Promote Your Website Like Mad Offline

Dec 11


Riley Summerlin

Riley Summerlin

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Don't forget there are lots of opportunities to promote your website offline!  Search engine marketing isn't the only green pasture out there.  Read on for tips on how to promote your small business website offline.


Don't make the mistake many small business owners make by forgetting or ignoring offline marketing to promote your website.  More traditional offline forms of advertising,Promote Your Website Like Mad Offline Articles marketing and public relations can help you ramp up traffic to your small business website.  To stay at the top of the heap, or work your way up, use the following marketing techniques to promote your website offline.

Promote Your Website Offline And Score Big

Don't pass up the enormous offline opportunity to promote your website using traditional media and marketing collateral to augment your search marketing and round out your small business marketing.  According to the Pew Internet and American Life Project, internet penetration is over 73% of adults in the United States.  It shouldn't be a surprise to you that such high internet use brings about a huge crossover of integrated online and offline marketing opportunities to promote your website.  Stop and take a look around.  Everything from television commercials to Yellow Pages advertising includes a website address.

As A Rule, If Your Phone Number Is On It, Promote Your Website On It Too

Expand your thinking to include some of your more common, everyday offline marketing materials.  Put your website address prominently on everything and anything you'd normally put your phone number on.  Print your website address on:

  • Business cards
  • Letterhead
  • Direct mail
  • Letters to customers
  • Invoices
  • Sales sheets
  • Product packaging and shipping materials
  • In all of your advertising
  • Company voicemail greeting
  • Business forms

Put your website on everything you use to communicate with customers, prospects and in normal business.  As a rule, if you already have your phone number on it, promote your website address on it too!  Your small business website should be viewed as a central hub to your online and offline marketing.  Prospects should feel comfortable turning to your website for more information and to learn more about your products and services.

Don't Forget Public Relations

Keep the train rolling!  Beyond the more traditional marketing and advertising tools mentioned above, also include your website in your public relations.  Use your website on press releases, editorials, trade articles, media kits and when quoted or referenced by news media.  If it is being published or distributed, promote your website address on it too.  It's a great idea to include a library of press releases and commonly requested materials by the media on your website.  It will make things easier for editors to quickly research your company, products and services when preparing your press release for publication.

Other Ways To Promote Your Website Offline

Do not pass up any opportunity to promote your website offline.  In today's digital world, with tightly-integrated online and offline marketing, you can't afford not to include your website address on just about every piece of printed communication coming out of your small business.  Although it most likely won't provide a direct boost to your sales, offline website marketing will help move potential customers along in the buying cycle.  So don't hold back!  Have at it and start to promote your website offline using more traditional media.

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