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People who drive gasoline powered vehicles may be able to get better gas mileage soon. Ford Motor Company and University of Eindhoven student John Kessels have invented a Car Modification Software patch that they believe will allow people to get better gas mileage.

John Kessels has been working with Ford on a project to make gasoline powered vehicles more appealing to consumers. They figure that the gasoline patch could help solve the problems many consumers have with spending so much money on gas for their car while the economy remains stagnant.

The Car Modification Software patch will send a message to the vehicle that will allow it to use the minimal amount of gasoline required for the engine to operate. The patch would improve engine performances in your car and save an owner "up to 2.6 percent" in terms of miles per gallon. While this may seem like a tiny fraction,Guest Posting over the course of a year or five years the fuel savings could add up substantially.

The process is actually pretty simple. What the Car Modification Software patch will provide you is the ability to switch the dynamo, the device which charges your car battery, on and off when it is inefficient for the engine to power it.

This will improve the overall efficiency of the engine and increase gas mileage. Many experts are amazed to discover that all it took was a simple cable and some Car Modification Software to boost miles per gallon. The item will not be used exclusively in Ford products and will be made available to other car manufacturers who are interested as well.

One of Kessels's goals he would like to reach with his software patch is a six percent savings on miles per gallon. This can be attained if a powerful starter motor was installed to allow the engine the ability to cut off entirely when needed. It could then restart quickly in between long traffic jams. The concept is similar to the hybrid electric/gasoline powered cars that shut off their electricity when the car is not moving.

This new invention should become available by sometime in 2008. This gas saving Car Modification Software is considered a great advancement towards making cars more fuel efficient. Although this software patch will not solve our current energy crisis, it may help ease some of the pain until we find more economical energy and transportation alternatives. Source: Automotivesoftwareinc dot com

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