The Human Psyche: A cosmic wish fulfilling tree

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The more one dives deep into the visible and invisible designing of the physical body the more its mysterious nature manifests in a wondrous manner. When one understands the anatomy and functions of the organs of actions and the organs of knowledge it becomes clear that the designing of inert objects is such that it can function in such a varied manner.


Man’s physical body is made up of 5 elements (air,The Human Psyche: A cosmic wish fulfilling tree Articles water, wind, fire, earth, space) and the 5 Pranas (Vital Forces). The body has been created from the elements and the mind from the Vital Force. When 2 streams of negative and positive unite electricity manifests, 2 wheels of a cart helps it to move similarly life’s wheel too marches ahead. The contribution of both is amazing. The more one dives deep into the visible and invisible designing of the physical body the more its mysterious nature emerges in a wondrous manner. When one understands the anatomy and functions of the organs of actions and the organs of knowledge it becomes clear that the designing of inert objects is such that it can function in such a varied manner and that so many new materials can be created from them. When we study the cells, nerves, glands, hormones, DNA etc it seems as though we are transported into a mysterious world. The amazing way in which the heart, plexus, glands etc function, it appears that a very skillful engineer has designed this human body akin to a vault of visible and invisible potentials of nature. This skillful engineer (God in layman’s parlance) has thus put in all his brilliance so as to make this creation outstanding. To the superficial eye it appears as though the human body is merely fulfilling the needs of ones existence in this world. despite this if the human body along with the psyche is mastered via spiritual practices such amazing feats can be executed that man will be called a storehouse of infinite divine energy. If one studies the amazing acts of great men of world history from all walks of life, it becomes clear that their seemingly tiny physical frames were vaults of infinite power. The only problem regarding this is that although every human being without exception possesses this vault of power, it lies in an inactive or latent state. When via mental focus and a taintless character this latent state is made active this vault manifests untold and unlimited Divine Power. It is like a seed germinating in fertile soil and actually manifesting a gigantic tree which till now was latent in a seed.

Thus far we spoke of the physical body made up of the 5 elements. After studying the form and functional aspects of consciousness made up of the 5 Vital Forces or Pranas one understands that it is consciousness that directs our physical movements and controls it aptly. The body is akin to a car and our consciousness is its driver or chauffer. When we see inert materials perform activities akin to consciousness we perforce have to conclude that no doubt from the designing and functional point of view the physical body may appear outstanding yet know for sure that it is totally under the control and jurisdiction of consciousness. If even a minor glitch is seen in this controlling entity the physical body pays the price of this flaw (Psycho-somatic). The body of an insane and mentally challenged is like that of any normal person but because the contact point between consciousness and the material body is flawed their lives are full of chaos and problems. Not only this but that if this contact point breaks, the physical body perishes.

The stature, form and functional aspects of inert nature (Prakriti) and conscious flow (Chetana) differ a great deal. Despite this when these conjoin a stupendous third power manifests. When 2 chemicals combine a new compound emerges and its characteristic and form differs from the former. This law is well accepted by all scholars of Chemistry. Similarly the admixture of inert matter and consciousness amazes one and all with its extraordinary nature.

By itself consciousness functions in every particle of our body and yet it is centered or focused in the strong fort called the brain. The biochemical materials and accessories of the brain are quite similar to the other bodily parts and yet it is unique in the sense that it harbors vital electricity movements. The brain designing or anatomy is so amazing that these electrical flows give it extraordinary benefits of various kinds. The brain region can be said to be a miraculous vault. A magician displays magical objects from his magic trunk and it totally confounds the ordinary man’s intellect. So too if we wish to visualize the magic of the creator (God) we must minutely study the outpourings of the ‘magical’ human brain every moment of our lives. We can hence surely conclude that in this worldly realm lies an out of the world extraordinary center called the human brain.

