To Grow, or Not to Grow ... There is No Question

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Isn't it true that everyone has a goal? Some may dream of wealth, some of travel, some of dedicating their lives to service others, whatever the goal ... it is human nature to have something to "aim for."

If you were asked,Guest Posting "How willing are you to take whatever steps necessary to achieve your personal and/or professional goals?" What would your answer be? Are you willing to change your perceptions, learn new things, and embrace new ideas? Are you willing to grow in order to grasp your brass ring?In human resources management, the buzz word "KSAs" has been quite popular. It stands for knowledge, skills, and abilities. These are the things that make employees attractive to employers, and propel them up the ladder to success. Are your knowledge, skills, and abilities up to date? Many people rely on existing skills to get them where they want to be, without thinking to update skills, research new technologies, or perfect their delivery. What are some of the things in your life that could stand a little refreshing, updating, or attention? Do you take time each day to visualize what you would like to accomplish and where you would like to be in life? Daily visualization is an excellent tool that has been commended for helping many reach their goals much quicker than normal. What about persuasion? In 2003, so much of our success depends on selling products, ideas or services. Being able to successfully persuade an audience into considering and actually purchasing your product will go a long way to achieving success. The same holds true for marketing. Think of the last product that had you rushing to the store to make a purchase. Did you need it, or simply want it? What about toy manufacturers that start priming children for the December holidays after Labor Day? They are truly experts at marketing! There are so many tools available that simply need to be utilized. Don't let fear or complacency stand in the way of success. That was almost what Roger allowed to happen.

Roger decided to start a new contracting business, his life long ambition. He knew the contracting business, had wonderful ideas, was quite honest and ethical, and did fantastic work. Roger had all of the necessary contractor skills, but not all of the skills necessary to run a successful business. Roger is one of those "baby boomers" who were not exposed to computers in school, and his work experience has all been hands-on in the field training. Thus, he is completely computer illiterate with no idea of how to run the office and paperwork end of his business in this new technological millennium. When Roger discussed his dilemma with his sister, she suggested that he either hire someone to perform these tasks for him, or that he take a small business management course. Roger was always very reluctant to embrace computers, the internet, and technology as a whole, so his sister was completely surprised when he agreed to take the course, instead of hiring someone.

The small business management course was held at his local community college and was sponsored by the Small Business Administration. After the completion of his class, Roger decided to shelf the idea of starting his business immediately and to take a few more courses to learn computer and internet skills, business accounting, and management. He realized that he needed to know that basics of how to operate his business, in order to even be able to consider hiring someone to perform the office administration for him down the road. Roger recognized that he could not successfully start and run his business with the skills that he had, so he updated his knowledge with gusto. Today, Roger owns a growing contracting business and only recently hired someone to take over the day to day office management.

Success in anything occurs when one takes initiative. So, be proactive in reaching your goals by asking the universe for assistance, studying new materials and technologies, or by learning the powers of persuasion. It is through new experiences that new ideas, skills, and opportunities occur. Allow growth in all aspects of life and prosperity will follow.

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