Tech Support to add favorites in Apple Safari Browser

Aug 9


shiney rio

shiney rio

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Get instant help on adding bookmarks or favourites in Apple Safari, below get step by step resolution given by Apple Safari Customer Service team. For all other issues contact Apple Safari Technical Support Phone Number.


On a Mac computer,Tech Support to add favorites in Apple Safari Browser Articles you can add a favorite site for the Safari web browser to be able to immediately access the web without having to type in its URL in the future. Preferred is called bookmarks in the Safari browser. You can add, delete and manage bookmarks using bookmarks utility in Safari. Organize your favorite websites by placing them into folders or Safari bookmarks bar. Click the name of a bookmark to go to the website. Follow the below instructions:

  • Start the Safari browser on your Mac.
  • Navigate to the site you want to make a favorite.
  • Click the "+" sign to the left of the address bar after the site appears in the browser window. A drop-down box appears.
  • Type the name that you want the website to be in the open text box, and then select a folder or bookmark bar from the drop-down list as the location to save the bookmark.
  • Click "Add" button to save the site as a favorite on the Safari browser.

Apple Safari Technical Support

Apple Safari tech support is the best way to resolve the problems that you stuck with your Safari browser. You can contact Apple Safari Technical Support anytime 24/7 for help through dedicated toll free support helpline phone number.

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Apple Safari Customer Service

Apple safari customer support always welcomes the problems of their clients. They have a dedicated toll free number to take their customers query and give its solution instantly. This number is accessible 24x7 and connects you to Apple Safari Customer support team.

The experienced technician listens to your issue calmly and gives solution accordingly. You can also opt for the option to give the access of your computer to the technician remotely and solve the issue remotely.