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India is one of the biggest country in size and how the culture is famous a part from religion all are same here and how people react to each other?

India is one of treasure of the religion have so many various varieties of the religion in this democratic country on the earth having the world's 2nd largest population after china. The citizens of India having a great devocation towards the worship of their religions as they follow the spirtuals of that are running from the ancient time till now. As Having so many religions in India majorly divided into 2-3 big names which are Hindu,Guest Posting Muslims, christians and many are out there.


All the people have have their own mind set for their specific religion some of are very protective and some are not so. This things makes this country a little bit different Hindu who have more than 33 crore of gods in the list is one of the biggest community in the India. Many people went to holy place as there are full of holy places in the India from north to south like Tirupati Balaji, Trimbakeshwar.  The Hindu community mostly spend their holiday to watch the Holy places Like in North India one of the place name Mata Vaishno Devi in the Katra, Jammu and Kashmir. As it is 13 km top from the base camp of katra as the Shrine board of the Vaishno devi has also introduced the Vaishno Devi Helicopter Booking Services for their people are can not walk or not able to go via feet. The service is very quick as not their in Vaishno Devi in some other holy places in india many different different types of the Shuttle Services are introduced.


As all other religion like Muslims they have Haaza ji ki darga at Ajmer one of best place to visit as it is not only visited by Muslims community but also by the Hindu’s as well a lot of the People visit this holy place to get blessing from the Allha. In this country with complex thing but same culture all are equal at some points. This is what the Indian Culture is famous all over the world.


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