In these days I will act thus......

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Today there are such brilliant people who will carry out greater important tasks than the ones executed by them today. Intense energy is required to straighten that which is lopsided and it will be done by my Virbhadras who pervade every pore of my body. If we can change the mode of thinking of great talented people of the world miraculous transformation can occur.


Generally my Gurudeva gives answers for my curiosity and other questions seated in the deep cave of my heart. His soul has always been close to mine. Right from translating Rishi texts to authoring Pranjna literature he has guided me just as a professor guides his student. Even my speech is nothing but what my revered Guru taught me. I am being guided just like a horse that is lead about in various directions by the rider.

Even when my Guru calls me to Himalayas to recharge my spiritual battery he does not say anything special. Just as in a sanatorium a weak person regains good health the same I attain,In these days I will act thus...... Articles especially spiritually when I head for the Himalayas. Speech no doubt is used in many incidences.

This time I fully understood the method of subtlizing the psyche and its spiritual practice. Just as Kunti gave birth to 5 divine children from her womb in the same way I will have to advance the 5 Virbhadras of the 5 sheaths (food, mental, vital force, intellectual and bliss). I have understood its methodology. As long as the 5 do not become fully potent I have been commanded to maintain the gross physical body and have also been asked to dwell in Shantikunj (Haridwar, India) so as to transfer my visible gross responsibilities to others.

Everything became clear. I commenced Savitri based spiritual practices as per his directions.

Now the question was what tasks were to be given to the 5 Virbhadras and how will they do what? It was because of great curiosity I got the answer. I was hence at ease and happy.

In this world there are such brilliant people who because of change of direction will carry out greater important tasks than the ones executed by them today. Intense energy is required to straighten that which is lopsided and it will be done by my Virbhadras who are pervading every pore of my body. If we can change the mode of thinking of great talented people of the world miraculous transformation can occur.

Naradji changed the direction of the lives of Parvati, Dhruv, Prahlad, Valmiki etc hence the latter overthrew the situations they were previously living in and walked in a new wholesome direction. Thus they set a great example to the entire world. Lord Buddha transformed the psyche of Anand, Kumar Jiva, Angulimal, Amrapali, Ashok, Harshvardhan etc and thus they started doing things bang opposite to what they were doing before and attained world fame. Vishwamitra refused to allow Harishchandra to remain an ordinary king and instead made him so great in character that Gandhiji who read this episode himself got inspired and became world revered. The very stingy Bhamasah was inspired by Saint Vithoba to give all his wealth to the valiant Maharana Pratap for a great cause. Due to inspiration from Adi Shankaracharya Mandhata built Mathas in the 4 sacred pilgrim spots of India. Ahilyabai inspired by a great saint renovated so many temples etc and she also vowed to build new temples in secluded areas. Samarth Guru Ramdas inspired Shivaji to perform those great tasks which Shivaji may not have been able to carry out on his own. It was Ramkrishna Paramhans who transformed the young lad Narendra into Swami Vivekananda. Credit goes to Saint Bhartrihari to induce dispassion in the mind of King Gopichand.

There are so many examples in world history wherein great saintly souls wholesomely transformed the thinking/living of talented people. If these people had not been blessed by great souls they would have lived a sordid mundane life limited to rearing their families only.

The same holds true for my self too. Ere Gurudeva had not transformed my thinking I like my other family members would have run the business of priesthood or would have done some other listless mundane task. I would never have reached this pinnacle I have reached today if it were not for my Guru’s grace.

In today’s times of era transformation many talented/brilliant people are required. There is a need of great scholars the world over whom with their proof and logic can give a new mode of thinking to all. Those artists are required who float the sensitivity of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, Meera, Surdas, Kabir etc in such way akin to a snake charmer inducing a snake to gyrate. Rich millionaires are required who instead of misusing their wealth in sense pleasures use it like Emperor Ashok for world well being. Politicians are required who like Gandhi, Rousseau, Karl Marx, Lenin etc help lead laymen in their contact on such a great path which has never been seen before.

What to say of pious sensitive people? Saintly people have transformed iron like laymen into gold like the proverbial Paras or touchstone.

My Virbhadras will now do exactly this. Even I did the same thing. I have brought about a positive total change in the thinking and activity of thousands of people and like Gandhi’s Satyagrahis, Vinoba’s Bhodanis, sages of Buddha etc gave up their all for a great mission. The gigantic armies of Prajna members are playing the role of monkey followers of Hanuman. Via visible activities in this tiny life if one creates miracles wherever one dwells there is no reason that our soul which follows someone will not uproot them like ghosts (meaning transform them positively).

In the near future there will be a dire need of uprooting vile activities across the globe. We will need many Arjuns who with his Gandiva bow had defeated the mighty Kaurava army. Such Hanumans will be needed who with his lit tail had burnt demon Ravan’s Lanka to ashes. Such transformations can take place only if world human psyche is transformed sacredly. America’s Abraham Lincoln and George Washington were born in very ordinary families but since their lives and thinking got transformed they became great Presidents of America.

Lets not talk of brilliantly talented people who today are misusing their skills for personal aggrandizement, looting others etc. But those who are sensitive by nature in a pious way can with their ordinary valor transform society wholesomely. There are so many examples like Swami Dayananda, Shraddhanand, Ram Tirtha etc who transformed the lives of so many people everywhere simply because their own thinking and living changed positively.

In these days talented people everywhere are immersed in sense merriment, hoarding wealth and inflating the ego. For this end they destroy their invaluable potential. Even if a few mend their ways for the better then like Jaydayal Goenka of Geeta Press such means can be set up which can be called amazing and wondrous.

In my high stature role the decision will be taken as to which talent is to change in which manner and what tasks will be given to talented people? If the thinking of those people who are thinking of creating war so as to destroy the world is transformed then this very intellect, energy and wealth can be used for constructive purposes. Doing only this much can change circumstances drastically. When activities and their direction change positively man’s duties become high stature and those who walk on the path of wholesomeness find definitely that Almighty God’s power is aiding them. Like Baba Amte they too will open a University for handicapped people and a hospital for lepers.

Man’s vile intellect has rendered his activities too lowly and crime based. Whatever they earn is destroyed in undesirable expenses. As a result one is crowned with thorns of sin and ill fame. If the thinking of this group gets transformed, their ways of living and thinking is transformed, then these very people can become so great that those who follow them will get glorified and world situations too will change drastically.

Today I am performing the subtilizing spiritual practice that is Savitri based which will create invisible Mahabalis. They will silently enter the psyche of thousands of people so as to force them to give up unethical ways. And such jewel like thoughts will manifest in their bosoms wherein not only they themselves will be glorified but Era transformation which seems a mere dream as of now will actually fructify for all to see.

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There is a scientific law that when a higher energy stream flows towards a lower energy center, the flow continues until both the energies attain equal levels.  The power attained via Gayatri is a mature state of the above fact.  When man’s consciousness in his material body becomes all-pervasive, same sighted and omnipotent like solar consciousness, he can decipher the state of water, wind and people’s health and can also read other peoples’ minds.  He also becomes the lord of other subtle powers. 


People take up vile habits of drug addiction, alcohol inebriation etc because they are given freedom to do so. Ere its production was disallowed, those who indulged in them were duly punished, none would show zest for facing a slow paced suicide. Since people would have saved themselves from this noose from the mental standpoint they would have become well balanced and would protect themselves from all kinds of censure and downfall in life.


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