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As far as Mantra chanting is concerned the relationship of tongue based nerve fibers with those Yogic Chakras (subtle plexus), subtle glands, subtle Naadis etc get influenced by chanting very much like when we press the keys on the typewriter its metal wires on which various alphabets etc are etched jump upwards and on banging into paper attached there these alphabets get printed on it. At various places in the body, vaults of various energies are present latently. Our speech not only influences the external world but it does so within the body also. Along with uttering words the arteries, nerves and sound waves of the tongue activate these latent centers.

From the Anatomy Science standpoint no direct relationship between our heart and the tongue can be established. By itself all bodily parts and organs are related to each other in some form or the other. The brain bestows consciousness to all organs,Guest Posting the heart gives blood, the lungs give oxygen, the stomach gives digestive enzymes and so on and so forth. Thus all these prove to be very important and each of these is related to one another. Yet when the question is with reference to very close proximity and spiritual practices there is no extraordinary relationship or excess closeness between the tongue and heart of a person.

Yet from the standpoint of Soul Sciences the tongue and heart are excessively related to each other. The profound power of Sound Science gets created from the combination of both these. The tongue is both a sense organ of taste harboring taste buds and fulfills the task of uttering words and sounds. Yet it has a special capacity and that is of extraordinary influence associated with words and sounds. Lest this principle is lacking then akin to a gramophone record can function merely to give information of various types. Via it no individual or cosmic space environment can be influenced.

Anatomy Sciences after giving us gross information of the tongue in the form of very hi tech scientific jargon becomes silent. Its miniscule information includes the fact that the tongue is both a sense organ of taste harboring taste buds and fulfills the task of uttering words and sounds. Yet it is not alone and instead is a group of many other units. The tongue is like a family and it has many departments. All these work in tandem and only then the tongue functions optimally.

If on the tip of our tongue some material is placed it can tell us its taste. In this examining the tongue has to take help of its other helper associates. Along with this material the mouth’s saliva mixes. This wet material touches our taste buds. These taste buds transport their reaction to the brain center. It is only after this that it can be unearthed as to what is the taste of the material placed on our tongue in the mouth. Lest saliva does not mix with it and a dry material remains on the tongue no information regarding its taste can be perceived.

Tastes despite being of many types as per scientific classification are of 4 types chiefly. They are as follows:

  1. A) Sweet taste
  2. B) Sour taste
  3. C) Bitter taste
  4. D) Salty taste

Their taste buds are placed in different regions of the mouth. On the tip of the tongue exists sweet taste buds, at the back end exist bitter taste buds, on both sides exist sour taste buds and salty taste buds.

Between the sensitive nerves of the nose and tongue exists, a close bond. When we are afflicted with common cold our mouth experiences aversion to even most tasty food items and further we fail to clearly perceive the specific taste of that food etc. The fragrance of tasty food items affects our tongue because our mouth starts watering. More than this we also can infer as to at what distance food of what type of taste is being cooked. When we add spices to food while cooking food its power of smeling helps our mouth identify the type of its taste. Fruits like mangos, musk-melon etc on smelling helps us understand whether they are sour or sweet. This is proof regarding the fact that sensitive nerves of the nose and tongue have a very strong intense bond.

If the designing of the tongue is categorized they can be done so as long muscles, genio glossus muscles, tongue glands, tongue covering, lapex, nerves, taste buds, taste cells and spindle cells. It is when all these function in tandem and with cooperation that the tongue can perform its function of tasting food properly.

This then is a mundane introduction to the functioning of the tongue. Its spiritual identity is depicted in the symbolic form of Goddess Saraswati Devi. Our tongue utters words and behind this utterance not only man’s brain and psyche but that it has the power to influence the physical body also. Further than this this energy influences various materials and objects also. The method that uses this mysterious power in a miraculous manner is called Mantra Science. Via our gross speech ordinary give and take of information goes on in its own way yet when this very speech utters certain special words by applying a special Swara Sadhana associated with mental focus and as per injunctions of Sound Science these group of words are called ‘Mantra’. Every page of Spiritual Science is filled with details of the miraculous power of Mantras. Without Japa or Mantra chanting no spiritual practice of any religion or sect can be executed. It is accepted as a substratum source of augmenting soul energy.

As far as Mantra chanting is concerned we can say that the relationship of tongue based nerve fibers with those Yogic Chakras (subtle plexus), subtle glands, subtle Naadis etc get influenced by chanting very much like when we press the keys on the typewriter its metal wires on which various alphabets etc are etched jump upwards and on banging into paper attached there these alphabets get printed on it. At various places in the body vaults of various energies are present latently. Our speech not only influences the external world but it does so within the body also. Along with uttering words the arteries, nerves and sound waves of the tongue awaken these latent centers. If in a particular stepwise technique the strings on a guitar are twanged various types of musical tunes emerge. Very similar to this when word uttering conjoins to musical notes of a particular sequence such a musical resonance emerges via which upheavals take place in bodily subtle centers. Further those sound vibrations and energy waves get created that are capable of fulfilling the goal with which the devotee commenced Mantra chanting.

