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Accentuate the PositiveWith so much negativity around us on a daily basis, it's critical thatwe learn how to shield ourselves from it, and to become powerfulgenerators of positivity as well. Toward that end, the followingarticle teaches a systematic, three-part holistic method that enables usto remove the negative training we received in childhood. Moreover, itteaches us how to conduct an inner dialogue between our higher Self andour smaller self, that enables the former to present a powerfulcommunication to the latter that replaces the negative thought that'sbeing released with a much bigger reality.

“You’ve got to accentuate the positiveEliminate the negativeLatch on to the affirmativeDon’t mess with Mister In-between.”—Johnny MercerWhat was true in the hey day of Broadway’s Tin Pan Alley is as true today in the new millennium. If you want a transformation in,Guest Posting say, your finances, you must remove the resistance to prosperity that festers in your Unconscious from some 20,000 meals you ate growing up in your parents’ home. A powerful way to transform your mind is by accentuating the positive, as the songwriter wrote. In other words, latch on to the affirmative. Here’s a good one to latch onto: “My mind is a money magnet.”

At the left of the page, write the affirmation, then the resistance that follows. Suppose the negative you eliminate is: “My mind is lazy and uncreative.”

Write the response without judging yourself or your parents for helping create it. Writing it releases it from your being. Next step: create a new affirmation to specifically treat this resistance. A good one is: “My connection to the Higher Power of the Universe energizes my mind with creative ideas and a power to attract opportunities to me.” What’s so powerful about this transformation technique is that you aren’t just using the affirmation mechanically. Instead, you’re using it to bring up everything that stands in the way of the affirmation becoming true in your life. Then you systematically transform that resistance with a new affirmation each specific repetition. Do this affirmation process daily for a week. (Then speak it 10 times daily with feeling until its truth manifests.) Use the same three-part format for repetitions two and three, knowing that you’ll likely have a different mental obstacle each time, and therefore, a different part C antidote as well. For repetitions four through six, switch to the second person in part A. If your name is Cary, write 4A-6A this way: “Your mind, Cary, is a money magnet.”

It’s basically the same affirmation used in the first three repetitions, except tweaked as if someone were speaking it directly to you. For 7A-9A, use the third person: “Cary’s mind is a money magnet.”

For the 10th repetition, revert back to the first person, as you’ve come full circle; you don’t need a B or C since you’re essentially completing what you began.

Since your parents couldn’t teach what they didn’t know it’s up to you now to parent yourself the way you wished they did. It’s never too late. Enhancing your self-esteem wasn’t the topic of conversation during the 20,000 meals you ate growing up; that means you spent 20,000 sessions with financial advisors who were probably ill-equipped for the task. However, they’re far more persuasive than brokerage house advisors because they created, reared and loved you. And out of love you’ve stayed loyal to their teachings. It’s now high time you become loyal to your higher Self, too. Daily practice of this money affirmation will help you transform your unconscious resistance, and teach you to accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative and latch on to the affirmative.

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