What are astrological remedies?

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Vedic astrology can help solve many problems of life. Talk with live astrologer and get the best guidance on Gemstones and Yantras at Cyber Astro. Rahu & Ketu transit 2016 will impact the life of each and every person. Get personalized report or talk to live astrologer to know about its impact.

Planets affect our life in magical ways. Strong positive planets have the power to turn the tide in our favour while weak or malefic planets can create havoc in our life. Sickness,Guest Posting mental agony, financial loss, lack of peace of mind, soured relationships, broken marriage, hurdles in education, joblessness and many such small and big episodes can tar the smooth flow of life. Malefic planets or weak planets can be the culprit in your life. In Vedic astrology, a given planet is has two kinds of characteristic. It is either strong/weak (a quantitative power) or benefic/malefic (a qualitative power). Vedic astrologers widely preach the use of astrological remedies, to strengthen weak-positive planets and to nullify the impact of negative planets. These astrological remedies are suggested by astrologers after an in-depth study of a person's birth chart.  Natural Gemstones: Natural energized gemstones have the power to strengthen weak planets. Energized personal gemstones are capable of strengthening weak planets as per your birth chart. They must not be used when the planet is a malefic. Natural Gemstones like, Ruby, Diamond, Blue Sapphire, Yellow Sapphire, Pearl, Hessonite are worn for different planets, depending on their characteristics. For example, Hessonite is a remedy for Rahu and Diamond is for Venus. Considering that Rahu Ketu transit will occur in January 2016, it is important to know its impact and strengthen planets that are weak in your birth chart by wearing the correct Gemstone and make the best of Rahu & Ketu Transit 2016.Astrology Yantras: Energized Yantras are used to nullify the negative impact of planets in a person’s life. Yantra is a special geometric pattern, a physical representation of a mantra and the planet to which it corresponds. They are considered as powerful as a mantra. The correct energized yantra helps to gain power and wealth, ward off evil and illnesses, nullify the ill effects of planets and enhance ones capabilities. Hanuman Kavach, Shree Yantra, Moon Yantra, Chandi Paath Kit, Balarishta Yantra & Shree Yantra Pendant are names of few very effective astrological Yantras. Shree Yantra: Shree yantra is the master of all Yantras. “Shree” donates wealth and “Yantra” means instrument. Its design is based on intersection of nine triangles. Four of these triangles point upward and five downward. The four upward pointing triangles are the Shiva triangle (Male or Yang forces) and five downward pointing triangles are Shakti or Durga triangles (female or Yin forces). A combination of these nine triangles makes Shree Yantra the most dynamic of all Yantra, and the complete symbol of the power and the powerful.  Vedic astrology being an age-old science, aids astrologers in predicting the future. These predictions are based on an individual’s birth chart, the position of planets in various houses and the transit of the same. Favorable and not so favorable times and episodes are foreseen. Looking into the future helps a person to plan better and make the most of all challenges as well as opportunities that would come his way. Yet there are times, when being proactive is not the most effective solution.  The use of astrological remedies is prescribed as an effort to avoid any foreseen problems and to bring luck, good health and prosperity into a person’s life.

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