Power of a Positive Attitude

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Power of a Positive ... 2004 by Shannon Herod You wake up in the morning sleepy and ... the day has to start but you do not want it to. You stumble around; stub your toe on the dre

Power of a Positive Attitude
Copyright 2004 by Shannon Herod

You wake up in the morning sleepy and fatigued; the day has to start but you do not want it to. You stumble around; stub your toe on the dresser and step on the dog. What do you do,Guest Posting get mad and waste the day with anger or get excited because you woke up this morning and the day is going to be awesome.

Unfortunately, most of us fill our day with negativity from the moment we get out of bed. Then we wonder why our day is not the best it can be. Attitude affects every aspect of your life- even your on-line business- so why not have a great attitude. The good news is you control your attitude, not me not circumstances, and you do. Every time you get excited about your day, you made the choice to be excited. When you walk through your day with negativity it was a choice you made.

Make the right choice

Making the choice to stay positive is an easy task but it takes commitment and will not happen over night. It is learning to find the positive in every situation and retraining your sub conscious mind to think in the positive instead of the negative. Unfortunately, we are bread to think negatively from the time we can walk but we can retrain ourselves to be the positive motivator that takes charge and wins in life.

Read on to learn the techniques I use to maintain a positive attitude.

Make a goal to change

People often ask me why I am so happy all the time and I tell them because I made a goal to control my attitude. Setting a goal to make a commitment to change your attitude is the foundation that must be laid. If you need help on how to set a goal, you can read my article on goal setting at: http://www.Dreams2freedom.Com/myarticles1. Html.


Affirmations are the key to maintaining a positive attitude. An affirmation is a positive statement said in the present tense with conviction. For example, I am a money magnet, money flows to me easily and effortlessly or I am an extremely positive person at all times. I made a list of seven affirmations that I say twice a day every day and I recommend you do the same. I say my affirmations every morning in the shower and at night before I go to bed and when ever i fill negative about something, this way they will be imbedded in my sub-consciousness through out the day.

Fight a negitive with a positive

Every time you find yourself thinking negatively, turn it in to a positive thought and repeat it ten times. It takes 10 positive thoughts to cancel out one negative thought. Every thing can be put into a positive; for example, you are stuck in rush hour traffic and you want to get home to see your family. This is an easy situation to get negative about but instead make it a positive by saying this is awesome, I now have time to clear my head from work so when I get home I can give my family my full attention. Now when you get home you are in a great mood and ready to play with the kids instead of being grumpy.

Follow through on what you just read and you will be surprised at how much better life and business will be. This will be a tough road but is any thing worth achieving easy!

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