At an ordinary level, the brain guides our bodily activities for the smooth functioning of our social, professional life. The consciousness of all creatures functions within this limited periphery. Thus a very tiny portion of the brain’s unlimited vault of potential is utilized for our mundane day to day activities. So all this is regarding our mundane lives. In comparison to this, extraordinary is that wherein its potential is infinitely more than that of our worldly limited living. It is gigantic from the standpoint of space and stature too. It becomes clear that anyone who taps this potential can become truly powerful in a wholesome manner. When this infinite potential is not used it stays in a latent and unconscious like state. In the deep recesses of Mother Nature or Prakriti lie an infinite storehouse of visible and invisible powers and it is also present in the human body albeit in a seed state. Similarly all those special divine qualities present in cosmic consciousness are present in a subtly latent state in the psyche/soul of a living being. The center or HQ of a living being is the tough fort like brain. If the brain anatomy and functions are studied minutely it becomes evident it being a union of inertness and consciousness emits amazing energy flows uninterruptedly. Even if one analyzes the very tiny portion of the brain potential utilized by laymen it becomes clear that in comparison to its might even the most powerful computer of the world would pale significantly. Hence what to say of its unlimited latent potential that lies unused as of now? Know for sure even a very seemingly ordinary intellect can be made extraordinary simply by awakening the brain’s infinite albeit latent potency.

Ahead of this is the talk of the extraordinary. With the help of the brain center highly intelligent people have performed such marvelous fields that they have been called great historical icons, crest jewels and extremely revered. Via these great acts not only were they themselves glorified but that infinite others benefited too. The gigantic attainments of great writers, authors, artists, poets, philosophers, scientists, Rishis, Yogis, saints, Sidhas and Avatars from every nook and corner of the globe were solely due to the manifestation of infinite divine potential manifesting in their intellect and psyche.

Even in the material arena many individuals the world over are seen imbued with brilliant skills and credentials. These extraordinary tasks executed by them are nothing but the manifestation of their radiant and sharp intellect. Bodily one can be strong, wrestler like, disease free, have a long life and be hard working and yet all these have limitations. In comparison to this the intellect harbors unlimited potential. The more this latent potential is activated the more ones achievements are called miraculous (Shri Aurobindo Ghosh a great seer sage of India said: Logic in the infinite is magic in the finite. Infinite means consciousness and finite means material world). Highly respected scientists of Psychology opine that a mere 7% of the brain’s potential has been studied and made use of so far. The remaining 93% is in a latent and ‘sleep’ like state. Thus the more anyone who taps this remnant potential by activating it the more one can achieve mind boggling results.

Mother Nature by itself is chaotic. Since matter lacks intelligence it lies inert and ‘unkempt’. Atomic and wave flows have both power and movement but because of lack of intelligence it cannot manage things optimally, radiate beauty or create materials. This fact can be easily digested by journeying in jungle and desert areas. The state of other planets, galaxies too is chaotic. Since they lack creatures with intelligence (like human beings) their atmosphere is inert and gloomy. Bang opposite to this, humans on our planet Earth with their intellectual prowess has maintained it so exotically that like the wish fulfilling cow it radiates grandeur and material comforts. Man unearths precious ores from mines, digs earth for oil and taps UV rays, Gamma rays etc too. How does he do so? The answer is with his sharp and brilliant intellect. Scientific attainments have invented a mountain full of material comforts and within a couple of centuries human lifestyle has changed dramatically. How was this possible? The answer is one: The miracle of human intellectual brilliance. It was man’s intellect that took recourse to ethics, philosophy, religion, spirituality, socialism, rule of law, government and discipline so as to create civilizations and cultures. Ere the weak brain of Adam Age men had persisted today man would have remained beast like. Instead today man has become a crest jewel amongst all creatures via attainments in the arenas of agriculture, animal husbandry, gardening, sculpture, business, education, medicine, automobiles, telecommunication, literature, physics etc. And all this has been achieved via his superb brain potential which is like a Kalpvriksha or a Wish Fulfilling Tree. In fact some opine that God and heaven are a creation of the human brain. Their logic is that whatever existed in creation must be made available equally for everyone. Other creatures neither know about God, heaven, religion nor do they believe that they actually exist. It is only man who is related to these. The question asked is whether one should call it God’s grace or the brilliance of the human intellect? No doubt this is a billion dollar question since it is very difficult to answer it.

Whatever the case maybe from these facts it is clear that is that the intellectual skills are not only not less mighty than material prowess but in fact exceeds it by leaps and bounds. The air plane maybe hi tech and exotic yet in comparison to it the pilot’s skills are much more important. We do accept the importance of Mother Nature’s grandeur in the form of the earth, sky, sun, sea, wind etc but the fact remains that it is the human brain that has unearthed its utility value and thus bestowed them with the label of ‘preciousness’. The state of other planets, stars etc is witness to the fact that due the absence of intelligence they lie in darkness and gloom. Even if potentially their grandeur may exceed a great deal when compared to our planet but because Earth possesses an invaluable human intellect this grandeur has actually been unearthed and made use of optimally by earth denizens.

