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Take a deep breath, close your eyes and imagine how you'd respond to the following scenario: You’ve been told that you have only two weeks left to live.

Now,Guest Posting after the shock wears off, what would you do next? How different would the next two weeks be compared to the way you’ve been living thus far? Would it be any different at all?

Take a look around at the day to day lives of your friends and family members. It seems to be human nature to put off one's idea of happiness until…"I graduate," "I earn and save more," "I get married," or "I'm done raising my family." THEN, I'll be able to play, to have fun and travel, or pursue my dream. What’s up with that? Why should all of the other things come first? Why not simultaneously? Have you wasted what could be very precious time by putting your life on hold until – whenever?

Somewhere along the line, society seems to have programmed us into believing that the majority cannot live life and be happy simultaneously. But there are many who threw caution to the wind and believed that they could have the best of both worlds – and do. They are living proof that it all comes down to belief. If you believe that you can have the life you want, doing the things you want, with the people you want by your side, then the universe will make it happen for you.

Take Tanya and Daria, 28 year old twins with completely different takes on life. Tanya has always been outgoing, a free spirit who enjoys life at every turn and believes that she is destined to have all the successes that she seeks. Daria, on the other hand, lives her life very cautiously and believes that you must take care of your duties before you can reap the benefits, and happiness and the freedom to pursue dreams is something that must be waited for. Yes, they are completely like night and day. Which one would you think is most successful and happy? Is it Tanya who takes risks, invites failure and strives to make her own happiness daily, or Daria who treats her life like a linear progression by finishing school, going to grad school, moving up the corporate ladder, getting married, having children etc.? Actually in their own ways they are both happy and successful. They’ve each accomplished all that they’ve set out to. However, if the two week scenario were posed to each, Tanya would probably have fewer goals and dreams to pursue, and Daria may find herself scrambling to accomplish all that she had put off until later.

Would you have a long list of things to get done like Daria, or would it be perhaps a more aggressive continuation of your day to day living like Tanya? What are some things that you could do to put your goals and dreams in the here and now? What beliefs would you have to embrace or thoughts might you have to discard? Create your own 'today' and make it all that you want it to be. Become the master of your destiny while you’ve the time to enjoy it and can mold it any way you want. I’m sure you’ve heard of the saying, "Live each day as though it were your last." Life is too short and there are no guarantees. Why waste the chance to have all that you want and live life to the fullest every step of the way. Just imagine the possibilities, then go out and make them your reality.

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