12 KEYS TO SUCCESS - Be Prepared To Fight

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You must always be prepared to fight, anytime! This is what you need if you want success.


You must always be prepared to fight,Guest Posting anytime! This is what you need if you want success. Did you know that every morning, in Africa, a deer must always be prepared to run! Why? Because if the deer is not prepared or run slower, it will become a lion’s breakfast. Did you know that every morning when a lion wakes up, it must be prepared to run! Why? Because if it is not prepared or run slower than the deer, it will not has any breakfast. So this is what it is all about in the real world. You must always be prepared. If you’re not, you either ends up don’t have any breakfast and died of hungry, or become the breakfast of the lions. It may sound cruel, but this is the real world. Always be prepared to fight!

The more you fight the more successful you will be. You know, most of the people who gets online are those who in the age of their 30s. And this is great news since time is their most valuable asset. They afford to fall (fail) and get up again, why? Because they are still young. They can fall for 29 times and still manage to wake up for the 30th time. When you are at the age of 25, and you still don’t want to fight, then you want to fight at what age? 55? Therefore don’t wait, always fight for your future.

In our life, we only have one season. In spring, we are still young, at the age of 20s. It is the best if we start to be prepared to fight. Then comes to summer. This is a very hot season, you will be in the age of around 30, and you must fight and fight and fight. This is the best time for you to fight for your future and success. Once you miss this opportunity, autumn will arrive, you will be in your 40s. You will start feeling cold and lazy to move. If you miss out all these 3 seasons, you will eventually come to winter. It is very cold in winter and you are at the age of 50s. Do you think that you will want to fight at this age? Honestly, I don’t think so. Hence, you must always be prepared to fight whenever you can. Don’t wait because time waits for no one!

You must be hardworking, just like an ant. I believe that you’ve heard or seen the cartoon about the ant and the grasshopper. The ants are very hardworking, during spring time, they keep on searching and collecting their food. As for the grasshopper, it is very lazy, laughing at the ants, saying that it is spring and they should enjoy it. Why work when the times they can enjoy? Then the time past by, winter has arrive. It is cold, but the ants are having lots of fun enjoying the food they have harvested before. As for the grasshopper, since it has never look for any food, it is starving of hunger. And died in the end. Thus now you can see, why we need to fight even at the time we can enjoy ourselves.

We fight because we want to have a better future, we want success. Many people wait. They wait for the economy to turn brighter, and then only they want to fight. Let me tell you, when the economy is down, don’t blame anyone, just be prepared to fight. And when the economy turns up, it will be the time for you to harvest your rewards.

So there you have it, the key to success, always be prepared to fight. Keep this key into your pocket and don’t lose it. Use it to open the door which leads to your success.

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