Fear of death-deterioration of Vital Force

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Doubtlessly man is a live powerhouse of electricity. In comparison to electricity which lights bulbs etc this human electricity is infinite times more taintless and sensitive. This difference should remain between energy of inert matter and consciousness.

If the balance of vital force remains stable all classes and sub classes of life will work desirably. The body thus will experience good health,Guest Posting mind will be happy and the psyche will ooze with good intentions and contentment. Yet if in that arena distortions manifest the result is hardships and strife of all kinds. When blood turns bad skin diseases, boils etc manifest. In the same way when imbalance appears in vital force the functioning of bodily organs goes haywire. Many types of illnesses and diseases are then noted. Vital force distortion in the mental arena results in imbalances and madness too. Vital force distortion in the emotional arena leads to a downfall akin to that of ghosts etc. Many basis of downfall can be correlated to distortion in vital force or Prana. If we wish to overcome these ordinary means are of no use because the influence is very weak. Whereas the root of the problem is very deep and that is distortion of vital force. When tested and proven methods fail we must realize that in the deep recesses of consciousness distortions have entered. If a thorn pierces our skin it can be removed using our nails but if a bullet pierces our stomach without surgery one cannot remain alive.

Ms J C Trust chose such a person who would get agitated even while facing minor matters. Because that person got angry many times in the day became very thin as a result. Even minor changes in heat and cold seasons would make him weak and thin. In fact he was attacked by some illness or another.

Once when he was very angry Ms Trust made him lie down and placed a thin layer of sand on his naked body. Many of her students, followers and scientists too were present. They very curiously saw that just as when a plate of copper filled with water is tapped rhythmically so that the vibrating water of the plate induces vibrations in the atoms of the copper similarly man’s body too emits light atoms constantly which generates vibrations.

At the time of wrath and anger these atoms of light with great speed vibrate hence it is experienced clearly that time but under normal circumstances the vibration of these light atoms is slow. The more a person is calm, cool, balanced intellect etc the more slowly these light atoms appear from the subtle body. And for a long time energy, heat and endurance remains in the body. Even sudden changes in weather cannot pressurize such a body.

For quite some time life scientists knew that nerves of the body akin to a net send bodily messages to the brain. In order to render the state of the brain better they give necessary directions and based on that various parts function accordingly. But what exactly is the method to do so? A veil was cast on this mystery. On what basis do these nerves send experiences of touch in a flash of a second to the brain? This mystery was not unfolded.

For the past 40 years a lot of research was conducted on this. In fact in the past 20 years more interest was shown in this aspect of life science. At last efforts reaped rich dividends and 3 scientists tasted success. For this discovery they were awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine. Their names are: 1. Hodgkin 2. Huxley 3. Eckles

These 3 great scientists discovered an electric impulse in nerves and described how this electricity runs between nerves and the brain cells. They compared this to a telephone conversation. Nerves are verily like electric wires which send messages with the help of electrical impulses. Each nerve can be of the length of many feet. Together in the entire body its length is more than 0.1 million miles. Its diameter is less than a hundredth of an inch.

In our brain there are 1 billion neurons. Each one of these contacts 25 thousand other neurons. On seeing how in such a tiny brain such a great factory has been constructed we will be simply spell bound at the greatness of its creator. If man so desires to build such a well designed brain he/she on the availability of present day electric gadgets will require an area equivalent to the entire world.

The electric impulses of nerves move at a speed of 300 feet per second. Over here a very pertinent question arises: Why is it that the speed of human electricity is so less? According to telephone arrangements pure electricity runs as the speed of 186,282 miles per second. The answer is that telephones have pure electricity whereas in nerves not only is there an electrical flow but that other bio-chemical activities too take place.

The nerve impulse is passed on to the neighboring nerve via a space between them called synapse. These nerve impulse obstructions are called inhibitions. Within the nerve fibers one finds positive electricity and outside it is negative electricity. The balance of sodium and potassium in it maintains a chemical balance. Related to this functioning is a chemical called ‘transmission substance’. It is the combined activity of electric particles and chemical substances helps in the circulatory/transport functioning of the body. It is because of the unfolding of this mystery that scientists commenced the use of oscilograph/isotope techniques. There is so much data available regarding the factual nature and activities of electrical impulses that flow in nerves that one can feel satisfied by saying that the doubt has been cleared.

Doubtlessly man is a living powerhouse of electricity. In comparison to electricity at which lights bulbs etc this human electricity is infinite times more taintless and sensitive. This difference must remain between energy of inert matter and consciousness. Inert electricity has no connection with emotions. It makes no difference between a butcher and a true saint. Instead who ever can derive work from it, can fulfill its mode of usage will fulfill its excitement. It lacks sensitivity of what is right and what is not.

Consciousness and sensitivity are both present in the widespread electricity of the human body. Hence we cannot limit it by merely saying that it is just created and is widespread as a nerve network. Let it be that it controls the entire body via the medium of nerves, let it be that it appears as though its visible center is the brain, but the reality is that it is the image of vital force of the soul/Atman and is influenced by its sensitive state. If man’s inner nature is weak or potent correspondingly the conscious electricity too is weak or potent.

