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Interested in developing your charisma? It’s a good idea considering that charismatic people have more influence, get better results and achieve a higher level of success than other people.

Charisma is not a single trait; it is a constellation of social and emotional skills. When a person has a certain number of these traits,Guest Posting at certain intensity, that person comes off as charismatic.

Generally, developing your charisma takes a lot of time and effort, because it means developing its composing skills. However, there are specific charisma tips that you can apply immediately to improve it. Here are the top five of them:

1. Walk slowly. People who walk slowly and in a relaxed manner seem to never be in a hurry and to be very comfortable in their own skin. Their way of walking makes them appear charismatic. Walk in the same way and you will create the same effect.

2. Smile. Smiling is a simple and effective way to reflect a positive state and to instantly increase your charm. I am amazed every time by the power of a simple smile. So remember to make good use of it when you’re in social situations and it will draw people to you.  

3. Don’t over-think. People who think every word they say and every action they take come off as insecure and being in their heads too much. The people who are charming allow themselves to relax and react in a spontaneous manner. Thus, they are a lot more expressive.

4. Express you emotions. Charismatic individuals are particularly good at expressing their emotions. Not only that they do so often, but they are able to use every communication channel available, both verbal and non-verbal. Apply expressing your emotions and it will benefit you greatly.

5. Be unique. If you think about it, we are all unique. However, we often tend to repress what makes us unique in social situations and to project a false-self. What makes a person charismatic is the exact opposite.

You want to emphasize your uniqueness; you want to be bold and to stand out. The more you practice this, the more used to it you will become, until it is second nature.

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