The Irregular at Magic High School: What Makes Tatsuya Shiba Special?

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The Irregular at Magic High School is an anime that returned after a long wait for fans of the popular science fiction light novel. Although many of the scenes in the new season bring attention to how outdated many tropes and clichés there are in anime, fans cannot help but love the nostalgia of the series.

Trained from his childhood to become a living weapon,Guest Posting Tatsuya Shiba from The Irregular at Magic High School is a cold and calculated warrior that must not be underestimated. One can make the mistake of thinking that he is weak because of his quiet demeanor, but nothing can be further from the truth. Tatsuya is a dangerous fighter with impressive powers that are often hidden behind his chilly demeanor. Although he is an important character, there are many mysteries surrounding him and his powers. Today we look at the aspects of his personality and his qualities that make him the fierce warrior and the talented magician.


Tatsuya’s Magic

Although Tatsuya’s magic and his abilities make him seem invincible sometimes, surprisingly, he cannot always use his full potential. The activation of his potential and powers depend a lot on his sister Miyuki. He is limited in the use of his Psion reserves because of the Pledge created by Touka Tsukuba, which acts as a seal. Since Miyuki’s powers are used for the Pledge’s limiting power, she also suffers from the drain of her magic reserves. However, when the situation demands, Miyuki can temporarily allow his brother to use Psion reserves, which gives Tatsuya unbelievable powers. 

Tatsuya’s Emotions

Tatsuya’s powers to use only regrowth and decomposition magic was not acceptable in his family of prized magicians. To help Tatsuya use any latent skills that he might have, his aunt and mother used Outer Systematic Magic to alter his consciousness. Their experiment was done to add an Artificial Magic Calculation area; however, Tatsuya’s childhood experiment came at a high price despite getting so much access to more powers. The experiments’ alterations clashed with his limbic system, and his ability to form strong bonds with people was harmed. 

Moreover, the family’s expectation that he will now finally wield strong enough magic was also not fulfilled, which means that he ended up losing an important aspect of his personality for little improvement. But his limited emotional range made him ideal for military and combat matters. It ended up making him the cold and taciturn warrior with a chilly demeanor that he is known for. 

Ninjutsu Master

In the world of magicians, where physical abilities can be bolstered artificially by magic having physical skills might seem unnecessary. But Tatsuya was able to get out of many dangerous situations using Ninjutsu. He is the student of Yakumo Kononoe, a Ninjutsu expert. Tatsuya is so skilled that he can inflict significant damage on his adversaries without using his magical powers. Moreover, his training made him more aware of his surroundings, which proved crucial in many of his fights. 

High Psion Count

The artificial Magic Calculation Area limits Tatsuya’s ability to use Systematic Spells. Although it puts him at a disadvantage, he has the highest Psion count, giving him access to Gram Demolition counter magic and resistance to powerful magic attacks. It allows him to compress Psion particles into a cannonball that can blow away magic activation sequences, hence demolishing every record of magic. Gram Demolition is dangerous because physical obstacles cannot slow it since it lacks a physical presence; moreover, it repels the effects of Cast Jamming. Therefore, this hazardous attack that requires Psion Count gives Tatsuya incredible powers and puts him ahead of all his enemies.

Supernatural User

Tatsuya’s ability as a Supernatural Magic User gives him a significant advantage over his adversaries, who need more time to activate their sequences. Although Supernatural powers come at a cost and affect the Systematic magic versatility, it is the price worth paying. Even though the Supernatural Power users face prejudice, they are still a step ahead in certain aspects. However, Tatsuya prefers CAD even though he is well aware of the advantages of Supernatural Powers because his Prions are more effective this way. CADs are also more stable than Supernatural Power; therefore, it is understandable that Tatsuya prefers it over his other ability. 


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