Today in an individual’s life we see qualities of goodness, sensitivity, goodwill, politeness, etiquette, progressiveness, aspirations, labor etc. From the bodily and material comforts standpoint he is reaching higher and higher pinnacles so as to radiate our planet’s glory. If this were not the case world humanity would yet appear like his Adam Age ancestors in a naked and animalistic manner. Unkempt hair would have rendered both males and females ugly. Hair that is allowed to grow naturally makes men especially not only hideous looking but ferocious too. It is only when hair beauty techniques intervened that this very jungle like hair growth was curbed and instead converted into a means of adding to ones physical beauty and handsomeness. The mould of a human being’s family is quite different from that of families of other creatures. Right from the process of building a house to rearing a family is not as per nature’s direction but is a direct result of the skills of the human intellect.

If we study any field of life the human intellect’s supremacy is at work in a virtually miraculous fashion. We all are aware of the priceless nature of human intellectual skills. Hence whether you take into account schools, colleges or universities or for that matter sermons, discourses or lectures the prime goal is to sharpen and augment ones intellectual capabilities. The press, radio, television and other media avenues are also involved in this very endeavor. Right from traveling to examinations, competitions etc the idea is to nourish ones intellectual capacity. Hence the fact remains that in comparison to a brilliant intellect the value of all earth’s material wealth put together pales significantly. A wealthy person who is weak brained cannot execute that yeomen service to society performed by a well to do individual with sharp intellectual skills. It is a farsighted discerning intellect that solves contemporary problems and mould present situations that ultimately herald a very radiant future for the entire world. In Spiritual Sciences the symbol or representative of Ritambhara Prajna or Divine Intellect is said to be super Mantra Gayatri. When divine wisdom gets established in the human psyche it is guaranteed that peace and prosperity will be ours for keeps.

After rendering the social aspects of the psychic center advanced and progressive how was it possible to help the individual and entire world progress greatly? All this has been discussed in the above lines. It is but the great feat of the 7% intellectual prowess used by mankind. Ahead of this 7% lie deeper layers of the human psyche which lie unused and hence remain latent and sleep like. It constitutes 93% of the total intellectual capacity. It means that it is 14 times more than what is actually used by us all in our day to day lives. This is the measure of its form and widespread nature. From the standpoint of its stature its measure need not be only 14 times but could be 1400 times simply because all the high leveled principles exist in this untapped 93% intellectual arena. Laymen tap only that much, which help them garner material comforts and sense pleasures. It is only when the stature of our consciousness rises upwards that we eye the peak of greatness and we then realize that it is important to radiate ones inner potentials. Say how many people the world over who actually appreciate its utility and amongst these how many actually aspire for it? Since our childish mentality pervades almost everywhere our intellect too is used in hoarding ‘toys’ called wealth and material comforts (TV, house, computer, cell phone etc). Hence from the standpoint of brain advancement our psyche too moves in this very limited periphery. Assuming that ones aspirations intensify a bit more we work hard so as to enter the Forbes list of billionaires, the Guinness Book of Records etc. No doubt aspiring for this is slightly higher in grade when compared to just eat, drink and be merry lifestyle but even here it is only a minor upgrading of the social aspect of our psyche that does the needful. So what we are trying to say is that even such intense aspirations cannot help us enter those deeper layers of the psyche which have been contacted by spiritual seers, farsighted men, great world thinkers, Yogis etc. The latter come under the category of Sidhas, Rishis and incarnations of God (Avatar).

