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It's a number of years ago I heard a ... Elliott, say * a woman should learn to ... work that a child or helper could do, so shecould focus on the work only she could do. Thatmade a prof

It's a number of years ago I heard a Elizabeth
Elliott,Guest Posting say * a woman should learn to delegate
any work that a child or helper could do, so she
could focus on the work only she could do. That
made a profound impression on me.

In the past year or so I've had it come back to
my mind a number of times, and the more I think
on it, the wiser that thought appears.

Just think, of all the little chores that are
part of your basic daily routine. In how many is
it conceivable that someone might learn to do
that as well, perhaps better, than you?

If you gave up making the beds, preparing the
family's breakfast, and washing dishes, how much
free time would you have to do creative writing?

If someone else mowed the lawn, swept the porch
and driveway, watered the flowers, could you check
on a discouraged friend by phone and lift their
spirits? Or create a gift to take to them?

If you've been overwhelmed with far more to do
than is humanly possible, maybe it's because you
were never meant to do ALL those things. You are
hogging work that someone else ought to be doing.

From my parents I learned to work and to work
hard. They also showed me by example that they
didn't trust others to be reliable and do a good
job, so they just did it all themselves.

But I'm trying to break out of that pattern of
thinking. It's noble in a pitiful way, but not
very wise. Ah-yes, my New Year's Resolution this
year is to learn to work Smarter - not Harder!

You too?

Then let's start evaluating all our little to do
lists, and routines to see which ones we could
train someone else to take over. Hire somebody
if you can.

That doesn't mean we never ever touch it again.
We'll still supervise our delegated workers,
give them encouragement, tips, and so on.

We probably can't and shouldn't make all the
changes at once, but over the next few months,
see if you can't focus more on the creative stuff
only you, with your peculiar mind and memories
can do.

Oh-h-h, just think; now we're finally going to
be productive!

* Not an exact quote as I didn't write it down.

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