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Just as majority of world humanity faces bodily ill health similarly their mental and ethical health also is diseased. The machinery of human thinking is functioning in a lopsided way. One feels one is very ‘wise and intelligent’ while amassing wealth insanely in a wily, cunning and fraudulent way.


Five Virbhadras are being created by me (HH GURUDEVA YUGA RISHI SHRIRAM SHARMA ACHARYA) via the Sukshmikaran spiritual practice that renders the psyche very divinely subtle. Amongst these 5 one shall shoulder the responsibility of world welfare and the other shall gather means to aid augmenting great glorious activities the world over in a manifold manner. The 3rd shall shoulder the duty of rendering straight the car that is moving in reverse gear. The ordinary mental state of world lay public is enmeshed in the quagmire of desires,Guest Posting yearnings of all kinds and egoistic behavior. This can be called the union of selfishness and misfortune.

In more or less measure each one of us has peace and some capability or the other. None in this world lacks skills in totality. The question only is one and that is for what aim must it be utilized? Today humanity leans and veers towards sinful ill fate. When the human brain starts thinking its direction is only one and that is how to inflict harm on others. How should one fling a man walking on the path of ethics and integrity into the crater of a massive painful downfall? When the time comes to impart advice, such a ‘solution’ is given, wherein not only oneself but others too fall down with a thud in the crater of a downfall. It is thus rare today to find someone who teaches us how to uplift someone rotting in the crater of a demeaned condition. Assuming we cannot step in the direction of spirituality and service to the world yet at least we can show others the correct optimal direction of true human living.

Just as majority of world humanity face bodily ill health similarly their mental and ethical health too is diseased. The machinery of human thinking is functioning in a lopsided fashion. One feels one is very ‘wise and intelligent’ while amassing wealth insanely in a wily, cunning and fraudulent manner. Suppose someone does this due to very dire situations faced or that one is facing immense poverty, lack and dire problems one can understand. But the problem is that even those who are very wealthy and prosperous insist on pursuing methods of fraud and dishonesty. Amongst various types of entertainments and sense titillating enjoyments people make use of so many types of intoxicants like drugs, alcohol etc and think themselves to be ‘modern and highly intellectual’. Cigarettes etc lag far behind today when compared to the fact that today people cannot just abstain from drinking alcohol. In it they feel dwells their ‘dignity, glory and progressiveness’. Intoxication, drug abuse, extramarital relationships etc is such a poisonous creeper that one by one people transmit these bad habits to each other. Then not only does all this become a ‘fashion’ but that instead of feeling ashamed to behave so demonically one twirls one’s moustache in ‘pride’ while saying ‘I killed this one, I tainted that one’s habits and harassed such and such a person’. As a result of looking at women in a lustful lewd manner not only one’s own family life but that of others too gets destroyed mercilessly.

As a result of feeling ‘great’ by rendering women slaves and shoes of one’s feet the trend of dowry system came into vogue. We feel so joyous on destroying someone’s family which is nothing but an addiction of wickedness. Day in and day out we hear of cases where newly married woman whose parents could not give dowry to her in laws was harassed and in many cases burnt to death too. Newspapers, TV channels, internet etc are full of news coverage regarding people being burnt o death when sprinkled with petrol etc. Daily vile demonic acts are carried out like killing someone by tying a rope around someone’s throat and pulling it tightly, poisoning others food etc so as to murder them, flinging someone in wells, rivers etc so as to kill them mercilessly etc. To the extent that the father in law and mother in law too are involved in such heinous crimes when their daughter in law fails to bring dowry after marrying their son.

There is a flood of rape cases and gang rape incidences. Incidences of somehow enticing others wife, daughter etc so as to abduct them, selling them to brothels for prostitution etc are now included in newer types of crime. Till a few decades back we looked upon others daughter in law, sister, mother as one’s very own family member but it seems today that such pious relationships are coming to a grinding halt. Just as animals and beasts have no relationships like mother, sister etc so too in today’s modern times this sort of beastly attitude is noted everywhere. Today a new ‘business’ is in vogue wherein a groom marries an innocent girl, takes a lot of dowry from her parents and then kills her. Later this very groom marries another innocent girl and kills her too after usurping a lot of dowry. Thus one after another innocent women are killed just for the sake of amassing wealth insanely by hook or by crook.

