Godly Success Training- Which Success Zone are you in- His or Yours?

Jan 11 22:00 2006 Doug Firebaugh Print This Article

What Success Zone does God work in and which one does He not? Which one do you live in daily? Read on!

"He sent His Word,Guest Posting and healed them, and delivered them from their destructions."

Psalm 107:20

Do you realize that you are either Constructing or destructing your future and Godly Success?

There is no inbetween here.

It is either or. It is black and white. It is yes or no. It is stop or go.

That is how we need to look at what is happening to our future and Godly Success in many respects-- either Construction or Destruction, and nothing in between.

But there is hope, and His Name is Jesus, who was the Master Carpenter, and still is today. He crafts Godly Success in people's lives one Breath at a time, one Holy Touch at a time. He builds and designs Success destinies as He designed the spnase of the universe- carefully and perfectly.

If you are not having much Godly Success in your life, because of destructive behaviors, words, actions, expecations, and thought patterns, hang tight! Success does show up when God shows up.

You are just in the wrong Zone of Life.

What Zone you are in will depend on what shows up as far as Success in your life.

Godly Success Secret:

Godly Success will always show up -- in the Construction Zone.

This is where you think positive, focused, powerful thoughts of Success through the Power of the Holy Spirit, and those thoughts and words help construct the true winner that you can be.

Mediocrity will always show up -- in the Destruction Zone. This is where you think and say very negative, damaging, destructive words and thoughts in your life, and continue to be influenced by the world, not the Godly Success Power found in The Word.

Everyday, we go off to work, and work hard at either constructing a future God would bless...

Or a future that would make the devil proud. This is one thing that we really should not want to do, is honor him with our negative thoughts and words of doubt and worry. We need to get serious about our Godly Success in life.

God deserves the Glory and Honor all of the time. Even with your Success that you are blessed with, it was God Who did the constructing -- through you.

What are you doing as far as construction of your success?

Do you have God's hard hat on? Do you have on the Armor of God? Or do you even have Him on your mind?

Today, look at where you are going, and what you are doing regarding your Success and life.

Are you Building, or blasting?

Are you Roofing or Rutting?

Are Nailing or failing?

God is your Construction Superintendent in life and Success.

He is coming for inspections today. What does your Success Building look like?

Or not look like?

blessings...doug firebaugh

(c) 2005/ all rights reserved/HEM

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