Spiritual Science in its pristine pure state is transformation of the psyche. Within its realm the subtle intellect dives deep into the recesses of the mind and it is radiated and made more advanced spiritually. The psyche is the arena of aspirations, faith and sensitivity. The intellect possesses the quality of farsightedness and the capacity to cogitate and reflect. The mind keeps imagining and induces the psyche to dance to its tune of pursuing worldly goals. All these 3 put together forms our inner personality at the mental level. Modern Psychology and Psychiatry has classified these 3 in a different manner. The intellect used for worldly pursuits is called conscious mind, habits lying in seed form are called unconscious mind and aspiring for greatness is called super consciousness. There are differences even regarding this classification and hence other forms of it too prevail. While discussing this it is sufficient to say that the mind principle akin to ancient times is now believed to be an intense form of energy. Between the time span of ancient eras and today’s modern era the mental principle was virtually lying unheeded and instead mere superficial acts, rites and rituals were erringly thought to be the be all and end all of religion and spirituality. In that Dark Age both education and true culture lay dormant and supine. Bodily might that generated terror and wealth that titillated the senses ruled the roost. But now in this Modern Era farsightedness is on the rise which makes people accept that if truly the individual’s and entire world’s future is to be brightened man’s consciousness must imbibe sacred culture and that his/her very viewpoint and thinking needs to transform into a focused and taintless state. Thus augmenting the stature of man’s thinking involves purification of the psyche, thought revolution programs and manifestation of a divine intellect (Ritambhara Prajna) in the inner personality of every world human being. From a gross standpoint it seems a to be a program of social reform but a deeper study of it tells us that is the blooming of greatness inducing principles in the arena of world psyche.

 Apt management of all aspects of human life is possible only if greatness oozes from every pore of our sentiments and thinking process. Overcoming of obstacles in present situations and replacing them with wholesome ones will be achieved only if world thinking and hence psyche is rendered sacred. In its fundamental form it is a topic of study under the subject of Psychology. Maybe that in order to attain this goal, solutions could be of any stature. Transformation can be brought about on the basis of punishments/penalty or via spiritual values imbibed by people or an admixture of both. All this is dependent on the thinking capacity of the concerned authority and prevailing contemporary circumstances. But if one dives deeper in this realm it becomes crystal clear that all this is a play of Psychology and hence very much comes under its jurisdiction. Transformation and reformation is but that of the direction of ones thinking process. This is the underlying principle of ERA TRANSFORMATION. Thus the focal point of Neo Creation will be those endeavors that are rooted in transformation of the mental principle. Thus know for sure that man’s advancement or downfall is a direct function of this focal point.

Within the realm of Yoga practices the advancement of ESP (EXTRA SENSORY POWER) is thought to be a very important aspect. It attracts curiosity from all quarters. Such ‘exhibitionists’ become focuses of attraction everywhere. When such extraordinary powers are exhibited it is but natural that they are labeled ‘miracles’ by all and sundry. It is another matter that such exhibitionism is virtually useless in the ultimate analysis. Magicians the world over are seen to exhibit many miracles. And yet it certainly does not add to ones knowledge potential nor is it of any important use. Despite this people love watching magical shows. The stature of ESP (EXTRA SENSORY POWER) is much higher than such magical display. It is no doubt very easy to influence immature minds with such ‘miracles’ and thus virtually hypnotize such laymen to do anything and everything. With the result so many people in every nook and corner of the world madly run after such Sidhis or Yogic powers. But know for sure that the stature of such aspirants has always been counted as extremely low by the true seers of spirituality. Although majority of spiritual seekers chase these illusory Sidhis yet one fact stands out wherein it is clear that in the deep recesses of the human psyche lie extraordinary powers. Since these powers lie latent they can be said to be ‘unconscious’. If only they are awakened and hence made apt use of it is most definite that such a person with such an advanced psyche will prove to powerful in an all round manner. Further if such extraordinary powers are used for specific purposes that are great in stature not only such individuals benefit but that world society would prosper both materially and spiritually by leaps and bounds. Thus ESP (EXTRA SENSORY POWER) is no less important than activities carried out with the help of the power of our 5 sense organs. If only this ESP (EXTRA SENSORY POWER) is awakened and made wholesome use of (certainly not for exhibitionism which ultimately ruins such aspirants both materially and spiritually) one can attain much more progress than that witnessed today by modern material science.

Today in every direction of progress there is a mad onrush. Brilliant people are ceaselessly on the look out of new founts and avenues of energy. Researchers work very hard in their expensive laboratories for this goal. And yet we must focus on research pertaining to the deep layers of the human psyche. If we study ancient texts there are many examples of seers who with the help of their awakened ESP (EXTRA SENSORY POWER) performed feats which were previously thought impossible to execute. Every page of mythology and other religious texts are proof of the fact that man possesses these divine potentials albeit in a latent state. Apart from this there are so many authentic details given by world history literature wherein we can accept wholeheartedly than in comparison to the potential used by an ordinary layman for day to day mundane activities the latent divine potential in the deep layers of his psyche is infinitely greater in measure. What is true for one human being must be true for others. Even if we ignore mythology and world history, today too we find so many brilliant people the world over, who either accidentally or with necessary efforts awakened their otherwise latent ESP (EXTRA SENSORY POWER). Thus they dispel all doubts regarding whether the deep recesses of our psyche harbor extraordinary powers or not.

