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To impress might appear a unilateral act but it is rather a dialogic act. It is a two way act between the one who is trying to impress and who is getting impressed. It is a kind of dialogue between the two where both participate and when you are trying to impress someone by your appearance then the communication become a silent one,Guest Posting where you participate without words. As your selection of words is the factor on which it depends what you want to convey, in case of your appearance, your selection of your outfit replaces the words in the dialogue and communicate on your behalf. To impress is a psychological act in a way. If your are dressing up to impress a single person then it is vital to know the basic psychological characteristic of the person and if you are trying to impress a particular environment then its important to know the psychology of the environment. One of the most important thing that needs to be kept in mind is that though psychology is the base of impressing, it doesn't mean that you need to cater to any one in order to impress because if you really want to impress then you should know that no one gets impressed by you if you are subdued by their expectation, instead they get impressed if you succeed in making an impression of what you are with sophistication and without conflicts. (Read more on Women Dresses)For example your work place is one of place where you need to dress up in order to impress people around in order to stand out. Here you need to understand the psychology of the work place. Here no one is expecting you to appear as someone who is confident, capable of making decision and strong in head rather than someone fragile and indecisive. Here what is important than anything else is to carry anything you wear absolutely well than what you wear. When you are done taking care of the confidence factor in carrying yourself well then you can also know that black is something which is always a sophisticated choice for the work place, anything too transparent might not be that good as it might give impression to people that you are trying to impress people with your seduction power rather than your working skills and that might not be an impression you want to gie.If you are trying to make an impression for yourself in an informal atmosphere like party then here you can take liberty of being bold, sensuous etc. this is the place where being bold and unique can be an important impressing factor. The bottom line of dressing up to impress lies in knowing the psychology of the atmosphere and creating the balance between the others expectations and your individuality. 

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