In incidences of abduction carrying away children playing and when demanded ransom is not given these children are murdered cold bloodedly. This then is a new ‘business’ in vogue. People have taken up a new ‘profession’ of killing others. One can murder anyone by hiring thugs and giving them big amounts of cash. For such people in virtually every village ironsmiths are making country revolvers. It seems that in the human garb jackals, snakes etc are moving around appeasing their thirst for blood. In this ‘business’, both literate and illiterate people are seen operating. Even those who superficially utter sweet words execute such heinous tasks that on seeing it we immediately remember ghosts, evil spirits, witches etc.

How can all this be overcome? Now it is beyond even the police force to solve this deadly problem. Amongst police personnel, so many are such that they are hand in glove with criminals and share the looted booty. Thus how can they be combated? It is very difficult to gain victory over them in a direct fight or duel. It is only an indirect subtle fight that can prove to be victorious. Right from first trying to reform them till meting out heavy punishment etc can succeed. Thus a very similar type of arrangement is being etched out.

Every businessman focuses on how much profits can be accrued. True business ethical thinking is no doubt we profit yet none should be harmed in the process. Bang opposite to this businesses based on vile thinking include owning slaughter houses, alcohol shops and pubs, operating prostitution rackets, showing blue films/pornography, bringing home materials looted and robbed, ransom demanded by abducting children, luring innocent girls into prostitution by selling them to brothels, transporting in an underground manner intoxicants like drugs/ alcohol etc, adulterating food and other such items. These lowly tainted tasks not only are ‘beneficial’ in a very limited manner but that their results are full of harmful losses. We are highlighting this to remind everyone that in tasks of crime and illegal transaction we may find many aides. Yet all of them have to be kept ‘happy’. Lest even if one of these aides is annoyed them from what one ‘earns’ criminally a major chunk has to be handed over to that goon. If they so wish, such people can earn enough from even ordinary businesses. In acts of tax evasion, selling items fraudulently by weighing them, measuring them less than what is promised etc similar amounts of cash can be earned. Yet people persist with such unethical tasks because they are demonically happy to execute ‘high stature’ fraud. They feel they are ‘heroes’ in acting abominably. They get sadistic demonic pleasure in terrorizing innocents, acting unlawfully etc. Those of murderer types have a ‘special’ mental leaning. These very people set rolling wars in politics or else side with either one party that is waging this political war. They produce lots of weapon technology that aid waging of wars and by selling these at exorbitant prices earn loads of wealth. Thus they arrogantly boss over one and all with their muscle and criminal money power.

Behind nuclear wars to ordinary commonplace wars, the root reason is not as though it cannot be solved by even very lower courts. Yet since these arrogant people insist on warring since they get sadistic demonic pleasure from them. For such hard hearted devils they are ‘joyous’ on seeing thousands of people dying, killing them cold bloodedly, hearing their painful anguished wailing etc. By remaining immersed in such demonic acts for so many becoming ‘valiant heroes’ or rendering others the same appears a ‘grand’ task.

When this offending ‘business’ conjoins to our psyche/thinking we cannot just refrain from acting tainted. Very gentlemanly pious people fail in combating them and thus vile demonic activities and behavior augments n fold everywhere.

Fighting such heinous trends the world over is a gigantic task in itself. My 3rd subtle body shall fight these terrorists/tyrants and right from trying to first making them realize their folly to following the policy of ‘tit for tat remember that’ one divinely potent subtle body shall work for uprooting the terror like world environment. The fear of a Super War and the terror of world destruction are looming large in front of us. Lest this actually happens then human civilization/culture gathered from eons together and development seen so far shall get destroyed totally. If this does not happen this counter war must be looked upon as extraordinary only. Two world wars have already taken place. The present generation has already witnessed it firsthand. Apart from this in it is included small but long lasting or small time wars in certain specific world regions too are included. These too have been seen with these eyes. In the entire world it must be very rare to note that no war has occurred or that preparations are not being made for mass murders. Today wars too have become a requirement of this world. Lest this situation persists, people shall not themselves sit calm nor shall they allow others to live in peace. When this terror has usurped the human brain, when people’s brains are cogitating over how to combat it, who shall think of world peace and who shall start weaving the cloth of world’s material and spiritual advancement? How can the auspicious hour of executing world neo creation usher in?

In ancient mythological eras demigods and demons battled with each other face to face. If this method works it shall definitely be made use of. There are many other methods of transforming the psyche and intellect. Such inspirations manifested in the psyche of Tulsidas, Surdas, Valmiki, Angulimal, Ambapali, Ajamil etc that not only did they give up the previous old profession but that by ushering in transformation, changed their new life in such a manner that there was no chance of their old roguishness and demonic behavior ever again entering their minds. This then also is one method of reformation.

