How to Leverage Your Fund Raising Ideas

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Learn how to easily optimize your fund raising ideas -- whether for school fund raising, church fund raising, charity work, non profit organizations, or business – that require minimal effort but produce maximum monetary rewards.

Leverage is a fairly simple concept. According to Webster,Guest Posting leverage “…provides an increased means to accomplish some purpose…” Applied to fund raising ideas, leverage provides an increased resource that optimally maximizes fund raising efforts, consequently optimally maximizing the desired financial revenue.

Let’s use a typical school fund raising idea as an example.

The school decides to use a company to provide candy bars for their annual fund raising event. The company then provides the school, who, in turn, provides the students with candy bars to sell. Students lug their boxes of candy bars home and then sell them to family, friends, and neighbors. On a set date, the school expends time and resources to collect monies from the students’ efforts, and awards prizes to those producing the most sales.

Once the school fund raising event is over, the school forwards to the company a portion of their acquired monies from sales, however, no further income from that project is expected or received by the school.

The company providing the candy, however, has employed a form of leverage to promote their sales by utilizing the school’s and students’ time and efforts. The company has also doubled their leverage, as the school will probably return the following year to host another school fund raising event. The company may even triple their leverage when the school recommends this fund raising idea to other schools.

Note: The school, unfortunately, has not experienced leverage with their fund raising idea, although the school and the students have expended a lot more time and work than the company did.

How can a school, charity, non profit organization, church, or business implement leverage in their fund raising ideas or efforts? And more importantly, how can they optimally maximize their leverage?

The goal would be to develop a fund raising idea that provides not only immediate income, but also residual income. Not only will the time and effort expended in the fund raising project be maximized, but the financial rewards will be maximized as well.

How can that be done? Well, you will need to think “outside the box” with your fund raising ideas. Here are a few tips:

·Find a product or service that every household uses or will use on a daily basis.·Avoid products that require inventory·Search the Internet or brainstorm for products or services that provide residual (continuous or self perpetuating) income for your time and effort.·Closely examine the compensation plans offered with these products or services.

Here’s a little tip on compensation plans – the bottom line to your desired financial rewards:

Look for compensation plans offering payouts to your organization by incorporating these three areas:

·weekly payout·monthly residual (continuous) payout·annual bonuses

Compensation plans that combine these three areas are quite often easily identified in plans that include a simple “binary” system. A binary provides you an opportunity to exponentially maximize your efforts and payouts (leverage), especially if the binary goes to infinity vertically.

Note: In order for a binary not to be considered a “pyramid”, it must offer a product or service beyond “qualifying” for the compensation plan.

A compensation plan with a 2 x 2 binary, simply means that once you agree to join and promote a product or service, only 2 others (one known as your “left leg” and the other known as your “right leg”) are needed to establish your binary when they purchase the product or service directly from you.

Quite often, your 2 customers for the service or product are used to “qualify” you in order to receive monetary compensation.

Of course, these 2 individuals now provide what is known as the beginning of a “downline” for the product or service you have selected for fund raising. Your “downline” increases as the two legs on each of your customers becomes filled, and the two legs from each of their customers fills and increases, and so on.

The grand daddy of binary systems is the 2 x 2 “no flush” binary. This simply means there is no limit to the amount of customers that can be placed under your right leg or left leg, and therefore no limit to the amount of monetary compensation. Typically this implies that there is absolutely no limit to the number of customers in your downline’s customers either. Super leverage!

Extraordinary leverage is achieved when discovering a binary as suggested above that also incorporates spillover from your upline (those above you in the binary) – the combination of which exponentially increases your monetary compensation.

Generally, these types of binary systems subscribe to a 1/3 – 2/3 rule, wherein you maintain control of positioning which side the customers will fall in your downline, e.g., 1/3 under your left leg, and 2/3 under your right leg, or vice versa.

The Bottom Line:

To optimally leverage not only your time and effort, but exponentially leverage your monetary compensation, you only need a fund raising idea that is based on these two simple precepts:

·A product or service used by every household on a daily basis, or will be used on a daily basis·A product or service that hosts a compensation plan using a 2 x 2 no flush binary which incorporates 3 income streams: weekly, monthly residual, and annual payouts

Want a simple recommendation for a product and service that will be used daily in every household whose compensation plan includes weekly, monthly residual, and annual payouts for your fund raising event? Visit:

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