If we touch someone’s body it is not as though we get a shock because of the presence of human body electricity. Hence via gross technical apparatus it can neither be felt nor experienced. If we wish to understand its material nature those apparatus will be required which were used with reference to this by the Nobel Laureate Hodgkin. But via an emotional touch its influence can be felt by other people too. If we sit in the vicinity of a person who has a high stature psyche our mind too will imbibe this high stature. If we associate with vile and wicked people our mind, intellect and sense organs will imbibe bad qualities. In fact without any rhyme or reason our minds will act in a tainted manner. The reason why spiritual literature urges us to associate with sacred hearted people is not only imbibing good teachings but that we can fully imbibe the sacred flow of the energy of electricity emitted by their divine bodies.

Why do we touch the sacred feet of great saints? The answer is that by doing so we imbibe the sacred energy of divinely radiant people. One of the major laws of heat is that heat from more heated areas run towards areas with very less heat. If a hot stick of iron touches a cold one then heat from the former enters the latter ad makes it hot too. They exchange their heat/cold. The same benefits accrue by touching hallowed feet of great divine personages. Thus bodily touch is a very important medium for the passing of benefits from more powerful regions to less potent ones.

When great Gurus out of divine love pat the head of others, touch their backs etc it seems as though it is merely a show of affection but actually what happens is that vital electricity is transmitted. In this manner adults give grace to those younger than them.

Sparrows keep their eggs under their chest before going to sleep. Over here not only heat is transmitted but that traditional actions too are commenced. The bodily electricity of sparrows by entering their eggs/babies, conjoin the latter to paternal psychic imprints. Although by giving heat from incubators the egg is transformed into baby birds yet a lack is seen in them as far as imprints are concerned. There are babies who get attention from nurses but do not get their own mother’s milk, affection, playing in the lap or sleeping near her. Such children get tainted mentally over a period of time. Potent electricity nourishes those whose inner potential is weak.

Aspirants (Sadhaks) during the period of spiritual practices or Sadhana do not allow anyone to touch their feet. They never give blessings in the form of touching others’ scalp. If they do so whatever little divine energy they have gathered gets transmitted to others and they become spiritually poor.

Although the cause behind celibacy, loyalty to wife/husband is social and family based yet there are spiritual reasons attached to them too. Bodily electrical onrush is predominantly found in eyes, speech and fingers of hand and from there they are ‘exported’ outside. Subtly in the head and grossly in the genitals this electricity predominates. Electricity of the head is mainly utilized in studying, reflecting, meditation and other mental processes but genital electricity is all the time urging to go outside via touch. This then is the scientific basis of sexual passion.

Great saints lay emphasis on Brahmacharya or sexual continence because for a few seconds of sexual joy one tends to lose a great amount of vital electricity. The weak aspect may gain but the potent aspect is at a great loss. During penance one comes across many obstacles. One of them is a major one wherein human or divine sexual principle tries to gain benefits from the medium of sexual organs. In the lives of Vishwamitra, Parasher, Vyas etc one finds that sexual passion caused a temporary downfall in their austerities. In images of Lord Buddha one finds depictions of many Apsaras (heavenly damsels) as Ridhi-Sidhis dancing and mockingly laughing aloud. Behind this verily is the above mentioned reason. Husband wife full of high stature soul electricity can sire children of corresponding high stature. After performing intense penance along with Rukmini, Lord Krishna sired only one son named Pradyumna. He was exactly like Krishna as far as looks, character etc was concerned. People failed to decipher who really was Lord Krishna. Children sired by penance oriented Rishis and their consorts are as brilliant and radiant as their parents.

Great men instead of wasting this gathered vital electricity in sexual passion utilize the same for world welfare by raising this electricity up to the brain center and this they remain Brahmacharis or celibates. The same holds true for women too. In order to become radiant and mentally potent they focus their inner energy via Brahmacharya.

Bodily electricity not only brings well being to oneself but others too. The question is of apt usage and capability too. This electricity is used up a lot by the body and mind and lies scattered here and there. Ere it is focused and concentrated and is utilized for bodily, mental and soul advancement then in every area apt advancement can be noted. Electricity generated by power stations/houses can be said to be aptly utilized only if it is used for wholesome purposes. Ordinarily the storehouse of bodily electricity is used up in day to day mundane tasks and the rest scatters away. If on the basis of the science of spiritual practices we learn to utilize it wholesomely and understand application of the same for good purposes man can aspire for all round advancement with this spiritual wealth. Thus he can lead a life of success.

Prana Spiritual Practice of Yoga Science is a very important one. Benefits like Sidhis of Anima, Laghima etc accrue. We have already spoken of how ones spiritual aura becomes divinely radiant. In this direction Pranayama Yoga breathing exercise) is the first step. Over here weak tainted vital force is eradicated and in its place the Super Vital Force is reinstated. Routine activities like Sandhya Vandana are looked upon as its most required basis because via such preliminary acts one can march ahead so as to ultimately get imbued with Super Prana.

The Vital Force Principle is the mouth source of all mundane and spiritual wealth. It is spread out just about everywhere. The more one imbibes it within oneself the more one marches ahead to become great. Vital Force is synonymous with energy. Within its periphery lie both material and divine attainments.

From the bodily standpoint one becomes radiant, from the mental standpoint one becomes brilliant, from the social standpoint one becomes famous/great and from the soul standpoint one becomes full of spiritual luster. This 4 fold potential emanates from its root which is Vital Force Energy or Prana Shakti. Only via Prana based spiritual practice can lead you to these Sidhis or Divine Powers.

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