situated in Langley. In this technology by sending light from any medium to a photo static cell, vibrations of electrical energy is converted to sound so as to hear it.

From this theory it becomes definite that the nature of Ultra sound (not heard by human ears) is very similar to vibrations of light. The lesser the length of vibrations of Ultra sound, this uniformity/similarity increases to that extent. From this we can understand that Ultra sound can quite easily be rendered repetitive and transformed. Its behavior is bang opposite to light based waves. Hence via these waves energy of various types of light sources via a reaction easily get attracted towards oneself. This happens because Ultra sound waves no doubt move swiftly in dense materials but in mediums that are thin and fine, they move with very less slow speed. 

Every Mantra used by Vedas have some or the other presiding demigod/deity. Gayatri’s deity is Savita which means that whatever benefits like good health, life force, wealth-prosperity, son and fulfillment of our desires we accrue from Gayatri Meditation its energy and inspiration come from the solar world. Whenever any Mantra is chanted then with a special movement in the midst of atoms of space while marching ahead they reach that demigod or energy center related to the Mantra uttered. At the time of chanting Mantras mind attains required power via energy emitted. Via this energy sound waves emitted during Mantra chanting are viewed as electrical waves. In a few moments as it marches ahead swiftly bangs against divine energy. Thus invisible subtle atoms start getting transformed with slow speed and its direction is totally opposite. Subtle and gross atoms start running and commence bestowing bodily benefits and psychic inspirations to the devotee. It is this very energy that helps man live an advanced progressive life and showers untold other benefits too.

Initially these activities of give-take and repetition-transformation take place a bit slowly yet the more mental focus augments, the reactions also become intense and even the subtle soul existence speedily get adorned by those light atoms which are attracted from divine powers.

For example the sun is the very soul of the entire solar system which means that sun rays visualize all planets/stars. The rays of light atoms of the sun can see everything. The more these light atoms advance in a Gayatri devotee the more he/she sees clear, premonition, beneficial dreams and thus attains miraculous inspirations. In the same way gross energy benefits our health. Many Gayatri devotees afflicted with diseases have been seen cured and this is but the result of the transforming process of solar rays. Thus despite one being an atheist Mantra chanting yet gives benefits. Although benefits attained by harboring deep faith and trust are faster but if this is not the case a person chanting Mantras definitely attains benefits albeit slowly.

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