In this manner Mantra Energy executes its own functions. At the time of Mantra chanting the entire Swara Center gets converted to an energy fount. It creates an effect on either the devotee harboring a special aim in mind or on a deity or in infinite cosmic space. As a result of this the possibility of desired results manifesting as mentioned in various sacred scriptures gets created.

Yet this much only is not accepted as enough. Behind this chain of words of Mantra Japa chanting must be added a terrific stream of energy based in our bosom. The word ‘heart’ has 2 connotations and akin to our tongue it fulfills 2 goals. The 1st is that since the heart is a focal point of blood circulation in the body the heart becomes a vault of terrific energy manifesting there. The 2nd is that the heart or bosom is also called the central point of sacred sensitive sentiments or Bhava Sansthan. Energy gets created from heart beating and the heart also manifests deep faith, steadfastness, devotion and trust. When both these unite they become the Prana or very life force of Mantra practices. In this manner as far as the Science of Spiritual Practices is concerned both the tongue and heart must be looked upon as the 2 wheels of a chariot. In Mantra practices only when both these contribute their potentials in a cooperative manner that desired goals are attained.

From the standpoint of Anatomy Science very much like the tongue a minute introduction to the heart is as follows:

The heart should be called a ‘pumping station’ since it very deftly manages the city of the human body’s water transport i.e. blood circulation system. Blood emitted by the heart is transported by arteries to every organ of the body. Via air and other nutrition it nourishes those organs and wards off any distortions in those organs. After this it returns to the heart. The lungs accept this bodily dirt from the blood and via exhaling throws it out of the body. Via inhalation oxygen gets mixed into the blood. Again the cycle of blood circulation commences. Thus the heart is the chief organ that manages the blood circulation system in the heart.

By itself the heart is always filled with blood yet it does not directly absorb even 1 drop of blood from it. Whatever it gets is as per certain bodily function laws and a proper procedure. For this small arteries and veins that give nourishment to the heart’s muscular fiber network are created separately. In reality these are the nurses of the heart and via them nourishment is imbibed. If for some reason they tire or become distorted the heart or any part of it stops getting nourishment or gets it in very tiny measure. The influence of this very miniscule obstruction can take a very ferocious downturn as far as the body’s health is concerned. This lack’s dire effect does not get restricted merely to the heart and its units but that the other organs of the body also get very little nourishment. The brain cannot endure even an iota of diminishing of this nourishment. Thus if the brain gets badly affected the entire bodily functioning goes haywire. It then results in a heart attack. If this obstruction of nourishment remains merely for 10 minutes also definitely such a person dies. At the hour of this terrible strife the heart akin to entering the mouth of a crocodile wails aloud in anguish. This can be called heart pain or angina.

What exactly is the heart? It is 3.5 inches wide, 5 inches long, has a shape like the leaf of betel, its weight is 12.5 ounces and is a fleshy bag on the left half of the chest between the 5th and 6th rib bone. It keeps beating ceaselessly. It is categorized into 4 booths. The 2 upper booths are called auricles and the 2 booths below are called ventricles. Their task is to direct and manage in a well controlled manner our body’s blood circulatory system.

The heart of the shape of a closed fist that is very soft and delicate beats 70-75 times each minute. Per second it beats 8 times. In this manner each year the total number of heart beats are 31,700,000. The heart beats of a new born baby is 120-140 per minute but when this baby starts growing in age these heart beat numbers start decreasing and finally remains between the range of 60-70. The reason for this is that when our age increases the flexibility of arteries filled with blue blood conjoined to oxygen decreases. The artery walls become thicker and hence this artery’s capacity, like a rubber band to stretch and relax decreases. In accordance and tandem with this, the number of heart beats per minute also commences decreasing as one ages.

Keeping in mind its shape and weight in comparison to other organs of the body the heart has to work and labor hard much more. It beats 72 times per minute. In 1 year total heart beats recorded are 31,700,000. Lest a person remains alive for 60 years his total heart beats recorded shall be 2,200,000,000. About 18 ton blood must have circulated. It must have traveled 62,000 miles via arteries and veins. This length is 2.5 times more than total diameter of planet earth. In this task it has to use up so much energy comparable to energy used to raise upwards the heaviest war plane on earth and hung up in the sky at a height of 15 feet above earth’s surface. Till date man has designed no machinery and technology that can function for such a long time span, without breaking apart and without resting even for a minute.

This feat of the small fleshy bag called heart indeed is mind boggling. But the fact of the matter is not limited to this only. On noting its shape/form the amount of work executed by the heart no other machine on earth can compete with the heart’s working capacity. Despite the heart’s form and means are miniscule it shoulders such a gigantic responsibility that without doubt till today no man made machine has been designed that can carry out such responsibilities akin to our heart. Via Mantra Power such terrific energy gets generated. Hence this energy must increase millions of times more in measure.

