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It's a longstanding cliche that you always want what you can't have. Those with straight hair want curls and the curly-haired want to be straight.

Flat irons can be a best friend to anyone who wants to relax waves,Guest Posting curls, or texture in their hair. But when flat irons are not enough for those with very tight curls or hard to style hair, chemical straighteners can be used to relax natural curl and give the curly-haired the straight hair they desire permanently.

In order to make curly hair straight, the relaxing chemicals have to actually penetrate the hair to change the natural texture patterns. As anyone might guess, this means that the chemicals must be extremely strong. Strong chemicals of any kind can be harsh on the hair and skin, so caution must be taken when choosing to do a chemical straightening process at home or in a salon. Lye relaxers are said to be stronger and more effective than no-lye hair relaxers, but they are used and trusted by many safely and effectively.

Lye hair relaxers are very potent and effective as they contain Sodium Hydroxide as the active ingredient. This chemical goes into the inner cortex of the hair and breaks down the curl patterns to alter the outward appearance of the hair, making it permanently straight. In about 30 minutes of leaving the solution on the hair, Lye hair relaxers can take ultra kinky-curly to ultra sleek and straight. However, in the process of breaking down the curl patterns, these chemicals also break down the bonds in the hair that make it strong and resistant to damage. Therefore, it is so important that great care is taken to keep the hair hydrated and cared for, to reduce breakage and further damage down the road.

Hawaiian Silky No-Base Relaxer is a lye relaxer that provides a thorough relaxing treatment without the need for a base creme. Other relaxers can require multiple steps in order to achieve straight results, but
Hawaiian Silky No Base Relaxer completely nixes the need for the hassle of the extra step. With protective moisturizing oils to hydrate and care for the hair, while also coating the scalp, hair can be relaxed without unnecessary irritation or tenderness to the scalp or extra damage to the hair. This lye relaxer works well even on hair that is resistant to relaxers.

Like all lye relaxers, care should be taken not to apply any unnecessary heat styling tools or chemicals to the hair post relaxing. Since the hair is in a very vulnerable condition, it is best to avoid anything that is known to cause stress to the hair or scalp. Use ultra moisturizing conditioning treatments frequently and dont use lye relaxers with high frequency.

There are so many options when it comes to straightening the hair. Flat irons, Brazilian blow-outs, and Japanese Straighteners just to name a few. When you want to straighten permanently with amazing results on the most stubborn, coarse, or resistant hair, lye hair relaxers at the best option to get the job done right. See our full selection of Lye Relaxers.

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