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Gigi wax is the leading supplier of high-quality waxes, waxing kits, wax warmers, and waxing supplies.

Gigi has thought of every need when it comes to the perfect waxing service,Guest Posting and they have developed several products to make waxing safe and easy for the beauty professional, or for the average consumer at home. Gigi wax kits are a perfect way to get all the necessary waxing products in one convenient package.

A few of GiGi's most popular models:

GiGi Brazilian Bikini Wax Microwave Kit 0911: This waxing kit contains everything you need for the perfectly smooth brazilian bikini wax. The kit contains a professional Gigi wax warmer with a convenient cover to prevent contamination. The warmer can be set on one of three temperatures to ensure the product is heated thoroughly and evenly to the ideal temperature suited for the type of wax and skin type. A 14 oz container of Brazilian Body Hard wax comes in the kit for use in the wax warmer. Ten Large Accue Edge Applicators, ten Petite Applicators, and ten Small Accue Edge Applicators are included, making it easy to safely and effectively remove residue from even the smallest, hard to reach areas. Pre-waxing oil and After Wax Cooling Gel also accompany the wax and wax warmer in this Gigi hair removal Kit, ensuring that the skin is properly prepped and cared for. A special DVD comes with the kit for those needing extra instructions.

GiGi Strip Free Honee Microwave Kit 0325: This is is a hard wax system that comes with everything you need to provide a professional hair removal service in the comfort of your own home, or in a salon or spa. Convenient and fast, this kits wax warms in the microwave allowing you to removal hair in only minutes. Plus, this kit includes before and after products such as Strip Free Honee Microwave Formula, Pre Hon lotion 2 oz, Wax Off lotion 2oz, Post Wax Concealer 2 oz, Slow Grow 2 oz, Accu Edge Small Applicators, and Accu Edge Large Applicators.

GiGi Mini Pro Waxing Kit 0140: This kit makes the ideal starter kit for the novice or price conscious professional. This waxing system contains all the necessary wax, and pre and post products you'll need such as Wax warmer with cover 14 oz., Creme Wax 14 oz., Pre Hon 2 oz, Post Epilation Lotion 2 oz, Post Wax Cooling Gel 2 oz, Post Wax Concealer 2 oz, Slow Grow 2 oz, Sure Clean 2 oz, Large Natural Muslin Strips, Small Natural Muslin Strips, Petite Applicators, Petite Accu Edge Applicators, Small Accu Edge Applicators and Protective Collars.

Gigi wax kits are perfect for the professional starting up a hair removal business who needs equipment or whats to add a new service. However, they are also great for the at-home waxer who wants to make sure that she has all the necessary products to get the same professional silky smooth results, without an expensive visits to the salon.

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