Radio based voices emit sounds that very intensely because in them electrical energy is mixed. In its absence our voice cannot be heard even 3000 meters distance. Yet sounds of radio can be heard the world over. In order to render apt Mantra chanting terrific and widespread the electrical stream of the heart has to be made use of. Along with this by combining faith, trust and devotion its word chanting sounds have to be rendered so intensely radiant that that instead of it remaining an ordinary stature utterance emerges as an energy flow. Thus the desired goal is achieved.

In the spiritual realm the subtle meaning of heart is taken to be ‘oneness of heart’ (we many a times say ‘having a heart to heart talk’). The wicked workers of hard hearted nature can be called heartless. This does not mean existence or non existence of the fleshy bag (heart) circulating blood. Instead it means whether it is or it is not the root source from where high stature self control, pious behavior, softness, no wiliness, loving nature, soul oneness, generosity, magnanimity and other such goodwill based sentiments emerge. Lest it is blooming like a lush green tree know for sure that other soul energies also shall sprout forth, bear fruits and flowers. Lest in our psyche harsh heartedness akin to a graveyard and wickedness of ghosts and evil spirits prevail then in this land akin to corpses burnt/cremated no soul glory can even sprout let alone flower and bear luscious fruits. Apart from this a sign that one possesses a deep sense of oneness of heart involves deep faith and trust towards the importance of the soul, its high stature, procedure of spiritual practice and its great beneficial results. Those who ooze with such specialties by combining heart based sacred sensitive sentiments and tongue based Swara Power can generate compact Mantra Energy and its influence and results definitely shall be very positive.

The heart is called Shiva and tongue is called Shakti. The heart is Prana/life force and tongue is Rayi. Heart is fire and tongue is Soma or nectar. When both combine like positive and negative charges the energy that gets generated can be seen as Mantras’ miracle.

Mantras emit 2 types of sounds wherein one is heard and the other is latent. Along with word utterance one more resonance emerges. Since it is subtler than the chanting heard it is known to be much more powerful. Today sounds that our human ears fail to hear are ‘caught’ and used by scientists via high grade technology designed by them. Its’ astounding prowess have rendered modern day scientists dumbfounded.

Sounds are not merely those that are heard by human ears. Ears have their limited hearing capacity. They can hear only those sounds ‘caught’ by them. Yet we must not believe that types of sounds are only those that we can hear. A very major portion of sound waves is that not heard by human ears yet they ceaselessly dwell in outer space. Voices mixed with radio waves keep resounding each moment in space. But we can hear these only when a radio instrument is near us and sounds ordinarily unheard by human ears are rendered intense via electricity. Sound waves have their own independent existence. They transmit those sounds here and there emerging from movements occurring in this cosmos. In Yoga practices via the technique of Naad Yoga these very sounds can be heard subtly.

Sound waves do not merely execute the task of increasing informative knowledge by aiding voices to reach others’ ears. This is because in sound waves terrific electricity too oozes and they are so potent that the power of dynamite razing down huge bridges and forts pales in comparison to it. Today, these flows of sound waves have been ‘caught’ by modern scientists and they are much subtler than limited sounds heard by human ears. Its usage is not for hearing but that they are being successfully used for those endeavors requiring much intenser energy than the prowess of electricity. This is just the 1st phase of its scientific usage and application. In future it is being cogitated that via these sound waves increasing energy requirements the world over can be fulfilled easily and in a financially cheaper manner.

Over here we are discussing those sounds which human ears fail to hear and hence modern material scientists have coined the term ‘ultrasound’ for them. In a stray manner they are being utilized in various types of industries, factories etc. In small scale industries they are used successfully in tasks like washing clothes, drying them, cleaning things, crushing seeds to get oil, making paper pulp etc In Germany these ultrasounds are used for casting and molding metals. British scientists have used them with reference to threads and strings. The research department of BF Goodrich Company is carrying out experimental studies on how and in which types of industry these sound waves can be put to work. The Homogenizing Machine has been designed by Rethyan Company for the milk industry on this very scientific basis and is selling like hot cakes in thousands.

Sound waves are in the form of vibrations. In gases, fluids and solid materials they are like true beats. The main difference between these and radio waves is that radio waves travel in void but not these sound waves. These days 3 types of sound waves based technology has been designed. One is that which create vibrations of high frequency due to usage of air at high atmospheric pressure levels. For 2 types of energies they make use of electrical force. USA’s Ultrasonic Corporation produce siren for gases at an industrial level. The apparatus of these waves are named Ultrasonic and Supersonic. No doubt these have been unveiled by modern day scientists yet a lot of research remains so that apt tasks can be carried out via them that uphold its glory and renown.

Lest the Super Science of Mantras can be understood deeply, if Sadhana or spiritual practices are executed with a sacred sentiment oozing with divinity we shall definitely gain the capacity to visualize directly and tangibly as though actually standing in front of us those divine glories that are otherwise invisible and subtle (not tangible).

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