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Shyness can affect millions of people and at times, it may be crippling.  It's a major part of social anxiety in a lot of cases.  It can interfere with our daily lives in a big way, but there are many ways to rid yourself of this disorder, and never see it again!

Therapists and psychologists can help cure social anxiety disorders,Guest Posting and the shyness associated with them.  These professionals use several methods to help their patients -- such as medications and CBT or cognitive behaviour therapy.  Both prescribed and natural medicines may be used and there's often a combo package that works best for some patients.  Your health care professional can help you with the "juggling act". 


A few people who suffer from social anxiety disorder or shyness want to try to help themselves first.  There are a few methods you can use that you may want to try.  Natural herbs and supplements are not addictive and most often, there's no side effects.  Another thing you can do is to change your attitude.  Certain changes in attitude will help you overcome social anxiety disorder.


Do not place unrealistic expectations on your shoulders.  Make goals that you know you can reach, and that are attainable in small steps.  If you have the view that others are judging you or criticizing you and that you're not perfect, then don't listen if that bothers you!  Everyone makes mistakes, often on a daily basis, and that's only being human.   Don't forget those first baby steps.  Speak to a neighbor and smile and just say hello, if large crowds or groups make you anxious. 


While you are at school or work, give someone a compliment.  Besides making someone happy, it will help you to open up.  The next day, expand on that "first contact" and include another person, or perhaps hold a small discussion about the weather.  Eventually, you'll be able to talk to anyone and everyone and your horizons have now expanded tremendously.  Speak up if you're in a group and someone makes a comment you disagree with.


Bone up on current events and what's happening in the world.  You'll have plenty of things to talk about, then.  Be a great listener and freely offer compliments, when warranted.  If you are at home, practice in front of a mirror.  After all, you are your best critic!  Don't get too formal in a conversation, especially with yourself, and have fun.  Smile occasionally.  If you still find it hard to open up to anyone, then consider a social anxiety hotline.  They can really help and are experienced at speaking with shy people.


After you hang up, remember how well it went and then take that with you to work or school or the grocery store, the next day.


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