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The world of MLM marketing saw a new entrant in the form of Donna Marie Glen Imson in the year 1993. She later started working with QNET, a marketing network company spread across the globe in the year 1998.  

She is the founding member of this conglomerate which dabbles in a plethora of sectors ranging from wellness to luxury.

Donna Marie Glen Imson has greatly contributed to the success of QNET which today is spread in over 22 countries across the globe. She is the motivational force behind the IRS. The training session she conducts are highly motivating and transforms people completely enabling them to develop the right attitude and aim for success in the MLM business.

Donna Marie Glen Imson has a lot of experience on her side and this motivates the IRS too. She shares her experience with the IRS telling them how she attended only presentations for the initial three months. She explains that these seminars upped her confidence and convinced her that she could convince her future and potential prospects. These sessions are highly interactive and all those present in the seminars can share their experience,Guest Posting the mistakes they committed so that others learn from it and do not commit the same again.

Donna Marie Glen Imson has overcome every obstacle in her way and has emerged as a true winner. She has raised all three kids of hers on her own and carved a niche for herself in her professional life too. She has thus maintained a perfect balance between her personal and professional life.

Donna Marie Glen Imson is an experienced and renowned speaker and trains others too. She has become a role model for a number of women who wanted to strike a chord between their personal and professional life. A number of women entrepreneurs cite her name as that of their role model. She makes herself accessible to those who need her assistance, advice or tips to become successful entrepreneurs through the developing arm of QNET. Donna Marie Glen Imson is a highly successful woman but is extremely humble and down to earth.  These traits truly make her an entrepreneur in the true sense. 

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