Why am I not motivated to do anything?

Nov 16


Raymond Fo

Raymond Fo

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Are you less encouraged to start new task? Do you spend many wasted hours? Do you care of what others may say if you tried something? Do you seek other people's opinion in most things you do?

If most of your answers to the above questions happen to be "Yes" the probability that you lack self-motivation is certain.

It's true that some people are destined to be slow in taking decisions but the majority of them get stuck not because they're slow but due to ignorance coupled with lack of will power to take conscious actions.

Why am I not motivated to do anything

In my resent article Why you might not be motivated,Why am I not motivated to do anything? Articles I said that some times people get stuck not because they don't know nor lack the skills to get motivated but because they get involved in the wrong activities/careers.

And this might be the same reason why you're not motivated to do anything at moment or in life. If you can't find pleasure in what you're doing, you won't be motivated and even if you tried you'll just be pushing things.

If this step identifies you, the first step will be to clear any limiting belief hindering your motivation and when that's done, you'll found pleasure in it again.

You're not motivated to do anything because of others

In one of my articles Why do we find some people attractive?, I said that if you live among others who like a certain actor, before you know you'll develop likeness for him as well and same thing happens here.

If you live with people who are supportive, you're most likely to get supported. If you live among courageous people, you'll most likely to be courageous as well. What if you live with people who aren't self-motivated what's going to be the impact in your life?

Without doubt, you'll tend to be like them as well. So one of the reason why you're not motivated to do anything may be rooted on your type of associates.

You're not motivated because of you music type

In my book How to make someone fall in love with you, I explained how music can be used to influence the mind of your victim which in return, finds you more appealing. This implies that music impact our brains functionality.

That's why people who tend to be sad in life tend to enjoy sad music while lively people find pleasures in hot music since it makes them pop.

Whenever I'm on my laptop typing, I usually play cool music. At first i never knew why i allow them while working. I later discovered that while i type those music motivated me. It makes me feel lively.

So the type of activities you've been involving yourself in coupled with your type of music maybe some of the reasons why you're not motivated to do anything.

If this is your situation then you have to be selective on your type of music/movies because they contribute to impact your mood.

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