If with required perseverance nature’s mysterious powers/energy can be unearthed and aptly made use of there is no reason to disbelieve that man cannot discover ESP (EXTRA SENSORY POWER) in his/her psyche and make use of it wholesomely so as to elevate his/her stature and transform his/her future in an absolute manner. We all know how certain scientific inventions and discoveries have revolutionized world circumstances in a mind boggling manner. Today discovery of fire, use of currency, electricity generation and inventing alphabets of various languages may appear very ordinary but imagine how revolutionary it must have appeared years ago when they were first unearthed? These scientific achievements have played a great role in transforming an animal like man of ancient eras into a cultured and civilized human being of the 21st century. And yet all this is meager if one compares it to the awakening of ESP (EXTRA SENSORY POWER). There are quite a few material means that are extremely important and yet they pale miserably in front of an individual’s soul potential. If only man attains ESP (EXTRA SENSORY POWER) of an extraordinary stature he can become infinitely more powerful than what he is today. With such attainments an entirely new chapter will open that will lead to a one way upward progress of all world beings.

It is important to note that ESP (EXTRA SENSORY POWER) is not a boon or gift bestowed on a devotee by gods and goddesses. In fact it is firmly embedded in the deep cave of every human being’s psyche. If this ESP (EXTRA SENSORY POWER) is not awakened and made apt use of it will lie inactive and latent. This precept is applicable equally to both animate and inanimate objects. Ere this inner latent power is discovered and made use of wholesomely even today in the 21st century we can very well execute those very divine feats mentioned in ancient literature. Ancient Indians were looked upon as divine beings and hence were honored and revered everywhere. No doubt the reason behind this was their inner qualities, activities and character and yet what stood out was their will power of a very high stature. The latter augments ones skills and radiates our psyche greatly. Today man desperately yearns to augment his material status in society so as to become powerful. Hence even such people must search for this ESP (EXTRA SENSORY POWER) within their soul, awaken it and make wholesome use of it not only for their prosperity but that of the entire world.

The designing of the functional arena of ESP (EXTRA SENSORY POWER) is related to material designing. Ahead of this is the arena of consciousness and spirituality. Its extraordinary form is n-fold more supreme than that of RIdhi-Sidhis or Yogic Powers. Sidhis manifest via materials, bodily activities and a strong will power. This entire area lies within the periphery of Prakriti or material nature. Even though Ridhi-Sidhis are looked at with great awe yet they are but a part of the power of the material world and material success. The sense organs are gross. Its potency is called sense power. Its subtle layers are extrasensory in nature. Divine sounds and divine visions are but the subtle powers (Tanmatra) of the ear sense organ and the eye sense organ. The union of consciousness and material nature is the brain and its intelligence potential. The gross manifestations of the brain potential are called intelligence and brilliant skill and their subtle layers give us a glimpse of its extrasensory nature.

Consciousness’ even greater arena is the psyche or Antahkarana. Psyche encompasses our faith, aspirations and sensitivity. In reality this constitutes our true personality. Its inspiration perforce induces the brain to reflect and body to act accordingly. It is the chauffer of a car who decides the speed of his car’s journey and the direction in which to proceed. In the same way our psyche our psyche puts forth arguments in favor of fulfilling its desires and hence finds necessary ways in doing so. The physical body is the servant of its master viz. the mind. Despite experiencing discomfort the body must act as per the psyche’s commands. Sometimes the body may protest but ultimately it dare not disobey its master’s (psyche) orders. Those bodily and mental activities that function as per the psyche’s commands are called ones personality and stature of ones endeavor. Man is measured according to the level of this stature. This is the axis on which man’s advancement-downfall, honor-dishonor and victory-defeat rests. Ones special nature is definitely conjoined to this.

The psyche of glorious and revered human beings the world over is seen to be magnanimous and of a very high stature. The vibrations that bloom forth from their sacred aspirations evolve their viewpoint in a very wholesome manner and thus their actual activities too reflect this greatness. Thus a psyche exuding greatness makes man too great and revered in society. It is simply because the psyche of Rishis, philosophers and prophets of yore oozed with superior characteristics that they despite being ordinary human beings from the material standpoint were extraordinary from the standpoint of their high spiritual stature. With these supreme qualities they could influence the entire world and hence themselves attained reverence from all corners.

