Looking at Parables from a Different Perspective

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Newly released from Candle Books are two great little volumes for preschool age children and their parents.

Donkey to the Rescue is a charming little board book retells Christ's parable of the Good Samaritan from Luke 15:11-31 from the perspective of the Samaritan's donkey,Guest Posting who was also along for the ride! The book places an emphasis on the emotions of the donkey, which mirror the types of feelings young children go through on a daily basis: grumpy, hot, tired and perhaps not in the mood to help out! Donkey and his rider take time out of their day to help a man in need, reinforcing the concept that we should take time to be of service to anyone we encounter along our path that might need a helping hand. The book contains a reference to the passage in Luke where this story is told, to encourage parent and child to explore the Bible together.

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The Pig Who Shared is a board book children ages two through five. It looks at the story of the Prodigal Son, from a slightly different perspective than the one you'll find in the Gospel of Luke. The star of the book is Pig, who was always very greedy and didn't like to share. One day, Pig learns that there's a new helper in town, who's come to feed the pigs. As the story progresses, Pig learns to share his food, and this new boy learns that he's made a terrible mistake, but that it's not too late to say he's sorry. A reference to the original story in the Gospel of Luke is given at the end of the story to encourage family bible reading.

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