The rise and fall of MI6 – a conspiracy of super-powers?

Apr 10


andrei popescu

andrei popescu

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In that article will talk about a world problem: the rise and fall of MI6. That is a conspiracy of super-powers? Or not?

It is amazing to find out that,The rise and fall of MI6 – a conspiracy of super-powers? Articles even though the english agency of intelligence has no longer any noticeable activity around the world, it is still considered to be one of the best, if not even the best intelligence agency ever existed. Having strong competition coming from France, the Soviet Union, China and America, the MI6 Bureau managed to impose as the undeniable leader of world's secret services. 

Being oficially opened as England's bureau of intelligence during the first World War, the MI6 however has its roots deep in history, since the medieval times. One of the greatest acomplishments of the british secret services before MI6 were the information taken by two spies infiltrated in France, allowing Duke of Wellington to defeat Napoleon, causing the fall of the French Empire.

There have been many names passing through MI6 Bureau in London, some as informers while others as counter-intelligence victims. The truth is that MI6 wasn't the best at gathering intelligence from the enemy, but also on counter-intelligence, uncovering and removing spies from their own institutes.

However though, since the end of the second World War, MI6 started to fade in the shadow, its activity remaining to a undisclosed minimum. What could have caused such a great intelligence bureau to suddenly drop its activity and retreat in the dark? Was it a conspiracy settled by western and eastern super powers? A plan to take down the bureau and relieve themselves from the danger?

The problem with such statements is that they do not have any material proof at the moment, due the fact we are talking about secret services. Still, it is possible that such information to be released to the wide public in future years; on the other hand, people might just witness a strong comeback of the greatest intelligence bureau, burying this conspiracy theory forever. Until then, people can only wait and hope that MI6 won't be forced back in action by a third World War, which, according to many specialists, might lead the humankind back to the stone age.

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