The Prevalence of Collective Entities in the Multiverse

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Collective Consciousness is another name for God.  The Collctive Consciousness has this name because it is comprised of human and nonhuman spirits operating on its behalf in various environments throughout the multiverse.   This articles examines other creatures that function as a collective consciousness.

In another article I discussed how the human consciousness exists in the infinite universe as individual units of a larger entity that I call the Collective Consciousness.  Some people and religious groups refer to this collective entity as God.  The Collective Consciousness sends out individual parts of itself to experience life and bring back knowledge.  Aspects of the Collective Consciousness become separate personalities through the process of “splitting.”  The Collective Being accomplishes its mission by placing unique personalities or “spirits” into physical and nonphysical environments.  It conducts experiments and tests to gain insight into the nature of its own being.  It’s a bit like self-exploration.  The knowledge accumulated by spirits feed the Collective Consciousness,Guest Posting and supports its mission to expand. 

On a much smaller scale, we find other creatures which also exist as collective beings.  Ants for example are part of a colony.  Ants operate independently of the colony and yet each ant represents the entire colony.  Their mission is to find food in support of the colony.  They do not seek anything for themselves.  They work to ensure the survival of the whole.  They are smaller units acting in support of the larger organization.  They act in unison with one voice.  Humans are largely unaware of the collective nature of ants.  Because humans possess individual personalities, we do not recognize this characteristic within ourselves.  We do not see that our behavior supports a higher being.

We see this collective nature in other insects, most notably in bees which possess the hive mentality.  For bees everything is done in support of the hive and its survival.  Each bee serves a particular function.  Bees exhibit their own behavior within the social structure of the hive. Nonetheless their prime directive is to serve the hive to which they belong or to the greater network of hives of their own kind.  I am not an entomologist so I cannot discuss the complexities of the insect world.  The point I am trying to make is that there are species other than humans that demonstrate this collective nature.

Mediums will channel multidimensional beings that bring information important to the spiritual growth of humanity.  There are hundreds of these entities being channeled today.  There are dozens of books documenting their teachings.  In reading these books, one will note that these entities refer to themselves in the plural, “we,” even if the entity has given itself a name.  A channeled entity might state, “WE would like to acknowledge that humanity has made great progress in their spiritual evolution.”  This statement indicates the entity is either speaking on behalf of a collective being or as the collective being itself.  In reality, it makes no difference since the individual intelligences speak as one mind. 

In the endless multiverse, there are other collective beings.  Some of these entities we would rather not acknowledge.  I am talking about negative energies.  For the sake of the truth, let’s call them what they are, evil spirits.  These evil beings also come to us as part of a greater whole.  Although one may look different from another, they are often part of a much larger entity.  You may recall from Luke 8:26-39 when Jesus healed the demon possessed man in Gersenes.  Jesus asked the demon, “What is your name?”  “Legion,” he replied, because many demons had gone into him. 31 And they begged Jesus repeatedly not to order them to go into the Abyss.  This raises the question as to whether a God of Evil exists in the multiverse, or perhaps several.  By this I mean independent of the evils our own thoughts have created.

It seems that the multiverse is home to many conscious energies operating independently of a much larger consciousness.  I don’t know how many different kinds of collective beings there are.  Another question this raises is whether our Collective Consciousness (God) is responsible for creating the entire multiverse, or only certain universes.  Perhaps God is not responsible for much of what exists on the other side.

This subject of consciousness falls under the realm of metaphysics.  For that reason, many people choose to regard metaphysics as nonsense.  However, evidence of these collective intelligences can found in many well-written books throughout the world.  While I don’t expect this theory to be proven any time soon, I hope it will be given some consideration.

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