Mahalaxmi Yantra: A Way to Goddess Mahalaxmi

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Mahalaxmi Yantra is the sacred tool of deriving abundance of wealth and prosperity in life by getting conferred with the blessings of Goddess Mahalaxmi, as confirmed by astrology. 

In Hindu mythology,Guest Posting Goddess Mahalaxmi has been portrayed as a four-armed divine women seated on a lotus flower (Kamal) in the midst of a sea, flanked by two elephants. Her two hands pouring coins of prosperity, further elaborates about her divine status. In Hindu mythology, she has been mentioned as the personification of beauty, elegance, and allure besides being called as the supreme deity of wealth and prosperity.

Mahalaxmi Yantra: The Source of Wealth

Mahalaxmi Yantra has been defined as a divine tool with which one can devotedly offer prayers and worships to her and please her enough to make her grant her blessings on oneself. The auspiciousness and influence of this Yantra is so strong and sacred that many great astrologers undeniably confirm that by stating that mere looking at this Yantra in the morning makes wealth aspect flow in enormous favor of a person. Those who engage in regular worships of it get conferred with limitless wealth, prosperity, comforts, and materialistic possessions in life. Chanting of its Mantra ensures fulfillment of all justified desires of one’s life.

It also confers one with good luck, which assists one in all other aspects of life as well. One never faces any sort of dearth in life. Also, all financial problems present in one’s life get eliminated in quick time, with possession of this Yantra. Its positive impact takes place not only on the person who possesses or establishes it, but also on all those living along with him.

The Process of Establishing It

One who wishes to have this Yantra can establish it either in temple or any other sacred place of their house or workplace. Besides that, one can keep it in almirah, cashbox, or wallet, as those places are what can be called as the true places of beneficiaries of wealth. Before establishing this Yantra, it is essential to perform a Pran Partistha process or energizing process as per the principles of astrology. Read on to learn about it.

Pran Pratistha Process

First and foremost, ensure to get yourself an authentic Mahalaxmi Yantra from a reliable trader of astrology products. Then decide on an auspicious day on which you wish to perform this process. After bringing yourself in absolute pure state through body, mind, and soul; sit down on the floor with your face towards east direction. Select that part of your house or workplace to perform this where there are lesser elements of disturbances and where you can concentrate easily. Also, make sure to not leave your position till the time, the process is entirely completed.

Open Yantra, and place it beside an image or idol of Goddess Mahalaxmi and your Isht Lord. Light an incense stick or/and lamp. The numbers do not matter, and therefore, do it according to your willingness. Offer fresh fruits and flowers to the altar. By using leaf of any tree, sprinkle some water on yourself, and follow that by sprinkling it on the Yantra. Follow it by chanting the Mantra of “Om Shri Mahalaxmaye Namah”. This Mantra is required to be chanted with complete devotion and concentration. Chant it for at least 21 times. In the end, offer worships to Goddess Mahalaxmi and your Isht Lord, and pray them to grant their blessings over you.

More Worship, Better Results

Astrology precisely puts across this as a rule of devotion that more you worship, the better and quicker the results will be. At the same time, it is important to understand that it is not only about quantity of worship, but also about the presence of the elements of true devotion, faith, and belief in those worships.


The Mantra of Mahalaxmi Yantra is “Om Shreem Hreem Shree Mahalaxmiyei Namah”.

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