Ghosts and evil spirits shed their original forms and saintly Rishis totally transformed their personalities. When the snake sheds its old skin it gets transformed from a very lethargic creature to a very zestful one. Methods/techniques of transformation and reformation are many. For vile wicked people 4 main methods are used like Sama (gentle words of sane advice), Dama (winning the enemy by giving gifts), Danda (strict punishment) and Bheda (spying). Hence my 3rd Virbhadra (divine subtle body) shall make use of any of these as per type of situation faced for tackling successfully. Thus it shall create an atmosphere of such a transformation that world humanity shall get mind boggled.

The 3rd Virbhadra created from the Sukshmikaran Prakriya or process of rendering the psyche subtle, shall fight fiercely this era’s those 10 Super Demons who have proved to be n fold more widespread and terrible than all demons noted in world history so far. In descriptions found regarding demigod-demon battles one after another more ferocious terrorizing demon has been mentioned. They were not killed by humans and that demigods too could not overpower them. In order to gain victory over them, Almighty Lord had to incarnate as many Avatars in this world. Regarding this the episode of Vritrasur comes to mind. He could not be dealt with even by king of heaven Indra. The auspicious hour of God’s Avtar manifestation too was not dawning. At that time one amongst all humans shouldered this task. A plan was designed to make a Vajra or thunderbolt from Rishi Dadhichi’s bones and only then was it thought possible to overpower the demon Vritrasur.

Rishi Dadhichi magnanimously handed over his bones for this meritorious task. From these bones a thunderbolt was made. With the aid of this super weapon Vritrasur was killed. Today too in these modern times this very method shall be at work. Demon Vritrasur has made a Vrit or ring like aura. There are varied forms of its atrocity and cruelty. In order to combat it vehemently only Rishi Dadhichi’s bones can aid our success. My 3rd Virbhadra shall fight this war and once again that foundation shall be generated which shall end from its very roots, this sport of world destruction.

The 3rd Virbhadra shall create an atmosphere that shall instill fear in the psyche of vile wicked people the world over. These lowly wicked people henceforth shall no longer be allowed to act as per their sadistic harmful whims and fancies. In their vile tasks some major obstacle shall appear and in place of benefits they shall reap nothing but huge losses. Such a dire hazard shall come their way that their vile desires shall get uprooted and in its place only despair shall stare at them. This 3rd Virbhadra shall help flow such a stream of thought in the world that when wicked people try to carry out heinous pain inflicting tasks they shall taste nothing but failure. Thus it shall create some cause or another that when vile terrorist like people try to act abominably as per their demonic whims and fancies they shall fail miserably in doing so.


The gross human body comprising of 5 organs of knowledge, 5 organs of action, mind, intellect, psyche and ego is seen visibly acting in day to day living. Its governor is called Prani. A Prani or living being remains alive only until the gross body remains active. Social worldly transactions take place on its basis. Going ahead from day to day living there are 4 more bodies. They aid in attaining spiritual goals. Some say they are 3 and others say they are 5 in number. There are 3 Granthis or complexes called Brahmagranthi, Vishnugranthi and Rudragranthi. On its basis too Rishis have said there are 3 bodies viz. gross, subtle and causal. Yet as per other opinions Panchkoshas or 5 sheaths have been given a prime spot and along with this each sheath is said to be an independent body. These 5 Koshas are Food Sheath, Vital Force Sheath, Mental Sheath, Intellectual Sheath and Bliss Sheath. As per this belief 5 bodies come into being. These are separate from 5 elements and the 5 Pranas too are different from them. Over here the 5 sheaths get imbued with vital force or Prana Energy by the 5 Divine Powers. Sun, Indra, fire, wind and Varun are their presiding deities.

In the goal of Sukshmikaran (rendering the psyche divinely subtle) these 5 sheaths are activated via such a special method that 5 amongst the 6 Yogic Chakras (subtle plexus) latch on to these 5 sheaths. These intertwined bodies are called Virbhadras. Amongst these all 5 have their independent bodies that are called Physical Body, Ethereal Body, Astral Body, Mental Body and Causal Body as per the belief of Theosophy. These are called 5 Lokas (subtle worlds) too. It is believed that an individual soul renders itself potent and strong in a particular state of the subtle body. At that time it starts dwelling in that particular Loka. The energies, Sidhis and fruits attained from every Loka are separate. During varied events these energies by conjoining to each other give birth to a 3rd very new potential. When which sheath has to make what type of effort? As per this sequence their admixtures get interwoven or get broken apart. This is very much similar to that management process of nature wherein despite energy being steadily imperishable dwells in varied forms and as per situations faced keep changing their form and sometimes it is noted in its assembled form.

