Dreams Are Waiting

Jan 16


R.G. Srinivasan

R.G. Srinivasan

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Dreams, dreams and more dreams! So many dreams are waiting to be ... world is created out of dreams. Call it ... goals, ... aims or anything the ... can hold out for s


Dreams,Dreams Are Waiting Articles dreams and more dreams! So many dreams are waiting to be realized!

The world is created out of dreams. Call it imagination, goals, objectives, aims or anything the dictionary can hold out for shaping a future event, the root is always the dreams. One man’s dream transforms an entire nation, people, events – history.

A man’s dream illumines the world – the light bulb.

A dream puts man on space and the same dream nurtured by other people would one day lead man to the intergalactic wonderful worlds yet unknown to man and with it the widening of the narrow world view that we hold today

Do you have a dream? Are you nurturing them regularly with your imagination? Are you building on your dreams everyday?

I am certain, for most of people over the age of 35 have left their grand dreams of childhood and youth somewhere along the path of life strewn with negativity. We are steeped and believe more in the negatives of life that dreams no longer hold any meaning. At best the dreams have been scaled down to levels which are justified as practical, pragmatic thinking. We ridicule dreamers as good for nothing guys, impractical, day dreamers who can never do anything.

The knocks of life makes one believe that you cannot dream big. You must be practical and scale down your dreams to what your status is today. You are told to convert everything into a mathematical models where two plus two can add to four. There is no scope for creating a twenty-two or more by applying creativity. And slowly, unknowingly they conspire to bring down your dreams and bring you down to their mundane and ordinary levels, so that they can deal with you better. And slowly but surely, the moment your dreams become smaller and smaller, your successes become that much smaller and ultimately, one vanishes into mediocrity and failure.

This is the truth with most of us. And more the pity because we too join the crowd and destroy other people’s dreams. I am sure most of us can identify the situation in our own lives.

Our dreams are getting smaller. From the fantastic incomes one visualized to a paltry four or five figure salaries, from the dream of building a mansion to a chicken coup of a flat in some dilapidated neighborhood, from roaming the world in star cruises to a small overcrowded and commercialized hill station a few hours drive away…a life scaled down from the giant screens to a 20” color televisions.

Maybe the life has truly begun to reflect our current aspirations.

It is not easy to restore your dreams once you let it fade away. It is like constructing a new house with your own hands. You have to put the foundations of your dreams and assemble the dreams brick by brick. It is going to be a struggle to get back to those youthful days when you felt everything was paved with gold and your dreams were touching the Himalayan height. Nothing seemed impossible. You dreamed really big dreams. Everything seemed so simple then. Now even to dream of doubling your income in the medium term seems impossible. Am I right?

For those of you who are young and still with big dreams don't let go for anything. There can be no trade off as far as dreams go. Run miles away from the dream stealers. They are surely trying to control your life to levels they can deal with. For all the negativities you face in life, expand your dreams still further.

For all the others who have lost their dreams, let us get back.

Let us get back to dreaming real big dreams. If you want to dream about a car, don’t dream of an economy car. Dream of the most expensive car available. Even if you settle for less, let it be temporary. Continue dreaming for that dream car. So with a dream house, dream holiday, dream life for your family. Keep nourishing the dreams by adding more and more details. One day they will be a practical reality. If you can dream it, you can become it. If you can dream more, you can achieve more.

Rome wasn’t built in a day. So will your dreams take time to be rebuilt. But once you build the dream, the dream will build you.

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