I Am Worthy Affirmations: Law Of Attraction Affirmations

Nov 9


Iona Kristina

Iona Kristina

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Use these I am worthy affirmations to develop confidence in yourself and improve your self-esteem. These will help fill your mind with positive thoughts and feelings, and will help attract similar manifestations in your life.


In this article are 41 I am worthy affirmations that you can recite daily to develop more confidence and increase your self-esteem. These will help amplify positive thoughts and feelings,I Am Worthy Affirmations: Law Of Attraction Affirmations Articles and will assist in attracting pleasing outcomes in your life. Let's begin!

  1. I am worthy.
  2. I am worthy just as I am now.
  3. I am worthy because I exist.
  4. I am a wonderful creation of the Universe.
  5. I am whole and complete as I am.
  6. I am exactly where I needed to be.
  7. I am at the right place at the right time.
  8. I am honoring the unfolding of my path.
  9. I am trusting my own evolution.
  10.  I am constantly growing and expanding.
  11.  I am loving where I am and where I am going.
  12.  I am worthy of giving and receiving love.
  13.  I am enough.
  14.  I am blessed with everything I need.
  15.  I am guided and provided for.
  16.  I am deserving of good things.
  17.  I am loving myself unconditionally at all times.
  18.  I am appreciating all that I am, inside and out.
  19.  I am an amazing being.
  20.  I am unique, capable and gifted.
  21.  I am a powerful creator of my life.
  22.  I am joyful about being alive here and now.
  23.  I am thankful for my talents.
  24.  I am trusting of my abilities.
  25.  I am passionate about sharing my gifts to the world.
  26.  I am getting better at it everyday.
  27.  I am loved for who I am.
  28.  I am extending love and kindness to everyone I meet.
  29.  I am seeing my world through the eyes of love and compassion.
  30.  I am filling my mind with thoughts of love and appreciation.
  31.  I am keeping optimistic about what is to come.
  32.  I am expecting of wonderful things.
  33.  I am thankful and grateful for all my blessings.
  34.  I am open to receiving my desires.
  35.  I am worthy and deserving of every blessing I receive.
  36.  I am filled with joy, peace and happiness.
  37.  I am accepting and embracing of my life.
  38.  I am eager for more amazing experiences.
  39.  I am riding and moving easily and joyously with life.
  40.  I am abundant and prosperous in health, wealth, happiness and love.
  41.  I am secure. I am at peace. I am worthy. All is well.

Hope you found these I am worthy affirmations very uplifting and empowering!

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