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Perhaps you've spent the previous few weeks or months searching the Internet for your ideal equestrian property?

Perhaps you've spent the last few weeks or months searching the World-wide-web for that ideal equestrian property? I put in over eighteen months looking before I discovered mine! I understand you may possibly lose hope when it seems there's nothing new coming on to the marketplace - but do not fret,Guest Posting I'm going to share my own experience with you and maybe help you on the way...

1. Consider what is most important!

For the majority of horse fans the exterior tends to be the area of most importance. You'll want to make certain that your beloved horses will be content and cozy and that taking care of them will be simple, as it's a day-after-day task. The actual household will probably come second, but ensure all your family feels ok with the decision as well - your husband or wife might not be happy with a small kitchen area no matter how pretty the stables are!

2. Consider minimum and maximum expectations - but don't be too narrow in your searches.

There aren't a lot of equestrian homes for sale throughout the England currently - for a number of reasons, the major one being there simply aren't that many around! And the majority of these are likely to be very expensive so the market is not exactly right for the owners to sell up. So when you are doing your searches and you are asked the number of acres you need, or how many bedrooms you desire, then have a good think about the absolute maximum and bare minimum which would meet your needs and your family. It can be just as bad to own a lot of acres as having not enough - keep in mind there is lots of work involved in keeping the paddocks looking great. Keep an open mind and go to see as many premises as you possibly can - what looks half decent on the net could be ideal when you see it for yourself! That is precisely what happened in my experience, I had virtually written this property off, primarily based on the images however , when we saw it, it was just right for what we required.

3. Choosing the correct location, location, location

Do you already have a home in an area that you would like to stay in or are you looking to relocate? Because of the minor amount of houses available, you might have to wait a long time before something opens up in the exact location you want. If you are prepared to move however, your options will of course be significantly better. When I was in the market for equestrian properties for sale, all I needed was a commuting time to London under an hour or so - which meant we could take a look at lots of different locations though the prices would be greater than as an example Lincolnshire or north Cambridgeshire. Just be certain you examine the area before deciding - I am certain you will need to ensure the location is perfect for your family before you make this kind of important decision.

4. Getting the price right

Ah - here is the complicated part! Making certain you get everything that you're looking for and need without having to pay too much money for it. Make sure you search all estate agents prior to making an offer. Our property was on the market with two different agents for different prices! And once you find the right one - just remember its a buyers market and negotiate!

All the best !!

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