Per se the psyche is made up of psychic imprints (Sanskaras) collected from innumerous lifetimes or incarnations in the past. Hence it does not give us ‘permission’ to change it with relative speed and ease. Despite this spiritual efforts encompass those foundation stones that can ‘dig’ out and transform the psyche. Yoga practices and austerities have many advanced and basic methods. With the help of both these the potency of the body and brilliance of the intellect can be augmented greatly. Apart from this, with the help of high leveled spiritual practices (Sadhana) it is possible to totally transform the psyche from its very roots. Only those who succeed in doing this are truly revered as great personalities the world over. Of course it just does not matter even if they undergo many trying situations full of obstacles.

Amongst the most discussed supreme attainments of Spiritual Science is heavenly liberation, divine bliss of the soul, Ridhi-Sidhis and so on and so forth. Descriptions are available wherein successful people in this realm attain divine boons and God’s grace. With its help many obstacles in life are overcome and a chance to uplift oneself and others comes ones way. Their terrific potentials play a major role in solving dire contemporary world problems. In order to attain this supreme stature taints that have gathered from past innumerable life times need to be uprooted and instead sacred qualities must be imbibed in full measure. It is for this very reason that Yoga practices and austerities need to be executed. This in turn helps us attain those goals which a spiritual seeker targets. These spiritual goals attained have been described by scriptural scholars in a very attractive and decorative language. For a mental state derived from a transformed and purified viewpoint the world appears full of beauty, gentlemanliness, magnanimity and a sense of goodwill. The more one absorbs these qualities know for sure the portals of heaven will open any moment. One must not wait for death under the illusion that it will surely liberate us so as to attain Moksha. It is imperative to understand that true heaven is soul fulfillment and a joyous give and take with other beings as a result of a sacredly transformed viewpoint. Such a successful person eternally tastes the ocean of divine bliss in his/her soul. Salvation is that state wherein one never hesitates for even a micro second in renouncing tainted allurements, pressures of various kinds and decisions. Material bondage to put it in a nutshell is inner taints and unwholesome mental leanings. When one shows the required valor of uprooting this negativity and imbibing nothing but greatness is called Moksha or salvation. A person realizes he/she is none other than the Almighty God when the bondage of lowliness is cut asunder and in its place true greatness is reinstated. A student of Vedanta Philosophy accepts this reality and ultimately experiences bliss of God. Thus it prompts him/her to say “Shivoham” or “I am Shiva” and “Muktoham” or “I am liberated”.

Know for sure that a purified and sacred soul itself is God. It is within this context that we find terms like Super Man and Super Mind. This verily is the dawn of divinity in the psyche. Boons from gods and goddesses are nothing but manifestations great attainments of our purified soul. In the external world those who witness this say it is a boon of a divine authority. The branches, leaves, flowers etc of a tree are but the manifestation of roots lying invisible underneath the ground. Only immature people will say they are a ‘boon’ given by the sky. When the human psyche becomes inseparably one with greatness it experiences the divine bliss of God. If the true form, goal and apt use of the soul get firmly reinstated in the psyche’s aspiration arena, verily the veil of illusion or Maya or spiritual ignorance will be cut asunder. Thus Self/God Realization will dawn in the seeker’s soul. Self surrender means deeply adhering to God’s disciplining. True self surrender easily helps one realize God. It means that just as a piece iron put in a blazing fire becomes one with fire so too the individual soul must merge with God or the cosmic soul. This then is true God realization. It is also called God Vision (Darshan) and Self Realization. It goes without saying that wherever the influence and actions of a sanctified consciousness conjoin there one experiences a torrent of Ridhi-Sidhis. This is said to be the true goal of a human being’s life. It is called attainment of self fulfillment.

How can the microcosm (individual)/macrocosm (the world) and external/internal situations be uplifted from a mediocre state into that of a highly advanced one? The answer is one and that is purification of ones consciousness in a hallowed manner. It is called Ojas at the body level, Tejas at the mental level and Varchas at the soul level. True understanding of our psychic potency can be had from Divine Wisdom or Brahmavidya and by utilizing it or great tasks heavenly attainments come our way via spiritual practices. In this manner the psyche can be said to be the Lord of Earth. Its miracles can make this entire world magical.

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