The work arena of these 5 Virbhadras is very widespread and congregational meant for the entire world. ESP or Extrasensory Powers merely showcase individual miraculous feats but the potential of these sheaths one and the same time influences thousands of people of nature as per their mental credentials. They are given similar inspirations and are encouraged to walk in one direction and one path. Those who become capable of contacting this Virbhadra they experience that perforce they are pushed to work for a special mission in a very special direction. Ordinarily someone’s thinking is changed via public education, discourses, advice, pressure, enticements and strength of terror and thus people are made to do certain things despite not being in their nature by a potent personality as per his/her wish.

For this the 5 energies of the gross body ordinarily no doubt dwell in the gross body but when it is rendered subtle it exhibits its specialty. Their influence in a minor way can be noted in the gross body also but when its requirement is felt more in the subtle body they become terrifically powerful. The 5 independent energies of these 5 Virbhadras are as follows: Bioelectricity, Bio magnetism, Radiation, Creation, Reproduction and Immunity. When these become active the application and influence of all these 5 are utilized by the subtle body. In this methodology of Era Transformation the inner transformation of humans imbued with potent Prana Energy is executed since they shall play a leading role in it. In their qualities, action and inner nature such principles shall be imbued that even though from the trend standpoint they are not well versed with them yet for great goals their requirement is a must. In this manner transformation that sets in is rendered long lasting.

For changing one’s inner nature light pressure too can do the needful yet when they have to be made instruments/mediums for very high stature cosmic endeavors and have to be imbued with a state of doing something magnificent, then in the veins of these potent minded people new subtle injections are given. Where shall this process get executed? For this the optimal region is the subtle nerve network residing in the subtle body. These networks are called Yogic Chakras/subtle plexus also yet they are in actuality 2 separate principles. Gross nerve networks can be visualized yet the subtle electric flow is invisible. When for fighting a person is made to drink lots of alcohol this subtle existence executes such feats that man forgets life and death. Very similar to this via Virbhadra potential from a certain set of people tasks full of potent onrush (akin to those executed by Jatayu, Hanuman, Jamvant etc) are induced to carry out their plexuses are incited. The nature of each plexus varies. Hence keeping in mind what task needs to be done by which person some particular ones are tampered with. These plexuses are sacral, solar, cardiac pharyngeal and caverns. Lest they are correlated with subtle Chakras and nerve networks they can be said to dwell on either side of Ida-Sushumna-Pingala on the spine. Thus they can said to be bound to Mooladhar, Manipur, Anahat, Vishudhi and Ajna Chakras. All these influence the subtle body in a big way. Grossly although their vague signs are noted yet they are not seen to carry out any important major task. Yet when via a person some feats of the class of supermen are to be executed it appears that they are being incited. Regarding who is walking on which path of saints or is being made to walk, which plexus requires to be readied in which way, in what measure shall it be required to get incited, this controlled decision is taken very minutely by experts of the stature of Virbhadras.

Ordinary talent or personality in every task proves its specialty. Despite being weak bodily, small in height and very light in weight, anyone could happen to be skillful. Bang opposite to this despite a person being strong physically and heavy in weight he/she could lack skills. The moment some difficult task is to be done they get scared and their intellect gets totally confused. For becoming talented it is not that as though merely the designing of the physical body and its good health is enough. For it enzymes found in the subtle body play a major role. Enzymes are many in number yet in this episode those who play an apt role they are neurohumoral secretions emitted by the brain. In it dopamine, endorphin, gaba and histamine are special. These are directly related to the psyche and by activating the thinking process renders man radiant and potent minded. There are 5 neurological systems that render the mental plane powerful via this process. These systems are:

1)      Reticular Activating System

2)      Cortical Nuclei

3)      Thalamus

4)      Hypothalamus

5)      Medulla Spinal Cord

By itself the above 5 neurological systems are found in the body only yet they are controlled and managed in a well planned way. Via gross efforts they can never be influenced whereas via a mere touch by subtle prowess a lot of upheaval in them is witnessed and when its latent state awakens man in the spiritual field too showcases his special strength.

