Danteshwari Temple - The Pilgrim of Goddess

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The Maa Danteshwari Temple is considered to be the one of the 52 Shakti Peethas which are temples across India where goddesses are worshipped as incarnations of Shakti, the female force. According to Hindu mythology, after Sati, the wife of Lord Shiva, committed self-immolation in the yag kund or sacred fire pit, angry at her father, Daksha (Son of Brahma), for insulting her husband, Shiva was distraught.

Mythology :

Mythology tells us that when Lord Shiva performed his Tandav that destroyed most of the Universe,Guest Posting a part of 52 pieces of Maa Durga - Tooth (Daanth) fell at the confluence of rivers Shankini & Dankini. Hence, this place got the status of a Shakti Peeth, whereat Maa Danteshwariis worshipped. It is a beautiful Temple divided into four parts - Sabha Mandap, Maha Mandap, Mukhya Mandap and Sanctum Sanctorum. Males can enter the Mukhya Mandap only after wearing a Dhoti (provided free by the Temple). 

One more mythological reason adding to its importance is... in the 14th century, after conquering the region of Nagawanshi rulers by the grace of Goddess Danteshwari, Annam Dev reached upto Madhota Tarla(later called as Dantewara), Goddess took a promise from him, that he will never see back until his conquest was over. He too promised her, until he will continue to hear her ornaments sound. On the bank of confluence of River Shankini and Dankini, due to dense sand, her legs got into it, and the continuous sound of her ornaments stopped. Suddenly the king, Annam Dev moved behind in order to see her, But the moment, she disappeared and with all he was left, was the footprints of the Goddess, after which he led the foundation of the temple.

  Art and Sculpture :
The art and sculpture of this temple is as spectacular as its simplicity. To the very front, lies the Main Gate called the Mukhya Dwar, following the hundred meter path, which goes to the front of the temple. In the front of the temple, lies the Garud Stambh. It is believed that if a person can able to join his hands across the pillar, he will be considered as a noble soul and find place in paradise.   Other Important Monuments :
on the adjacent right side of goddess danteshwari Temple lies the holy temple of Mavli Mata, who is also known as one of the sister of goddess Maa Danteshwari
On the backside of the temple there is a beautiful garden, which is also known as Mataji ki Bagiya   On the back side of the temple and garden (Mataji ki Bagiya) we can also see footprint of the goddess.   Approx half kilometre backside to the temple there is a temple of Baba Bhairam Dev.   Connectivity :
The holy temple of Goddess Maa Danteshwari is situated in the district of Dantewada State Chhattisgarh. Which is nearly 12 KM away from Geedam a small town of Dantewada District and around 87 KM away from District Head Quarter Jagdalpur of District Bastar. Dantewada city is connected through Roadline distance of 334 KM via Narayanpur City.   Lodging and Boarding :
Chhattisgarh Tourism Board has made a beautiful rest houses at midway from geedam to dantewada. As it is nearby from Jagdalpur any tourist also take lodging at Jagdalpur. For tourism many hotels in Jagdalpur are also available with transport facilities like Hotel Akanksha, Hotel Rainbow, Hotel Atithi and many more.

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