These applications are those with the help of which for goals of immense well being man exhibits his feats for important tasks oozing with steadfast sacred ideals. In order to activate and render special these hidden mysterious powers super powerful Virbhadras are required. Via these events good credential people full of steadfast zeal albeit of weak stature can play the role of powerful humans. Its application in a nutshell at a small level has been done recently in limited measure. Yet as per demands of contemporary modern age is forcefully knocking the doors of great radiantly talented people the world over.

In world history so many incidences are written wherein despite availability of power, material means and apt opportunity a person fails miserably when tested for ideals and enterprise. On the other hand such incidences have occurred wherein despite the body being commonplace and opportunity being similar on the basis of bodily/mental zest and apt intelligence they have done so much that others were spell bound witnessing their feats. Two examples of Lord Buddha and Mahatma Gandhi are such wherein despite their aides and followers being ordinary lay people succeed in executing extraordinary tasks. This difference in the 2 examples given above is not based externally but is very much due to the inner personality. Such strong inner personalities can be developed by others too. At the hour of Era Transformation such specialties are very much required in a special way.

Contemporary transformations are one thing and rendering permanent transformation in man’s inner personality is very much a different story. No doubt Valmiki, Angulimal, Ajamil etc were wicked from birth itself yet later in life an extraordinary, mind boggling and permanent transformation was noted in their inner personality. Such transformations take place via divine consciousness’ inspiration and by directly influencing man’s subtle bioelectricity stream render them stupendously great. From the scientific viewpoint these transformations conjoined to bioelectricity can be noted active in 5 electrical arenas. These are: Plexus electricity, neuronal electricity, cellular electricity, conduction electricity and facial ocular electricity. In very easy straightforward terminology these can be called electricity conjoined to Chakra subtle nerve networks, electricity functional ceaselessly in cells of the muscular system, electricity circulating in pacemaker and special cells of the heart and electrical flow noted in the eyes and facial aura. Via special technology they can be made too. In the spiritual arena they are called Ojas, Tejas, Manas, Varchas etc. In comparison to flesh, blood etc of the body this bioelectricity present in the body is of greater importance. When this bioelectricity starts depleting and weakening in power man is rendered un-influential, weak, lusterless etc.

For great qualities, great glorious activities and walking the path of sacredness where required enterprise can be augmented there verve seen towards vile qualities and tainted activities can be decreased, quieted and completely uprooted too. For this task hormones function like master keys. These are those secreted juices that by directly getting secreted into blood from endocrine glands showcase their powerful influence. They aid in both tasks of increasing or decreasing. The chief endocrine glands that influence bodily hormones and juicy materials secreted by them are as follows: Pineal gland (melatonin), Pituitary gland (somatotropic hormone), Thyroid gland (thyroxin), Adrenal gland (ACTH) and Gonads (testosterone and estrogen). The testosterone of gonads is found in males and estrogen of gonads is found in females. By cooling these hormones man becomes very weak from the bodily, mental and procreation standpoint. His zest in every task becomes listless. The same holds true for other types of hormones. Basically in order to render humans very active, radiant zestful and mature they carry out their appointed functions. It is only a very experienced master who decides when, which and in what manner hormones have to be administered for rendering naught which particular wicked activity of a person. As per the state of soul consciousness while noting man’s psychic credentials called Patrata desired transformations are induced.

As mentioned previously all energies seen in human beings are certainly not dependent on his bodily blood, flesh, muscles etc. In fact creation of human radiant talent and personality development is very much dependent on the 5 types of bioelectrical flow. In order to nullify the radiant aura of the enemy these very magnetic powers of attraction are snatched away. In Tantric applications these very energy streams of the enemy is rendered weak and lusterless.

In order render strong or weak someone’s lineage their genes are influenced via mutation etc. Genes chiefly are of 2 type viz. DNA and RNA. From these genes are created. These genes then join together, to become chromosomes. It is these chromosomes who decide the type of lineage and are passed down from one generation to the next. In Lanka on this very basis the task of creating the same type of demons in gigantic numbers was executed. The birth of Kauravas (epic Mahabharat) took place from the womb of Gandhari via genetic engineering application conducted by Maharshi Vyas. Shringi Rishi via the medium of Charu (food offered to Yajna ritual fire) by influencing the subtle units of genes helped in the birth of Lord Rama, Bharat, Shatrughna and Lakshman.

On the basis of genetics itself specialties are noted in people of different regions, nations etc. People with very long life spans dwell in Uzbekistan, in Baluchistan Pathans are found, in Africa Negros are found etc. Their genealogy/pedigree is dependent on subtle units of genes. In future for Era Transformation when super radiant people shall be most required, this technique shall have to be taken to the level of genes.

For transformation of the mind and inner nature mere imparting of education shall not be enough. For this end required upheaval like churning shall have to be ushered in the 5 layers of human consciousness. The 5 coverings of consciousness are conscious mind, unconscious mind, super conscious mind, tainted mind and latent mind. The foundation of anyone’s greatness, lowliness, wisdom, foolishness etc is very much dependent on the above.

The basis of, what ratio gross objects-visible materials increase or decrease is widespread subtle rays found in the entire cosmos. These too are of 5 types: Ultraviolet, infrared, cosmic, radio waves and interstellar rays. On their basis an environment is created or gets tarnished. So many facets related to the environment like war frenzy, peace, goodwill, bodily-mental health, fearful world situations and manifestation of materials depend on the ratio and flow of these rays. There are 5 cosmic particles too related to them viz. neutrino, quarks, pulsars, photons and leptons. Due their upheaval like movement the material world and environment get influenced and that increase-decrease is noted in production of materials. The animate world of creatures too does not remain uninfluenced by them.

In order to make people understand things various forms of media come in use very less. By showcasing speech, ears and scenes the mental state of humans can be influenced only in a miniscule measure. Subtle sound waves not only transform the brain but that exhibit their miraculous capability in other goals too. There are 5 sound waves chiefly: Sonic, ultrasonic, infrasonic, hypersonic and supersonic. Material scientists take energy based work from them but spiritual seers use them to train and transform the entire environment. No doubt it is wee bit difficult for modern day scientists to gauge as to which wavelength and frequency they execute their functions yet via Sukshmikaran (rendering the psyche divinely subtle) spiritual practice incitement of these a transformation is definitely seen in a widespread human congregation. On seeing these results only is it possible to gauge energy.

Along with sound waves cosmic particles neutrino, quarks, pulsars, photons and leptons also play a major role in attraction-repulsion of cosmic/interstellar space energies. Between planet earth and the cosmos the solar system, other stars and galaxies keep moving by returning to their original position again and again. In order to render them well balanced these are made mediums.

The visible and invisible atmosphere-the spot of visible and subtle world dwells in those layers of earth and above earth which are known as spheres. The 5 parts of atmosphere related to planet earth are called lithosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere, pedosphere and atmosphere. Above these is the ionosphere that stretches up to 500 km above the earth’s surface. When some gigantic and widespread transformation has to be executed on earth dirt/pollution found in these layers have to be cleaned totally. The 5 layers of the ionosphere are: Endo sphere, Troposphere, Stratosphere, Ionosphere and Exosphere. Clouds, dust particles, jet streams etc dwell between the stratosphere and earth’s surface. The ozone layer, radio waves, cosmic rays, subtle rays, particles and other waves spread out between the above and exosphere. Via astronomy scientists only minor changes can be brought about in these layers but when distortions of the stature of partial or total world annihilation appear, hazards of widespread toxicity due to nuclear weapon testing etc that can create fearful world situations by intensely rendering these layers agitated, then its transformation and purging is possible only via a potent spiritual science. Scientists of such high stature are called Virbhadras. These must be known and accepted as powerful potentials of the conscious world.

The human body is a small microcosm yet in it entire cosmos’ gist/essence exists fully. The 5 capabilities of the body detailed previously can be said to be a gist edition of cosmic macrocosm energies. These are bioelectricity, bio magnetism, creative energy, radiations and resisting power. Our Gurudeva Shriram Sharma Acharya is helping advance positive potentials that can digest these energies in various individuals via Sukshmikaran spiritual practice depending on each individual’s psyche credentials. In this 1 year time frame he has given them the name highly developed 5 Virbhadras. The more these can be awakened potently, the measure in which he shall get useful vessels and mediums, in that very measure it shall be well used in various aims of world and era transformation.

There are innumerable tasks like creation of divine human beings, purification of the environment, uprooting taints/dirt, production of means useful for neo creation, combating large looming dark clouds of world hazards successfully etc that shall get duly fulfilled optimally via awakened Virbhadras based on world requirements and contemporary times. Only time shall tell us all when, which mission and in what measure all this shall be rendered possible.

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